FX Revenge App Review – SCAM Trading System by Dollar Bob!

FX Revenge Scam Review

Is FX Revenge a SCAM or Good Trading System?

FX Revenge System promotes an easy to use forex trading robot or auto trader allegedly is how Dollar Bob makes $2,000 per day. Need to know whether this FX Revenge can actually capable of returning some profits? The answer is NO! It is a scam designed by non-professional traders to lure your investment into lousy performing system. Instead of making $2,000 a day, traders often find themselves in a situation that collects many losses and worst trading in an unfamiliar financial instrument! Please read our FX Revenge Review before committing your money in this offer even though the minimum is $250.

FX Revenge Website investigated: fxrevenge.net

Even though auto trading is a common tool that even experienced traders and pro traders from Wall Street employs, FX Revenge App consist of a lousy algorithm. Worst, the promotional material on this offer constantly mentions Forex trading BUT our in-depth research shows no solid evidence of success. We also manage to pull up complaints and negative reviews about FX Revenge already even though it is rather new. Thus, in a nutshell, this certainly will not be one of our recommendation in terms of an auto trading solution is concerned. But rather FX Revenge is joining our list of Blacklist with other fraudulent offers!

Check our details below as we debunk deceitful details within FX Revenge Trading System and our take on the truth!

What is FX Revenge?

As mentioned above, it’s essentially an auto trading solution, but a BAD one! Currency trading in binary options is made simple because traders will only need to invest in one of two possibilities. Call Option, where traders earn when the price goes higher than the entry price. Or Put Option, where traders earn when the price is below the strike rate. Just to be clear, it doesn’t matter how many pips it is higher/below than the strike price, traders will earn a fix 70% to 85% profit from trade investment.

But clearly, FX Revenge is a trading app that does not possess good quality algorithm to actually profit from trading currency pairs. The claims of growing account from few hundred to $2,000 in a day is quite far fetched for Robert M. Parker software. Moreover, Robert’s 9 years trading experience comes off as a vague founder because there’s no actual site confirming his existence or “scam reporting website”. Our attempts in discovering his website or details about his trading system only reveal complaints and bad news.

Also, there is no real demonstration provided in his system, unlike any genuine software which would provide actual test and trade histories. But it’s no doubt they can because this scam software can reliably provide good winning trades anyway. Robert M. Parker is simply a bogus character tricking viewers about his expertise without any genuine skill!

Real Time Trade Mirroring & Auto Trading Interface?

If we examine the video presentation and actual trading platform, there isn’t any form of automated trading neither as a reliable trade reference. Based on the video, we clearly see a PLAIN Meta Trader 4 interface on screen without any indicator and no settings for auto trading. This is highly alarming because our experience in auto trading would at least allow users to adjust necessary trade size, risk factor, and asset type. Moreover, the platform doesn’t seem to show any of his actual trades too.

Hence, the reality is FX Revenge runs on a bad quality algorithm to execute bad trades which results in losses. It’s no wonder users experienced heavy losses even on the first day of using this software without reliable winning capability.

Fake Successes?

Aside from the above, we confirm falsity in all of the success stories within FX Revenge Scam. Apparently, this offer has also employed the all famous tactic of getting actors to support this unrealistic profits! We come across such scam tactics in many other lying software claiming the impossible! In this case, growing your account from $250 to $2,000 in a day is impractical and it’s never going to happen. A real standard for all binary traders will be $100 per day or 10% to 20% account gain per day which is possible with Legit Trading Software.

FX Revenge Traders

FX Revenge undoubtedly has zero genuine proof of success in their own trade performance. Not to mentioned Mr. Dollar Bob is a phony name unknown to real trading community pairing with useless video demonstration. The snapshot of growing account balance from $800 to $70,000 is merely a photo edited snapshot! We can prove it as you’ll notice the asset price and signal did not change over time like Robert claimed!

FX Revenge Live Trading

FX Revenge Review Conclusion!

At the end of the day, the potential for profits and consistent growth are the main concern for all traders. Keeping that in mind, FX Revenge is a SCAM that rips off its’ users with fake details and poor performance. Thus, it is best to avoid investing in this offer and trade with a safer alternative.

Other Frauds: Step 2 Wealth, Duplicash, CFD Society

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