Electoral Profits App Review! Dangerous Trading SCAM!

Electoral Profits App Review

Is Electoral Profits App a SCAM? Or Legit Auto Trading Software?

Electoral Profits App does nothing but underperforms for day traders with highly unrealistic profits potential. The founder of Electoral Profits Daniel Walters discloses $120,374 profits by 8th November 2016 with only a $250 deposit. Which is the day when the United States announces the election results! As much as we can testify to the profitability of binary trading, Daniel is simply selling a “Get Rich Quick Electoral Profits Scam”. Besides that, Electoral Profits Scam has many contradicting and deceiving details aiming to deceive traders! Please read our Electoral Profits Scam Review before investing!

Researched Official Website: electoralprofits.com

Electoral Profits App basically is a trading software that focuses on taking advantage of the upcoming election results to make huge profits. However, we don’t believe that it could provide good consistency in binary trading results. Because this event only occurs once every four years, what about the rest of the trading days? We can’t simply expect one event to miraculously grow $250 to over $100,000! That’s ridiculous and impractical which makes this an obvious “Be a millionaire FRAUD”. Additionally, we debunked important details that attempt to make this lying scam a legit one!

What is Electoral Profits App?

One thing that is vital to identifying legit auto trading software is the concerning algorithm. Based on the narrative, Daniel claims this auto trader is able to earn monstrous profits due to the insider information! He also calls Electoral Profits the “Insider App” or the “largest insider information integration”. Well, obviously this doesn’t quite make sense because insider information is like “fundamental influence”. As opposed to technical analysis, fundamental influence on the market can’t form a consistent trading algorithm. This is to say that, traders wouldn’t need a software to execute trades based on fundamental reasons!

Daniel the fake millionaire mentors say Electoral Profits App will execute trades on behalf of its users. But based on this strangely formulated trading algorithm, this scam only promises to make millions with a nonsensical trading method. With this intention, Electoral Profits scam victim found out that hard way that it couldn’t perform in binary trading.

For this reason, Electoral Profits’ claimed algorithm or specialty is very suspicious! This could explain the poor performance and drain of the account balance in many traders of Daniel’s lousy algorithm. It seems that Electoral Profits’ poor quality algorithm realistically can’t produce profits at all. Not surprising, Daniel Walters description about binary trading are highly falsified too. There is a segment of the presentation where he asserts a 500% profits every single day! As experienced binary traders, we can tell you that it’s not possible! Instead, a more workable/achievable goal is about 10% to 30% account growth by using our Recommended Trading Software.

SCAM elements in Offer!

More often that not, a scam like Electoral Profits decorates their offer with fanciful luxury and highly unrealistic profits lies. Firstly, our research on Daniel Walters and his friend, Luke, seems to show their shady nature in this scam. Obviously, if this software was truly successful, the binary trading community would have acknowledged Electoral Profits algorithm or trading method. Conversely, this scam has been labeled as untrustworthy by binary trades alike! There is no evidence to support Daniel Walters background as a political analyst or Luke, the bogus financial analyst in our research. He seems to only be a voice narrator promoting false promises of profits!

Besides that, Electoral Profits Scam employs countless fake testimonials to support their lies. Both the written and video testimonies at electoralprofits.com are fabricated with random pictures and actors. We have seen the actors before in Fiverr marketplace that provides script reading services for $5. Thus, rendering these success stories as untrustworthy. Moreover, there is no actual demonstration or an inner look of Electoral Profits Trading platform! Legit binary trading services will always provide an actual demonstration of how the software works. But of course, we would expect such low-quality service since Electoral Profits support team is unresponsive.

Electoral Profits Fake Testimonial

The Electoral Profits FAQ sections clearly contradict the narrative in several questions. For instance, the scammer indicates Electoral Profits as the “state-of-the-art cash generating system, that taps into the global market and leverage”. Thus, making millions for users with a 99% success rate. This is clearly false BS proven by the negative feedback within the community! Binary trading also does not allow “leveraging” like conventional trading from the global market. In reality, binary traders simply buy options of whether asset price to go up or down. Thus, proving Electoral Profits’ presentation as highly fraudulent with false information!

Electoral Profits Conclusion!

In conclusion, Electoral Profits is a SCAM. It’s one perfect example of an “Earn Million Scam” disguised as a miracle trading software. Scammers took advantage of the binary options industry to produce lousy trading app without genuine intention. Neither Daniel Walters, his bank snapshots or his testimonies are trustworthy or real. The underlying concept of using election day as a consistent trading method will never work and is losing people’s money. Thus, traders should stay away from Electoral Profits Trading Software! There are many scams similar to Electoral Profits which we have exposed with our list of scams as well.

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How to Make Money Through Investing Binary Options?

Thank you very much for sparing some time in reading our vital warning against Electoral Profits. We hope that this article is useful in providing some information regarding binary trading. If you are just starting out and have some questions related to binary trading, please feel free to email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com. There are several ways that you can approach trading binary such as trading on your own OR searching for the best trading software.

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  1. Sophia

    Sentinel, could you please help me with how to use my CodeFibo Software more effectively? I am not sure how to get best results..

    Great review by the way, my cousin received an email from Electoral Profits. From the looks, its an obvious scam

  2. Bryan

    SCAM! Self desruct after 300 views? Pure BS! Disgusting scam like this tarnishes the industry. Guys, don’t buy into this system. If you want profits, you’ve gotta source for better trading software or method.

  3. Melissa

    Interested in CodeFibo Software. Is it available for Japan?

    1. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

      Hi Melissa,

      Yes CodeFibo is available for Japan resident


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