Elite Millionaire Society Scam Review! Secret Millionaire Software?

Elite Millionaire Society Scam Review!

Elite Millionaire Society is coming to knock on all potential traders email quite soon or perhaps already have reached your inbox as it is relatively newly launched (February/March 2016)! Apart from it’s elegant looking name, this is not some kind of a club or community where traders shall get to communicate with or even make you feel like a millionaire. Elite Millionaire Society is a binary options auto trading system which is completely web-based that claims to be able to make $800 to $3,000 from an initial deposit of $250. Experienced binary options trader will tell you that it is highly unlikely to actually achieve that claimed profit from an initial fund of that size. The claim is basically telling you that it is going to at least triple your account size in a day, which is already a crazy statement to make. Perhaps the binary options auto trading system industry is very competitive and that could be merely an exaggerating for it’s marketing purposes? Well, perhaps, but we have found other scam-like aspects that we usually find from auto trading system that turns out to be a scam! Please continue reading our reviews below for more information!

Elite Millionaire Society’s Suspicious Claims

The landing page for this auto trader is filled with a lot of over promising claims, which we are probably not going to cover each and every claim but rather highlight those that viewers should really take note of. First of all, viewers will be able to see a video presentation paired with the claim of making over $1,200 per day, it is free, and 100% GUARANTEE! On a serious note, there is no such thing as 100% guarantee in the trading world, it is just the way things are! Please do not believe in this fairy tale as it will only lead to disappointment. The “739 People are in line for access to the Elite Millionaire Society” is also merely a fake banner placed there. It is not a live number because it is a banner, an image file! We probably guess this is to support the claim of only letting 20 people register this year which we believe to be fake as well. It is a typical scam tactic that scam system often uses to lure instant registration! And one more minor claim that is highly suspicious is that they have mentioned that all their results are independently verified by a 3rd party global trading body and beta testers. We are unable to verify any of their results and who the 3rd parties are. Hence, it is just a false claim.

Elite Millionaire Society’s Founder/CEO Thomas Boyle is a FAKE

It is always very suspicious when a system uses a voice narrator to represent as the founder of a system because we are unable to really put the face to the name. But fortunately for us, this system had attached a picture of the alleged Thomas Boyle for us to refer to. At the end of the day, the relief was short lifted because we found that the picture that represents Thomas Boyle is indeed a pictures purchased from stock photo provider! You may refer to this link for evidence! So we can conclude that the alleged founder/CEO is fake and fabricated character to represent this scam system! If the claim of the founder itself is already a fake, what’s more about his background story of being invited in this secret millionaire’s club to use this system? Highly like a fake story too!

Elite Millionaire Society Thomas Boyle

Stock Photo used to represent Fake Thomas Boyle!

Fake Testimonials in Elite Millionaire Society

Fake testimonials, again is another typical scam tactics or pre-requisite to create a scam system and Elite Millionaire Society joined in the club too. The claimed “beta-testers” are identified as famous testimonials actors from Fiverr! Meaning these actors are being paid to read a certain script and record it to make extra cash online. Take Robert for example, he is a famous Fiverr actor that have been actively making fake testimonials for many other scam binary options auto trading systems to date! Robert can  be found in Fiverr as hanoi66. You probably would be able to find the guy in yellow shirt and tie to be Fiverr actor known as Ivanalexx! Clearly, these “beta-testers” can’t be trusted as a verified sources can it?

Fake Trading History in Elite Millionaire Society

Of course we have a “Live Result” that is attached in the landing page that claims to start with a $250 initial deposit plus with another claim below the trade history that says “My income for this day is $925.00!”. We were amused by the claim of the daily income is $925, because based on the trade history, we are not able to find the day where it actually makes $900! The claim clearly did not align itself with the trade history attached! But as of now, we shall just treat the $925 daily as a meaningless and lie just because it does not reflect in the trade history.

Elite Millionaire Society Fake Trade History Scam Review

Fake Trade History and Non-nonsensical Claims of $925 today!

Next, we also found a major discrepancy with the trade history as well as the FAQ question at the lowest part of the webpage. We are able to find claims that this system indeed places trades during the weekends! It is reflected in the trade history as well as the answer in the FAQ. FAQ: “Can the software be used 24/7?”, Answer: “Yes, you can trade the Elite Millionaire Society software 24 hours a day 7 days a week, although there is slightly less trading volume at weekends”. Now, for a founder that claims that he is a veteran trader, should know that market closes on the weekends! How is it possible that the trade history reflects trades consistently in every weekend? Weird huh? This is clearly a fake trade history and the fake founder have no idea what he’s talking about!

Elite Millionaire Society Weekend Trade Scam

Elite Millionaire Society’s Conclusion

Judging from the amount of scam-like aspects including fake founder/CEO, fake trade history, and unrealistic claims, we are concluding that Elite Millionaire Society is a SCAM! Please stay away from this binary options auto trading system as it is very likely to drain your money away before you even reach your daily “Guaranteed $1,200”!

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Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you. So hence, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam newsletters to keep yourself updated!

Binary Options Industry SCAM Reviewers’ Opinion!

We are able to find negative reviews on Elite Millionaire Society already posted on the net. A trustworthy reviewer from TradingBinaryScamFree.com has also concluded that this is a scam system “This auto trader is everything but an auto trader, I couldn’t find anything related to the binary options niche during whole of their presentation except Fiverr actors who promoting everything in exchange to $5 each 50 words. Nothing is legit in the Elite Millionaire Society software”

BinaryOptionsPatrol.com has also given a negative review saying “Binaryoptionspatrol.com would like to conclude our scam review and say that you must avoid this auto trader if you plan to keep trade successfully, Thomas Boyle is full of lies and is an unrecognized trader in the binary options industry!”

Verdict: Elite Millionaire Society is a SCAM!


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