Ethereum Code Review – $1,500 per day SCAM Trading Software

Ethereum Code Scam Review

Is The Ethereum Code a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

The Ethereum Code by Jad Baker is an automated trading software that supposedly trades Ethereum effectively. But is it really that awesome that it truly turns your $250 initial investment into $1,500 within the next 24 hours? Be careful readers! This is yet another scam that rides on the cryptocurrency wave that is taking the stage in the world of finance!

You may heard of Bitcoin reaching the all-time high of over $4,000 per bitcoin and certainly people that owns significant amount of it become rich instantly. Especially those that actually bought bitcoin when it was only $1 per bitcoin years ago. Right now, Ethereum is the next big thing second to bitcoin. It is also true that it grows so quick granting good returns for Ethereum owners.

However, is Ethereum Code a genuine investment tool for this cryptocurrency or just another scam trading software trying to use its’ name?

Please read our Ethereum Code Review before you decide to invest as we will answer these important question!

Why is Ethereum Code a SCAM?

Firstly, we can quickly identify several scam aspects that we typically see in over 200 phony trading software we blacklisted previously. For one, we’re listening to a rather unrealistic claim of turning $250 into $1,500 overnight! Growing your initial capital 6 times within one day is really unheard of. In the real trading world, such return is too good to be true and any trading software claiming it are pure liars.

Although gradual percentage growth in trading is indeed possible, Jad’s guarantee of earning $10,000 a week is a little far-fetched. Our investigation on this trading software shows more fabricated lies to support this over promising claims. In fact, the math and supporting details on how Ethereum Code works only proves that it is fake.

Let’s start with one suspicious element. We are expecting Ethereum Code to be a trading software trading Ethereum as their asset and following its’ trend. But instead, we’re seeing trade history in the members area with Forex pairs and stocks. Shockingly, not a single ETH trade at all! So how can this possibly be a trading software that trades Ethereum without actually trading it? Weird right?

Other suspicious Details!

Hence, we now know that this isn’t a golden opportunity to ride the next ‘Gold Rush’ by investing in Ethereum. So in a way, Jad promotes Ethereum Software investment but his trading software doesn’t even trade that! That should be a huge warning sign if you ask me!

Since we’re looking at a trading solution that contradicts itself, we took a further look into Jad Baker, the founder of Ethereum Code. It turns out that Jad Baker an ex-professional trade from LGT trading firm of 10 years is a phony character! If we search for @jadbaker through Instagram, can’t seem to find the exact profile that is in the presentation.

Moreover, the pictures in the so-called Instagram profile are actually stock pictures available on random websites. It is essentially pictures that you can purchase from Shutterstock for commercial purposes!

Also, Jad boasted about being featured in Forbes, CNN Money and Fortune for bringing outstanding results! Unfortunately, many scams love using this fake claims to create a false reputation. There are no article or news about Ethereum Code anyway within these major news website! And if Jad is really a legitimate trading service provider, he could have used his real face on Ethereum Code. But clearly, this is not the case.

Jad Baker Ethereum Code

Fake Results

If you are new to option trading, any trading software that claims to have over 90% accuracy are definitely scams! In all our experience in testing auto trading software and also trading strategy, there is no such performance ever! The Ethereum Code Software that says to have 99.7% accuracy has only at best 50% win rate based on all the negative feedback innocent traders provide!

In fact, all of our tested and proven trading software that actually made us money has an accuracy of 75% to 85%. Which is definitely enough to grow our account over the long run?

Additionally, Jad Baker seems to have employed fake actors to support their impossible winnings and returns. But lucky for us, we recognize several actors that appeared in other Scams. So, Ethereum Code surely doesn’t have any genuine proof of their success.

The demonstration video we see that grows from $250 to $400 in 3 short minutes is phony as hell! We do not see any open trades within the short few minutes and Jad definitely didn’t show us any genuine trading history! If you’d like to see what it suppose to be like, you may check out some of our demonstration video in our list of Recommended Trading Software Page!

Ethereum Code Result Trading

The Ethereum Code Review Verdict!

Judging by our findings above, we can safely conclude that Ethereum Code is a SCAM! If you are looking to invest into cryptocurrency and hold it for a longer period of time, you have to go through a proper exchange. Ethereum Code is surely not a legitimate way for you to invest into cryptocurrency!

On the other hand, if you are interested in options trading which allows you to profit from bitcoin, ethereum or even forex pairs price fluctuation read my blog! More importantly, always check our Blacklist as we expose fraudulent trading software. Also, we test trading app and whitelist those that made us some money online while trading as well!

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