Freedom Circle Trading Software Scam Review!

Is Freedom Circle Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Looking to find out whether Freedom Circle Software at is worth your investment? Look no further as our Freedom Circle Scam Review shall provide you with our investigative results and opinion! Our past experience as a binary options trader and auto trader gave us the opportunity to learn about such a system. In fact, we’ve reviewed over 100 automated trading systems where most of ends up to be a SCAM or FRAUD. More often than not, these phony software doesn’t perform as stated in their offer or deal even after taking precautionary steps in trading. So, do take some time to understand the truth in Freedom Circle Software BELOW before you decide to invest! Should you have any queries, you can reach us at or our social media account. Facebook, Google+, Twitter links!

The Freedom Circle Software by Kyle Stanford has a rather vague history on how this trading app came to be. A male voice narrator whom obviously portrays as Kyle himself begins with the global economy crisis in the video presentation. He further describes that Freedom Circle Software is the “world’s only done for you money system”. The Freedom Circle Trading App commented that it has a 99.8% accuracy and can earn $5,000 daily. Yes, $5,000 from a small deposit of $250! The “special feature” of this software is that it exploits the loophole which takes money from the previously notorious Wall Street! As interesting as it sounds, the ambiguous story/concept comes across as something that comes from a fairy tale. We’ve also identified many alarming elements that much other fraud employs! Check out the details below!

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 Bogus Kyle Stanford?

Due to the high volume and variations of automated trading systems, Binary Options Sentinel would only perform a test based on how the offer’s outlook. Aside from our own review, we also based our opinion on feedback received by other traders as well. Hence, it’s rather important for a particular auto trader to not utilize any scam tactics. The more lies the offer has in it, the less likely it’s a genuine performing software. Freedom Circle Software is definitely one of such deceptive trading app. One obvious aspect we noticed from the offer is the fake founder/presenter himself, Kyle Stanford. Obviously, we have a male voice narrator speaking in the video plus a photograph of himself depicted on the web page!

We’ve managed to pinpoint the origin of his picture and it seems that it’s a stock model photo from stock picture provider! Stock photo provider allows people to purchase online rights to use their picture for whatever purpose! So, we have a narrator that hides behind a picture which is not Kyle himself. Definitely not worth placing our trust in the narrator as Kyle is probably not his name!

Kyle Stanford Freedom Circle Scam Review

Ridiculous Freedom Circle’s “Millionaire Software”

Binary options trading as indeed a great tool to earn some profits online especially for those that have the interest to learn about it. Although it can generate significant profits for you, it will have to depend on your initial investment. You will not be able to be a millionaire from binary trading unless you are already a millionaire! Based on our experience, we advise traders that the realistic profits that traders can gain per day would be about 20%-50% of  your funds per day. (estimated based on conservative trading while risking 5% to 10% of your total fund)

Frankly speaking, any automated trading software that asserts “being a millionaire” upon a minimum deposit of $250 is definitely a scam! Freedom Circle’s claims of making all of its user’s millionaires due to its 99.8% accuracy rate are also nothing but

Fictional Loophole?

Yet, it seems that Freedom Circle has a story to back up their fictitious potential profits and fake accuracy! Kyle mentioned that this software takes advantage of the loophole which takes money from Wall Street! While his description is completely vague, the software is capable of taking the money the American Federal Reserve prints money for Wall Street’s firm. Especially on the part of turning $1 to $1361 every 30 minutes! Obviously, these can’t be real on many levels. Mainly because binary options trading has nothing to do with Wall Street’s traded money except for the live price charts! Hence, trading in binary options does not influence the prices at all since binary traders aren’t buying actual assets.

It’s rather naive to believe in Kyle or Freedom Circle’s absurd concept!

Faulty Demonstration, Fake Trade History, Fake “Live Accounts”

Phony trading apps often validate their over-promising claims and misleading story by providing fabricated proofs! Take Kyle’s “live” demonstration for example, where he attempts to show his viewers Freedom Circle App grew his account from $250 to $1,115 in an hour. We discover that the trade history is tempted with edited details. Although the scam-artist did come up with a pretty convincing trade history, unfortunately, it is edited. Especially when the profits are supposedly Payout-Amount, there are several rows showing that error. Apart from that, the trade history in the registration page also indicates weekend trading activities! These should not happen as the market closed during the weekend.

Next, the effort of implementing forged live accounts is just another desperate method of backing up their lies. We can clearly find the pictures used for the live account are stolen from websites on the internet!  It’s similar to how the make-believe Kyle Stanford is created too. There’s definitely nothing trustworthy on!

Freedom Circle Fake Demonstration & Testimonials

Stay Away from Freedom Circle!

Based on the devious scam tactics found in this offer, we conclude that Freedom Circle Software is a SCAM Auto Trader! This deal only has an over-promising profit potential paired with misleading features/story. There’s no authentic evidence that Freedom Circle works except for fabricated proofs made to fool inexperienced trader! These cunning software obviously has zero intention of making profits for its users, like all the Blacklisted Auto Trader we’ve identified previously. We’ve received negative feedback from traders who emailed us about their loss of deposit within one day! Paired with the negative reviews about this system, we believe Freedom Circle will NOT be a good investment choice for you.

Nonetheless, we’ve stumbled upon GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trader which has proven a success and positive reputation within the industry! Do check out Below!

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