Frequency Method App Review – SCAM Mitchell Simmons Arrested!

Frequency Method App Scam Review

Is Frequency Method a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Frequency Method by Mitchell Simmons mocks us with a 97.5% strike rate and tempts us with a special invite. Invitation to generate $1,200 every day for life with their high-frequency trading algorithm software! As much as we acknowledge the possibility of such method being employed by large financial institutions, Frequency Method App is just another scam borrowing the concept. Consequently misleading viewers and traders into a sub-par trading software with a low quality algorithm. Read before investing!

Mitchell Simmons and his partner Joshua claims to develop an ultra-fast trading app capable of executing risk-free trades. Capitalizing on the high-frequency engine, they declare a crazy unfair advantage to processing market data faster. Also being able to consistently make a minimum of $1,200 every day even on the first day, they invite additional 5 beta testers to generate profits. Unfortunately, our fact-finding process exposes the reality of money-losing performance, negative feedback, and deceitful tactics! Our Frequency Method Review shall uncover all these details BELOW!

Frequency Method App Poor Performance!

As mentioned, Mitchell’s explanation on ultra-fast trading is in a real and practical concept! BUT! We highly doubt that Frequency Method App actually applies such a strategy and if so, it’ll fail. Reason being the key to successful high-frequency method is a speed of entering and exiting a trade within seconds. That’s right, within a split second! Owing to the fact that binary trading has a fixed expiry time from 30 seconds, 1 minute, up to several hours, hence Mitchell’s method won’t work. Thus, it is simply a fictional concept story to trick viewers into depositing with them.

Truthfully, this is not the first time we spot scam software using the same high-speed trading BS such as the HFTFinance Scam. Both phony apps seem to give bad results in actual trading scenarios among traders. In view that such frequency method is inapplicable in our industry apart from trading firms and professional traders, it’s not a surprise that it fails. As a consequences making the pledge of making $1,200 every day for life and 97.5% win rate delusional lies! Aiming to lure viewers into a poor performing software with false claims!

More importantly, we received complaints of zero profits and worst risk of losing money is very high from many readers. If you believe that $1,200 on the very first day even with a minimum deposit of $250 depicted in the presentation, Frequency Method Scam just can’t! It is, in fact, a very tough task even for the best trader in the world. Our experience with legit trading software and methods enables us to consistently grow our account by a significant percentage. But definitely not 500% like the Mitchell declares to fool us!

Dishonest Aspects!

Actual users lose money by using Frequency Method Trading software and it’s no secret about it. Tons of negative reviews up within the trading community pointing to the false promises of profits. For one, we pinpoint a huge discrepancy in the Member’s area where a “Live Third Party Verified Results” appears to be forged. Why? Because it indicates major trading activities on currency pairs during a weekend when supposedly there’s none. It blatantly shows trading on Saturdays throughout Sundays generating profits which are ridiculous.

Fake Trade Frequency Method

Furthermore, the video testimonies about successes are illegitimate due to fakes acting as traders. In reality, they are just reading a script attempting to misguide new traders with their distorted lies. These people are all available for hire from where much other fraudulent software get their forged testimonials! In reality, Frequency Method Scam is a lousy software disguised as a firm performing ultra speed trading! AND, Mitchell Simmons and Joshua are completely bogus characters!

Fake Testimonial Frequency Method

In addition most scams we have blacklisted exhibits voice narrators and fictional names to hide their identities just like Mitchell! Conveniently hiding behind a mere anonymity, a lot of unsatisfied users don’t get any response from Frequency Method Support or himself. So we highly doubt there is going to be a launch to sell this crap for $24,999 setup or $1,999 per month service! There is no way its bad track record have to be worth that much money! Our investigation also reveals no verifiable evidence to support this company’s operation anywhere. Let alone Mitchell’s professional Head of Quantitative Research experience is like a fantasy.

Frequency Method Review Conclusion

With a number of suspicious aspects within the offer, poor trading standards, and lies, we can conclude Frequency Method App to be a SCAM! A legitimate service would not have applied false trade histories to deceive viewers and a bogus founder! Consequently, newbie traders will be better off trading with a Legitimate Software rather than to waste their money on this scam. We’ve heard at best a 40% win rate as opposed to the over 90% unrealistic success rate on this software. Stay Away and invest better!

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