Fast Million SCAM – Review of Sigma Pro Software Shows Lies!

Fast Million Scam Review

Is Fast Million Sigma Pro a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Fast Million also knew as the Sigma Pro Software by Nikolay Potanin pitches a secret project that makes him rich. Giving us statements of thousands of users becoming a millionaire and large returns of profits, there are some shady aspects to it. We understand that earning money online even just a little bit can help us generating some side income. However, the problem is our investigation on the Fast Million aka Sigma Pro software reveals several scam elements.

Firstly, the voice narrator in the presentation (no name by the way) keeps on selling on ideas of earning a lot of money and gaining freedom. Without elaborating about the Fast Million Software! Interestingly enough, we were suddenly introduced to Sigma Pro Software in the member’s area with no further explanation on the video. This quickly sparks some suspicion because it is very unprofessional for a good trading service to beat around the bush.

True enough, some of our subscribers came back with negative feedback and complaints about Fast Million Scam ( Indicating poor trading performance as software that supposes to help users execute trades. Thus, please read our Fast Million Sigma Pro Review before investing and hear us out!

What is Fast Million and Why it’s a SCAM?

Fast Million is essentially an auto trading software that introduces itself as Sigma Pro. It claims to offer ordinary people chance to become millionaires easily by taking part in their project. But, as we mentioned above, the showing off narrator seems to produce no direct link between Sigma Pro and Fast Million. All he did was flaunting this unique project that made him a millionaire. Without even telling us what exactly it is, this scam narrator aims to bring focus to only becoming a millionaire.

The problem is, all ‘be a millionaire offers’ doesn’t work and it sounds too good to be true. In fact, no legitimate trading services or tools will ever tell you such unrealistic profit potential. Simply because it is pure fantasy! That’s not all, Fast Million or Sigma Pro Software was never featured on CNN, USA Today, Forbes or BBC! A quick search within the news database quickly confirms no articles or coverage talks about this scam.

Which prompts us to dig deeper into how old exactly Fast million Scam is! The truth is, Fast Million is a very new offer that uses fake users count to appear legit. Sigma Pro scam actually only recently surfaced in July 2017 with a non-existing 14,000 users. We tried researching within several trading communities for some genuine Fast Million Sigma Pro feedback only shows us one thing. POOR PERFORMANCE with nothing close to what Sigma Pro, a creation of Nikolay Potanin says it would be.

In fact, you can never find a researcher working for Novosibirsk Research Institute of Technology with the name Nikolay Potanin there ever. Hence, we strongly believe this bogus creator never existed. Nor the Fast Million credibility or success stories, they are all fake! Check out below as we share evidence of common scam actors supporting their millionaire scam!

Fake Testimonials & Trade Results!

Similar to the misguided impression that there is huge success with fake news features and large user base, testimonials are also phony. We’ve seen some of these actors in other scams related to “Get Rich Quick” scam that isn’t practical. Also, this pattern usually associates themselves with false trade results which we ALL can clearly see in their trade history.

The video demonstration attempts to show us trade executions that clearly has a weird expiry time/start time. If we examine the USD/JPY pair, the start time is 2016-01-28 20:42:29 which is 8:42 pm on that day. BUT the expiry which means when the option will end on a later time indicates 2016-01-28 09:45:00 instead. That is totally weird because it is about 10 hours in the past.

Hence, this is a sign that the trade history Fast Million shows us are also not trustworthy. Unlike the demonstration video and trade history which we clearly show in some of our videos, scammers have to use false information to trick us.

Sigma Pro Scam Review Results

Sigma Pro Review Conclusion!

Judging by the negative feedback and evil scam tactics we reveal above, we can conclude Fast Million is a SCAM! Please stay away from this investing offer because it is a typical be a millionaire fast scam. Very often these type of fraud will not even give you back your money! If you’re looking to invest a small amount of money to earn some money online, you are better of with legitimate. Especially the ones that don’t promise fake profits of millions like the one we tested.

How Can You Start Trading the Market Successfully?

You can either approach trading on your own, manual trading or use an auto trading software to execute them. Both are capable methods that have their own pros and cons though. Nevertheless, if you come across offers like the Fast Million Scam, it is unlikely that you will see profits with your investment. That’s because many scammers took the opportunity to tarnish the industry with their own Get rich quick version software. But the only thing that is missing is the true capabilities to perform in the markets.

Auto Trading – It is an application that executes trading decision based on the mathematical formula on your behalf. Hence, all you have to do is decide when to turn it on, trading size and number of trades. However, please be careful and stay away from scams which are in our Blacklist because of its poor performance. For better performance with tested results, check out BELOW.

Manual Trading – Some people wish to pick up trading as a life skill by studying technical analysis to help them improve their buy/sell decision. Which is a very good thing! There are also some trading signal services provides trade recommendations that can serve as a guide line to your trades. Hence, those practicing technical analysis can cross reference with their recommendations or even just follow them. Of course, the latter is better because, at the end of the day, your trading account is like your own business!

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