Easy Daily Profits Review – Scam Software by Dean Westhorpe Proof!

Easy Daily Profits Scam Review

Is Easy Daily Profits a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Easy Daily Profits discloses income potential as much as an annual salary in a month, or so does Dean Westhorpe mentioned. Dean, the alleged founder of Easy Daily Profits Software proudly expresses his dismay on scams too. Saying that this app is nothing like a “Get Rich Now” Software and other pyramid schemes. However, our investigation shows the exact similarities Dean’s offer has with other identified frauds. In fact, it is very much like a “Become Rich Quick” Software with low performing trading algorithm. So, please do read our Easy Daily Profits Review before investing!

Easy Daily Profits Login Page: easydailyprofits.co

Although Dean didn’t state a clear unreal profits expectation to its’ audience, we do see many other scam aspects within the web page itself. Based on it the trade history was shown, we see a crazy money management technique where he risked entire funds on first trades. Which deem the trades as highly suspicious whereby we expose the falsehood below. Additionally, Dean’s mysterious geek friend also describes the system to employ sophisticated computer algorithm, vast database, and binary trading loophole. These are typical nonsensical statements we noticed in many of our Blacklisted scams. The most concerning factor in our study is the negative feedback and reviews we encounter within trading communities. Refer below for proof of dishonest presentation!

Who is Dean Westhorpe, Founder of Easy Daily Profits?

Firstly, it’s highly suspicious that we’re dealing with voice narrator Dean with a nonverifiable story. He claims that he is the founder of Easy Daily Profits but not the one to developed the trading algorithm. Instead, he has this mysterious geeky friend passing him the opportunity for a beta test back then. Thus, the story doesn’t seem to be very convincing at all when we find a stock picture online resembling Dean. Quite clearly that Dean’s picture is actually stolen from other sites to act as a fake founder.

Dean Westhorpe Easy Daily Profits

Moreover, Easy Daily Profits’ algorithm that uses sophisticated computers, databases and loophole aren’t exactly a credible description of trading methods. Legitimate services would have described some aspect of technical analysis or methodology. Descriptions such as fundamental influence to trading or even technical analysis aspects of trading could be focuses of a trading software. Thus, providing good backing to their trading methods/strategy rather than a blind fraudulent auto trader. Many times, a loophole is a common scam indication and a vague term used by scammers. Simply because there is no such thing as a “magic loophole” in trading!

Success Stories Real?

Don’t get us wrong, though, we’re not discouraging people from trading binary options, as it is possible to earn some extra money through it. Our software testing sessions on Recommended Trading Software shows its’ potential of a legit auto trader or signal software. However, very often scammers attempt to claim unrealistic profits and fake accuracy without actual performance. Such is the case for Easy Daily Profits Scam as we examine the success stories. Obviously, when we test software’s performance, we share actual trade history and trading platform walk through in our videos.

It is quite apparent that the trade history and demonstration from Easy Daily Profit Software are very dishonest! The demonstration didn’t quite reveal the trade history within the video itself, plus the trade history in the web page is a fake too. The reason is due to the indication of weekend trades on major currencies which isn’t possible. Why? Because market closes during weekends and it’s impossible to see them as active trades during these times.

Not to mention the video testimonials in Easy Daily Profits Scam are all famous scam actors! We actually recognized some of these individuals in the previous hoax exposed. And they support yet another poor performing auto trading system with fictitious statements. They usually provide their services on Fiverr.com where people can hire their script reading services for as low as $5. Thus, it also serves as another indication of potential scam!

Fake Testimonial & Trades Easy Daily Profits

Is this a Special Invite?

The answer is a resounding NO! Certainly easydailyprofits.co is not some special invitational offer only because anyone can access the site. Even the countdown timer and spots counter functions as a red-flag for fake offers. You will still be able to sign-up even when the Easy Daily Profits counter reaches zero and it resets itself on the next visit. These are typical sales trick or marketing gimmick intending to create a false sense of urgency. Conversely, viewers can actually take their time in research before investing and not deposit into Easy Daily Profits!

Easy Daily Profits Review Conclusion!

On the subject matter, we can safely conclude that Easy Daily Profits is a SCAM! There isn’t any genuine or verifiable information in this deal at all. Dean Westhorpe is another bogus character with a nonsensical trading story. Also, no actual proof of success that is genuine and authentic too. Notice the endorsement by CNN Money, Financial Times, and Bloomberg Business banners at easydailyprofits.co? Unfortunately, a simple research on the internet reveals no REAL quotes on Easy Daily Profits within any of this news database!

Trading can be fun and a lifelong skill especially in binary options. There are few auto traders that can really serve you well and many trading signals/webinars available to help you achieve additional profit making at home! Do contact us if you need more information at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com

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What is the Best Alternative Software?

As mentioned, our Recommended Trading Software would be a much better investment as compared to these scam auto trader! We classify our best software by holding real test and deposit (which we occasionally lost to some sneaky scams, but it’s all good as we recover through manual trading!). Thus, they can function as a RELIABLE and PROFITABLE auto trader. Additionally, learning trading knowledge and trading method could also serve users in increasing profits and accuracy! Truly a fun learning process and a good opportunity to earn money by picking new skills! 🙂

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