Duplicash App Review – SCAM Trading System Details Disclosed!

Is Duplicash App a SCAM or Good Social Trading System?

Duplicash by Eduard Mason is a new scam that proclaims a new copy trader platform with the declaration of $1,300 per day profits. The problem with Duplicash Scam is it is rather similar to a number of frauds previously with fake “pro traders”. Hence, the rise of negative feedback about Duplicash certainly brings our attention to investigate this trading app. Frankly, such concept can be very attractive and beneficial for many newbie traders if only the ‘pro traders’ is actually real. In fact, our study on Duplicash App reveals forgery within their platform and complaints of poor accuracy. Please read our Duplicash Review for before investing!

Duplicash App Official Website: duplicashapp.com

One of our review team actually gave this software a shot for a week and it’s rather disappointing as it performs at best 50% win rate. As a result, we shifted our focus into testing a more promising trading app and minimize our losses. Nevertheless, we identified scam aspects that render this deal to be illegitimate and misleading. Below will be the evidence of lies and deceit tricking newbie traders to trade with Duplicash fraud! Instead of making $1,300 a day, the scam artist camouflaged this offer with hopes of earning 5 figure income in a short one month which often delude reality!

What is DupliCash Trading System?

It is supposedly a platform that enables users to directly “copy” a pro traders’ trade executions on their platform. According to Eduard, he has experienced traders like a student of Warren Buffett and other expert traders profiting for their 3,000 members. Quite frankly, we have never heard of DupliCash Trading System ever and if it is truly successful, we probably would have heard it by now. Although we definitely like the idea of having to copy traders, unfortunately, our experience and negative feedback on DupliCash app clearly contradict itself.

The reason for its poor performance is because the seemingly pro traders are actually lousy trading algorithm. Yes, there is no expert trader like Warren Buffett’s student or technical experts providing their services through DupliCash Trading System. Its social network infrastructure is non-existence but yet it promises $1,300 profit per day. Consequently, there are other scam elements we commonly see in other scams which are present within DupliCash App too.

Who is Eduard Mason?

One common element that scam designers love to employ is sneaky voice narrators that hide behind presentations. This is clearly seen in Eduard Mason’s and his friend Steven within the offer as they are both fictional characters. Similar to their fantasy social community that doesn’t exist. There is no genuine evidence of success or professional resume social media, etc. Obviously, legit trading community would have a Facebook Group or other social media but quite clearly that DupliCash’s Facebook Page doesn’t have any traders earning money.

The so called users of #Duplicash on Facebook and Twitter are fake widgets generating random comments. Our effort in verifying Duplicash App accounts acknowledges our suspicious of forgery of fake characters. Same goes to Eduard’s picture as we see his face in plenty other websites and also originated from stock photo providers. Plainly, the scam artist attempts to misinform viewers with dishonest social feedback!

Eduard Mason Duplicash

Expert Traders Signals are Phony?

On top of a bogus presenter, we’re dealing with fake pro traders as we mentioned previously. The reason for this allegation is because trade history from these pro traders is fabricated and filled with nonsensical trades. Meaning that there are trades which not suppose to be won resulting in payouts! In fact, there are many of this discrepancies in the table where viewers can actually see. Take the EUR/USD trade for example where the entry rate and expiry rate are similar at 1.0600. This should give it into a TIE and zero payout! Instead, it shows a $134 payout and we definitely have no reason to trust this trading history.

Additionally, professional traders assumed are also as bogus as Eduard himself because the pictures are actually stock photos. Pictures that are purchased from sites and are commonly used as an advert in many other sites as well.

DupliCashh Traders

DupliCash App Review Verdict!!

Based on the evidence above, poor performance in trade results and misleading promises, we declare Duplicash App is a SCAM! If you are genuinely looking for a professional trader to follow, you can contact us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com and we shall hook you up with a Facebook Trading Community. Rather than trusting your money into Duplicash Trading System which has no genuine intention will countless false details and elements, a signal software can be more beneficial.

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We have tested countless software and most ends up to be a disappointment just like DupliCash Scam! Fortunately, there is a handful that provides good quality trading signals while allowing traders to have complete control of their trades too.

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