EUxit Trading Software Review! Scam Warning!

EUxit Auto Binary Trading Software Scam Review

Is EUxit Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Looking to invest into EUxit Trading Software at Would like to confirm that EUxit can indeed provide a guaranteed profit of $2,500 per day? Do read our EUxit Software Scam Review before investing into this auto trading system. As interested investors, obviously we’ll need to understand the risk of our investment. As such, we’re glad to share that binary options trading has indeed been an awesome trading instrument and auto trading software alike. However, due to the existence of fraudulent software, traders should at least understand its true capabilities. Hence, we’ve dig deep into EUxit System and found concerning details about this offer. Read BELOW!

EUxit by David McNeal, the alleged CEO/Founder of EUxit offers a software that takes advantage of the recent exit of British from European Union. It’s undoubtedly an event that causes the GBP currency pairs to plumed a 30 year low since its announcement. While taking advantage of the major downtrend or crash of the British Pound, EUxit asserts that it could generate massive profits. In fact, David claims that this auto trader makes a guaranteed $2,500 average daily profits and $17,000 per week. At the same time, this limited offer lasts only for a moment as stated by David. Unfortunately, the enticing details from David McNeal is unreliable and falsely promised.

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Just Another British Exit Scam Bot?

EUxit is not the first auto trader offer in the binary industry, and there seem to be similar scam that attempts to scam traders via this concept. In fact, Brexit Bot Software is one of a recent SCAM that we reviewed previously which has rather similar aspects to EUxit. However, we’ll not assume that this a fraud immediately but instead we study EUxit throughly. The recent British exit from European union had crashed the GBP currency, that’s a fact. But, traders that took action earlier on during the announcement or before the announcement are ones that made huge profits in June 2016. It is not necessarily the case right now in August as GBP currency pairs’ downtrend is slowing down and behaves in a certain range.

Hence, David McNeal’s claim of down-trending British Pound may not be that applicable in current market condition. So, in short, by placing a short/put prediction on GBP pairs will work against you if you were to follow David’s suggestion. Plus, putting the main essence of EUxit Software as by default ineffective.

Making a Guaranteed $2,500 Daily Profit with David McNeal?

With a rather weak concept from EUxit, David’s guarantee of making $2,500 per day or $17,000 is very far fetched. A very common misleading statement from many scams we notice is not only the ambiguous trading concept, but also guarantees of unrealistic profits. Obviously, returns from binary options trading is dependent to your investment size. With a minimum deposit of $250, traders will not be able to profit thousands per day. Alternately, traders should set a goal of profiting a 10% to 30% account growth.

More importantly, Euxit Software keeps on piling complaints from our subscribers about losing of funds within 2 days.

Furthermore, David McNeal is not who he says to be. There’s is no verifiable evidence to support his trading expertise in financial analysis or even his ‘company’. In reality, David is just another scam actors that appears in many other binary options scams. David McNeal, the CEO of EUxit has apparently supported an old scam, the Midas Touch App Hoax as another individual supporting that hoax. Certainly, the promises about large profits hundreds of thousands is simply a fantasy as the “Live Profits” is also fake. Notice that there’s even large profits on Sundays? That’s technically impossible because there is no binary options trading on weekends. The trading market closes on weekends and therefore no trades should be executed!

David McNeal Fake EUxit Founder

EUxit Conclusion

With respect to the above evidence, we can conclude that EUxit is a SCAM auto trading software! David McNeal is a bogus founder/CEO for a company that does not exist. Plus, the concept of capitalizing on British Exit may not be very effective in current market. The profit potential by EUxit is very unlikely and in the real world, many innocent traders gave negative feedback upon this software. Counterfeit trade history also adds into the list of deceiving tactics EUxit applies to further entice newbie traders to deposit with them. Whereas, there is obviously no “limited spots” available when the countdown timer resets itself upon next visit! Stay Away from EUxit!

What Should You Trade With?

Firstly, many thanks for sparing some time to read our EUxit Scam Review. Trading binary options can be very profitable with the right trading tools and knowledge. Many have indeed benefited from good trading software and strategies paired with constant learning. Our trading experience comprises of both good and bad experiences that brings us the success we have today. Hence, should you be interested in using trading software, do refer to our Blacklist before investing into a software. Also, our list of Recommended Trading Software could also bring additional benefit to your profit potential!

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