Fintech Profits Review – SCAM Resurfaced with REAL Evidence!

Is Fintech Profits a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Fintech Profits by George (last name unknown) extends his invitation to trade with his new software and guarantees $550 profits! On top of that, he offers guarantees of $1,100 the next day if you fail to make the said $550. Quite frankly, this sounds very much like a Ponzi scheme than a legitimate trading software deal, because there is just no such thing as guaranteed profits. Additionally, our study shows that George did not keep his promise with the $1,100 cash back guarantees on Fintech Profits users. As complaints flood our inbox regarding Fintech Profits Scam, we set out to answer the ultimate question, is Fintech Profits Software capable of making us money?

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In reality, traders suffered more losses than wins with FintechProfits due to the lack of good quality trading algorithm. Hence, it is not exactly like how George says it should be. After an in-depth study on Fintech Profits Scam, we identified several misrepresentations of George’s trading software and other misleading information. It’s rather obvious that George lies just to attract viewers with cash guarantees (which is fake) to use their losing trading software! Hence, please read our Fintech Profits Review before investing into this auto trading software. Alternatively, you can check out which trading app which is tested to be earning us money at our Best Trading App list!

What is Fintech Profits Software?

The presentation video is notably very brief with no explanation of how Fintech Profits actually works, for example, their algorithm. Another more alarming fact is that FintechProfits Scam is actually a recycled old scam coming back to trick newbies! You can actually see the name of the old scam, Daily Income Society that surfaced in the industry back in early 2016. Due to that, the video presentation had their audio edited but at the same time using the original fraudulent video used at For your information, Daily Income Society ( has been deemed as a fraud back in 2016 because of poor performance too. So we don’t see any reason to trust Fintech Profit in their comeback!

Daily Income Society Scam

Nevertheless, it is essentially an automated trading software that executes trades in the binary options platform. For those unfamiliar what is binary trading, it’s a simpler way to trade major currencies, commodities, and stocks by buying either one of two option. Which is either Call Option or Put Option, or much rather Up or Down? As straightforward as it sounds without the need to worry about stop loss or when to exit a position, many newbies fails to make money consistently. Mostly because of the scam software with no good quality algorithm or actual performing system. Fintech Profits Scam reportedly to lose traders’ money without a single cent of return over a few first day of testing.

Can we Trust George?

It’s already mistrustful enough to have George not tell us his last name. Who does that? Lol. It’s a resounding no as to whether should we trust George or his other partner in the members’ area. These scam actors did not even share what Fintech Profits Software trading methodology or focuses is! Although there is an assertion of good infrastructure on the website, we seriously doubt that’s legit.

As a matter of fact, we recognize George’s partner from an old scam, Insured Trading he was Oliver Breitner selling yet another lying product! Most certainly there are more deceiving factors in this offer than encouraging elements with Fintech Profit.

False Testimonies?

We’d run more studies into any possible positive feedback or success stories associated with Fintech Profits Scam for the sake of having a solid conclusion. Unfortunately, there is no authentic success ever in relation to Fintech Profits. More distressing is the scam designer attempts to trick us with false testimonies and doesn’t demonstrate the trading app. Well, not that they can since this product sucks, though.

We pinpoint that the source of the testimonials are mainly actors from where they offer script reading services for $5. Many other scams use their services since it’s rather easy to get it and cheap. Also, the pictures on the website are also images from other random websites too. Lastly, the trade history table shall indicate trades even on weekend holidays when it shouldn’t. Simply because the stock exchange is not operating that day so it’s not possible to have them indicating wins or losses.

Fake Testimonial Fintech Profits Scam

Fintech Profits Review Verdict!

Undoubtedly we will have to Blacklist Fintech Profits as a SCAM to warn our readers to avoid this app. Despite having over 200 over Blacklist app, there is indeed good products where traders can use to earn extra cash from home. However, Fintech Profits is definitely not the way to go due to the actual lousy results, dishonest and misleading statements. If you expect to earn $550 today with this software, it is not going to happen! And you will not get the guaranteed $1,100 cash back from the bogus George scammer!

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