Easy Wealth Creator & Coffee Cash Cheat Scam Review!

Easy Wealth Creator & Coffee Cash Cheat Scam Review

Make Money with Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat?  Is it a SCAM $5,000 to $14,000 a day FRAUD?

Welcome to our Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat Scam Review! If you are interested in making some profits through this binary options auto trading system, please read this study before you invest. It’s always important that you understand the product that you are investing through before making a decision.  Mainly due to the countless scam program/systems that existed among many auto trading systems. Our Blacklist should give you a clearer picture of the amount aggressiveness of scam software vs genuine/reliable trading app.

Easy Wealth Creator (website: easywealthcreator.co) is a resurfaced auto trader named the Coffee Cash Cheat (launched in November 2015). Both offers are completely identical in presentation as well as income expectations. The founder/CEO of this “magical” coffee trading system, Sean Willows, allegedly claims this system guarantees $5,000 to $13,874.71 earning a day (with an initial deposit of $250). Like many suspicious offers, Sean mentioned this offer will only last until the timer runs out and the site will be closed forever! Although the sound of making a Guaranteed $5,000/day sounds awesome, we discovered alarming details within this software. Please continue reading the exposed scam tactics below!

Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat’s Scam Strategy!

Firstly, Coffee Cash Cheat was in fact classified as scam by many binary options reviewer during it’s launch. Granting that, the relaunch of Coffee Cash Cheat with a different name, Easy Wealth Creator, suggests that it’s yet another hoax. Nevertheless, we’ll share our investigation findings in this review as essential information to make sound investment decision.

As mentioned, this auto trader focuses on only one asset, COFFEE. Sean Willows asserted that it can achieve a staggering 94.83% winning rate paired with an average of 240 – 260 trades a day! Which results in an average of $5,000 revenue a day from a $25 per trade. Truth is, such a performance is NOT realistic at all. An accuracy rate of over 90% are in fact, impossible even for the world’s best traders/trading algorithm. However, it is noticeable that scams/frauds software loves to make such over-promising statements to lure it’s viewers. Hence, you should be concerned about such a sales pitch. The second red-flag that you worry about is the over 200 trades executions per day. It’s illogical for a trading algorithm to be able to execute that many trades on ONLY ONE asset! Based on that statement, 240 trades a day reflects to about 10 trades an hour (1 trade every 6 minutes). It doesn’t take an experienced trader to tell that such a trading methodology is identical to  trading blindly without proper analysis!

Guess what, the founder for Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat, Sean Willows, is a phony character! Spectators are being presented by a voice-over narrator without any physical presence aside from a photograph of himself. Nonetheless, the picture used is actually NOT Sean Willows. Apparently the scam-artist expects people to not recognize a famous male actor, Daniel Olbrychski. In respect to fake characters, we also detected that the video testimonials of “happy users” are also paid actors from Fiverr.com.

The mentioned suspicious facts above are typical scam gimmick that many other scam systems employ to generate a “good” impression. Unfortunately, Easy Wealth Creator also adapts a “timer” whilst stating the offer does not last forever and watchers should register before it runs out! Funny knowing it’s actually the “return of Coffee Cash Cheat”, we find it a little contradicting. Plus, the “countdown timer” is completely meaningless because you will still be able to register when it reaches zero and refreshes itself the next time you visit the webpage. Ladies and gentlemen, this is another typical trick to instill false sense of urgency and scarcity! Do Not Fall for such a ploy! Take your time in studying the offer!

Scam Tactic Easy Wealth Creator & Coffee Cash Cheat
Fake Testimonials, Bogus Sean Willows, and False Guarantees!

Say No To Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat! But Yes to WHAT?

This particular analysis basically reveals one among myriad of scam trading app out there. Designed to prey on innocent trader’s money which tarnishes the binary options industry’s reputation! It’s really unfortunate that scam-artist loves to exercise their devilish act in this industry! Binary Options Sentinel strives to identify and expose as many hoax as possible in hopes to give traders the genuine tools to PROFIT!

Fortunately, there are GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system which have proven success emerges every once in a while! Do check out BELOW for some example!

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Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat’s Conclusion!

As stated above, the alarming scam methods and lies voiced are too good to be true. Negative feedback have already been received about this software where traders lose their entire deposit within few hours! Apparently this system does perform a heck a lot of trades, but with very little accuracy! Bogus founders, fabricated testimonials and unrealistic promises shows that this is unquestionably a HOAX! We hope this helps, TRADE SAFE!

Verdict: Easy Wealth Creator aka Coffee Cash Cheat is a SCAM!

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