Elite Gold Profits Review – SCAM Trading Software EXPOSED!

Elite Gold Profits Scam Review

Is Elite Gold Profits a SCAM or GOOD Trading Software?

Elite Gold Profits shows us quite a bizarre presentation about a Gold Trading Software that earns $1,000 for newcomers. And subsequently building up a fortune towards being a millionaire. First off, I just have to highlight that Nigel Pearson, alleged founder of Elite Gold Profits investment company, claims a near 100% win rate. That is a 98% win rate to be exact! I don’t know about you, but as an experienced trader, that’s just a pure indication of Getting Rich Quick scam! Before you waste 72 minutes watching the voice narrator presentation READ my Elite Gold Profits Review below!

Elite Gold Profits Website: elitegoldprofits.biz

Everyone wants to earn extra money if they can, and better do it from home. However, many scammers out there produce a low quality system to steal money. And Elite Gold Profits Software is very likely to be one of them. As I found many suspicious elements within plus many complaints about this system, it is going to be in my Blacklist!

Don’t get me wrong, trading online via an auto trader or automated trading software is a viable choice. It is just I have blacklisted over 250 software throughout my career and only a handle serves me well. Earning $1,000 within the first day from a minimum $250 (says Elite Gold Profits) is unrealistic. I personally managed to earn $100 per day in my early days of trading and currently growing 10% to 30% per day with RELIABLE TOOLS! This scam is not going to make you money though. I shall debunk some lies in the rest of the article below!

Why Elite Gold Profits is a SCAM?

According to Nigel Pearson, he developed Elite Gold Profits App by designing a gold trading algorithm with a team of expert. It uses a patented technology to catch millisecond fluctuations of gold prices and is capable of trading very quickly. Nigel claims this is because it is able to trade one tenth of millisecond phenomenal speed makes it possible to do so. In addition to that, the team of experts scans the market for major news and trade high volatility markets. Regardless of which direction the prices go, up or down, he says we can profit by the Straddle trading strategy.

Please allow me to straighten this out! Straddle trading strategy will not work binary the typical binary options industry. It only works in Classic Options whether the payout depends on how ‘significant’ the price move from the Strike Rate. However, in binary options, we already get a hefty FIXED payout even if the price is in the right direction by 1 micro pip! So even if we win by 1 small micro pip, we still get 70%  – 90% of our invested value. BUT, if we place trades in both directions, we will end up losing 10% to 30% of our investment!

Newbie traders that blindly follow this Elite Gold Profits Expert advice, will lose MONEY! It is an unacceptable misinformation given by Nigel and a blatant lie. The scam-artist seems to purposely mislead viewers with this false detail for trust. But in reality, Elite Gold Profits performs at best a 40% win accuracy instead of the impossible 98% (Laughs out loud).

False Demonstration and Testimonials!

One common nature I notice in many of these scams apart from unrealistic win rate is the fake demonstration and successes. Before I go into that, Nigel Pearson himself is a fictitious character. The picture depicting Nigel is clearly a stock photo image taken from another website! He is not a real trader and a voice actor that gives false trading advice! He also dares to claim that this isn’t binary or Forex! Surely not a person we should trust a person that doesn’t even know the financial instrument.

Elite Gold Profits Results

Moreover, I recognized many of the video testimonials from old scams because they are merely actors. Knowing that there is no genuine trading demonstration it adds up my suspicion. All we can see from the presentation is a repetition of self-made accuracy graph that makes no sense. Also, the trade history is a FAKE because I notice some discrepancy in some trades that tries to fool us! You can see some zero value in the table that considered as wins. How can a gold price be zero and we get a payout! That’s just nonsense.

Nigel Pearson

Elite Profits Gold Review Conclusion!

Judging from the proof above, I can safely conclude that Elite Gold Profits is a SCAM! The complaint email I got from scam victims shows the distrustful nature of this offer. Performing at best 50% win rate, I’d say you have a much better choice trading your own or with a good quality trading software. You can’t expect to earn $1,000 on the first day with a deposit of $250! Because realistic profits can only be judge based on your initial investment.

Growing 10% is definitely a good start for NEWBIES! And the good news, it is definitely possible! 🙂

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How Can Newbies Start Earning Money Trading?

Basically, you can either trade Forex or Binary on your own Manually or Auto Trading! It is as simple as that, either do it yourself or have a software to do it for you. But interestingly enough, one can also use Trading Signal Software to produce trading signals, then execute them! So, depending on your schedule and interest level, there are WAYS you can take advantage to earn some money!

Auto Trading – If you are a busy person with a tight schedule, you probably can opt to go for a trading software that executes trades for you! But be careful though, 90% of the software out there don’t work well! Be sure to only invest in the Recommended & Proven Trading Software I prove tested with my own money. Else, refer to my Blacklist and be sure to avoid investing in offers listed there! My Recommendations can be found in the link BELOW!

Manual Trading – Got a neck for trading? Then you can learn some trading method/strategies and trade the markets! In my opinion, Binary is easier to pick up as compared to Forex trading because it is a simple Up or Down decision. You win a fixed amount as long as it wins by 1 micro pip too. Hence, no need to decide when to get out of a position or hold! Additionally, you can also use a Trading Signal Software to suggest trading signals while you learn to trade! Check out the Video demonstration of a Manual Trading Software I use @ “Best Software” or “Home” Page!

Demo Account – Aside from the two tools above, you most likely would benefit from having a FREE Demo Account! Either it is to practice a new trading method or simply just play around, you should do it in a virtual money first. Most Demo account requires a user to deposit money first, however, The links below does not! Click to Correct Link based on your location! If you are from the USA, Canada, use the US Friendly link. Others can use the Non-US Link!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Demo Available & US Friendly)
  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Epix Trader! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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