Equinox Trading Software SCAM – Review Reveals TRUTH!

Is Equinox a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Equinox by Anthony Johnson claims to be the world’s most consistent trading software that makes huge monthly profits! As much as a guaranteed $10,000 profits every month, any trader would love to be a part of his offer. But before you commit your money with Equinox Trading Software, please read this review as I will be sharing the truth! As an experienced binary trader, I’ve notice scam elements within the offer similar to all the frauds I exposed previously!

Anyone would wish to earn a guaranteed $10,000 per month, that’s for sure. But, this isn’t how trading works even with a reliable trading software I use! Don’t get me wrong, trading has the potential to be your additional income source. The problem lies with scammers attempting to steal to your money with over promising profit potential like the Equinox Software. The video presentation shows the capability to double your investment in a matter of hours even from a $200 deposit. In reality, that is most likely not the case because I receive written complaints about Equinox Scam!

In actual scenario, I can earn a 10% – 30% account growth per day or $100 per day with a smaller account with a legitimate trading tool. That is an example of what is possible and realistic! Unlike Equinox Holdings that is actually a Get Rich Quick hoax that misleads viewers! More details BELOW!

Why is Equinox a SCAM Trading Software?

Anthony Johnson, the alleged CEO of Equinox Holdings and founder of the Equinox Software deceives us with more than one lie! Aside from the over promising profit potential of $10,000, Equinox Software drains investors’ money within few days. That would be the primary concern of every single person that is interested in earning money. Nevertheless, any other details regarding Equinox Holdings seem to be fake too!

The Real Equinox Holdings is actually a wellness company with operations in US, UK, and Canada. In the Equinox Holdings Bloomberg profile, you will not find Anthony Johnson as the CEO. Hence, this is a red flag when a person in the presentation claims to owns a company that doesn’t exist. It just not going to happen but rather lose investors money with poor performing results.

Equinox Holdings

Another suspicious aspect is that the demonstration shown in the video supporting exaggerated profits doesn’t actually show trading capability. All it does was to show an edited snapshot of balance that does not include actual trading history. These are another common scam tactic I see in all poor performing trading software. The logic is because the scammer can’t afford to show real Equinox trade Results since it has a low-quality algorithm!

Any LEGIT Trading Software would at least show the trading platform just like the ones that I tested & proven to be RELIABLE and Profitable!

More Fake Proof of Success?

Due to Equinox lousy trading results, scam artist decides to employ more fake proof of success apart from the fake balance snapshot above! Just like how many of the scams does, Equinox Software uses fake actors to support their unrealistic claims. But luckily for us, I immediately recognize two of the testimonial actors that claims to make thousands of dollars!

The Equinox Trading members you see at equinoxtrading.co are actually actors that provide their service at Fiverr.com. You can actually pay them at least $5 to get them to read a script and support whatever your product is. The irony is that I have seen these familiar faces in too many frauds that lose money! i.e. One of the guys appeared in Bank Tracker Bot as Michael George, the fake founder! Β It is almost as if they are an indication of scams that us traders tend to avoid!

Equinox Trading Software Scam

Additionally, the trading history shown at the member’s area is also fake trade history! The reason is because I can still see trades taken on a weekend when the market actually closes aside from OTC asset class. Not many brokers offer such an asset to trade, but nevertheless, you should be able to see ‘OTC on the asset name. But since the trade history lists major currencies that are actually unavailable to trade, this means that it is a FAKE!

Equinox Trading Result

Equinox Trading Software Review Conclusion!

Based on the reasons above, I can safely conclude that Equinox Software is a SCAM! We can deduce that the details above would show the sneaky nature of this offer. There is no genuine demonstration or proof of success for Equinox because it has poor trading capabilities. It is simply a low-quality trading tool that promises to make you $10,000 income with no real ability to earn a profit for your investment!

How to Earn Money via Trading for Extra Income?

There is two approach you can take to earn some extra money online via trading binary! You can either do it Manually by yourself or use an Auto Trading Software! Or even both, because these two methods are actually viable in earning extra profits! The important consideration to take is the time and schedule you have every day to manage your investments!

Auto Trading – This method is suitable for people that have a tight schedule to work with and do not have time to watch price charts. Hence, traders would simply use a trading software to execute trades on their behalf without worrying too much on the executions. BUT, you must stay away from software that is Blacklisted which are likely to drain your account! In fact, over 90% of the products are unreliable scams that mislead traders! Only invest on those that are Tested & Proven to Earn Profits in the Link BELOW!

Manual Trading – If you are interested in picking up a new skill in life, trading binary could be a great way to learn to trade! Due to its simplicity in terms of earning profits (Up or Down outcome), a beginner would tend to start here. A newbie can also refer to trading signals via Manual Trading Software which provides trade recommendations and expiry as well! This will allow you to practice reading charts basic and also get profitable signals while you learn! Check out BELOW for example of good Manual Trading Signal Software!

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