Epix Trader Review – Forex & Binary Trading SCAM Testing Results

Epix Trader Scam Review

Is Epix Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Signal Software?

Epix Trader by Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo is the FIRST Trading Signal Software that covers both conventional Forex & Binary Options platform. And the interesting thing is that I’ve got personally invited to test this system out. Although my first impression of this trading solution is pretty descent because there aren’t any scam elements in the offer, I’d like to test it out. At least on the binary options platform since most of my readers are within this area of interest. Nevertheless, I am giving this software a try to make sense of Epix Trader’s confidence to invite for a review!

Epix Trader Official Website: Click Here!

The fact Epix Trader doesn’t employ the typical scam tactics like “Get Rich Quick” promises is a very good sign. Mark and Tina both conveyed a convincing point about how a trading software should be especially on in-depth details on its algorithm. Obviously, to know whether this is true, the Test Results shall reveal its’ effectiveness! So at the end of the day, I’m interested to find out, CAN Epix Trader aka Epix Scalper make me consistent profits in my trading? Or Is Epix Trader is just another Epix Trader Cheating Scam? FIND OUT BELOW!

How Does Epix Scalper Work, Is it a SCAM?

Being the first trading software that covers both Binary & Forex Scalping techniques, it is really revolutionary and never been seen before. But this means that if users will need to sign up for two different accounts for binary trading & Forex Trading. The working principle behind this scalping technique is the inspiration from George Soros “The Alchemy of Finance”, Theory of Reflexivity. I personally like the saying of catching Trends early and also identifying Trend Reversal because that’s how I trade every day.

According to Mark and Tina, Epix Trader is performed well in scalping as well, which I personally lack the focus to do it. Scalping is basically following short-term trends & making a profit from it. Good thing that Epix Trader software employs trading filters and indicators to make scalping work. Which is rather Difficult to do for a real like trader and it induces a lot of stress. Because you’ll need to counter check few indicators very quickly to make a decision! Nevertheless, this trading app summarizes uses oscillator algorithms, strength filters, measuring moving averages and avoid news announcements. Ultimately coming up with an overall 0% – 100% Probability System suitable for NEWBIE Traders too!

So, the ability to add scalping as a tool to add into my medium term trading surely is an advantage. At least for day trader like myself, I specialize in medium term trades and I get to make use of this software to Scalp short term trades. Hence, expanding my trading style and profit potential. Taking into consideration of the presentation, these concepts make sense to me as a trader and Epix Trader doesn’t stand out to be a cheating scam.

Impressions are good but Results are more important! Check out my Results below!

Epix Trader Results & How to Use It! (VIDEO PROOF)

I was impressed by the performance of Epix Scalper in both medium term trading and short term trading! On my first day of testing, I’ve done 30 trades and achieved a 75% winning rate & Earned $133.50 in 3 hours. Love the fact that Mark Evans did not provide unrealistic profits like many other scams. The results are consistent with what is being pitched in the presentation video too. Definite appreciate the honesty given by the offer. Epix Trader provides short term scalping signals, medium term trading signals (10 minutes to 30 minutes) as well as long-term trading (hours to days of expiry).

One of my concern was to consider newbie traders that do not know when to click the trade button. BUT, I noticed that the system will only generate signals when it has a good probability of winning. In terms of the scalping 1-minute trade, it is best to WAIT for new signals to generate and ENTER the trade immediately. That way, we can scalp while getting the best Strike Rate/Entry Price when the signals just came up.

Also, the Epix Trader does not produce scalping signal when the market is NOT TRENDING! This is yet another proof that the algorithm is filtering the signals very well. So if you find yourself waiting for a 1-minute trade for an hour and it doesn’t come up, this means that the market simply doesn’t allow scalping! Please have patience and good quality signals will come!

2nd Testing Results 1 Minute Epix Trader Scalping Strategy!

Great News! I have extensively test the Epix Trader Software’s 1 Minute Scalping capabilities and it proves to be highly accurate! So Far My Account Grew from $500 to $733 in just two trading days! Check out my video below for trading tips on how to do 1 minute trading strategy!


How to Use Epix Trader in Binary Options Platform?

The trading interface is newbie friendly with specific expiry and Call/Put Direction visible for anyone to see. Plus, you can execute the trade simply by clicking the TRADE button and by specifying your investment. The minimum trade size is $25, hence capable of profiting 70% to 90% return on investment on every single trade! (Payout depends on the broker. However, on average it should be around the same value).

You can find a brief walk through in the demonstration video above! I have taken trades with probability above 80% for the medium term and short scalping trades with minimum $25 per trade. Ultimately, I and my review team are happy with the results and profits with Epix Trader.

Follow Regulation while Registering for Epix Trader!

Like all financial trading instrument, it is necessary to follow the regulatory requirements in the registration process. Please follow the steps below to ensure smooth deposit and withdrawal process!

  • Click This Epix Trader Software Official Website
  • Fill up the form with accurate details. Full name following your identification documents and valid email address
  • Deposit Your Trading Account with a minimum of $250 and submit your identification documents at your respective broker’s website!
  • It is regulatory requirement that all brokers verify traders’ identity with their trading account. Every legit broker follows this mandatory steps, no exception. Once verification is complete, you may start trading with the software!

Epix Scalper Forex Trading Results!

I shall be testing this software in a Forex platform soon enough! Stay tuned by Subscribing to my BLOG to receive more SCAM news & Latest Test Results!

The Epix Trader Forex Expert Advisor (EA) Website Link has the same outlook but totally different product. So be sure to Register to either Binary or Forex Trading and MAKE SURE you use the correct Link from this PAGE! Both website has the same look, so please refer to this page and click them again if necessary!

Epix Trader Review Conclusion!

Being a binary options traders of 2 years, I’ve never seen a trading software that caters trading scalping and longer term trading so well. In addition to that, Epix Scalper works on both Forex and Binary Trading. My profits in the first day of testing speak for itself and clearly, Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo wasn’t wasting my time. Hence, Epix Trader is NOT a SCAM!

The trading signals only come up when it is truly relevant especially in terms of 1-minute trades. Hence, proving the algorithm and filtering indicators behind the Epix Trader truly works wonders. It is a breath of fresh air after coming across this software as most of my readers know, I expose countless scams weekly. A reliable trading tool that truly earns a profit is hard to come by in this industry! I invite you to get a Copy of Epix Trader before the Offer Runs out!

Epix Trader Forex

Please Feel Free to Share Your Experience in the Comments below if you are already testing Epix Trader for yourself! 😀

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#### This Software is NOT Available for US Residence. Please Refer to our Recommended Trading Software for Alternative ###

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Good recommendation. I used it to trade binary optionz and it is better than the old scam I lose money to. Already made $100 thanks

Samuel T

It works super well for me! Thank you for your recommendation Sentinel. It is giving me easy $500 already! 🙂


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