Dubai Lifestyle App Terrible Scam! MUST READ Review!

Is Dubai Lifestyle App a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Be wary of the new Dubai Lifestyle App by Scott Hathaway at fellow traders! It has come to our attention that this new Dubai inspired trading software has ill intentions towards traders with no genuine results. The seemingly life changing Dubai Lifestyle App is nothing but a highly deceptive offer traders should keep away from. On top of that, typical scam aspects lurks across its webpages and also their nonsensical proposal. There is no honest details from Hathaway that you should place your trust with and we shall expose their fraudulent details below! Please read before investing!

What’s Wrong with Dubai LifeStyle App Trading?

The Dubai Lifestyle App’s website has an uprightly hoax outlook to it, especially when it adapts various information that are obviously fake or misleading in nature. The truth to this aggressive & scheming nature of Dubai Lifestyle App is to lure inexperienced trader’s deposit with their lies. Let’s investigate this offer thoroughly! The gist of Dubai Lifestyle App is that Scott is looking for 100 beta testers to use his $7,000 profit per day for free while guaranteeing success. He continues with the impossible 99.8% accuracy or win rate that has provided him and his users success!

As tempting it could sound, it could be serve traders with an awesome profit potential but only if it’s TRUE! Unfortunately, these allegation of 99.8% accuracy and $7,000 profits per day are extremely unlikely and very far-fetched. The reality of Dubai Lifestyle App’s performance is far from actual profiting with negative feedback and reviews pouring the net about this system. More importantly, highly unrealistic winning rate and profits potential are the scammers’ no.1 favorite trick in the books.

Earning a profit of $7,000 per day is possible if you have a larger bank roll (as large as a couple thousands)! A realistic approach to binary trading for long term growth is to aim for 10% to 30% account growth per day. This is definitely proven with actual trading experience! Thus, Dubai Lifestyle App’s allegation of $7,000 per day through a minimum deposit of $250 within the first day is completely a fantasy! Purely because expecting to grow your account 28 times within a day is definitely not a wise goal to set for yourself as a trader. Besides this inaccurate description or false declaration, there are several conspicuous lies in this offer which we expose below!

Exposed Falsity in Dubai Lifestyle App!

The noticeable misleading profit potential brings additional deceptive stories to seemingly support its unlikelihood of success. First, we notice that Scott Hathaway, the alleged CEO & Founder for Dubai Lifestyle App and his team are complete fiction. Upon examining the picture depicting Scott himself, we find that it is actually a stock picture provided by online vendors. Similar to the made up Dubai Lifestyle App Team that supposedly ‘help’ traders earn big money! When in fact, there is no such team that exist except for the broker account managers that will contact members.

Scammers often apply voice narrator while slapping a random picture online to cover their poor performing software with false credential. This is particularly obvious with Dubai Lifestyle App with the evidently fake credential. Scott Hathaway does not actually exist and there is no actual trading firm named Dubai Lifestyle App. The Mahmood Brothers in the presentation video are also fake stories. We’ve pinpointed that the origin of Mahmood Brothers picture are actually taken randomly over the internet. E.g, one of the Mahmood brothers is actually Helai Saeed Almarri! At this point, Scott’s success stories are complete untrustworthy due to the falseness in it’s narrative!

Additionally, the trade histories shared in Dubai Lifestyle App’s members page are not verified and does not exactly share the same fantasized 99.8% win rate. Upon looking at the trade history for one of their fake testimonial by the fake Gabriel Massle, we notice 2 pages of losses! Although the trade history in are basically fake, it is hilarious to see such discrepancies in their fake testimonials. These testimonies simply steals random pictures online and attaches itself with a random name which goes unproven as an actual trader!

Dubai Lifestyle App fake Testimonial & Scott Hathaway

Dubai Lifestyle App Conclusion!

Taking reference from the evidence above, we can safely conclude that Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM Auto Trading System. These is no actual or authentic information in this offer at all! The Bogus Scott Hathaway and Mahmood Brothers are pure bed time stories attempting to fool newbie into depositing. Testimonial videos in Dubai Lifestyle App uses paid actors to read their lying scripts as well (We’ve seen same actors in other scams too). Worst part is that the deposited money will not have great potential of profits due to their poor performing algorithm. Thus, prompting countless negative feedback from traders and reviewers alike. Do Not Invest your money into Dubai Lifestyle App SCAM!

Invest Better in Binary Options!

Thanks a million for taking some time in understanding our Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review. We hope that this serves as a real warning to this viral scam and to steer towards better investment decisions. Should you be new in binary options trading and would love to practice your trading method, do practice your strategy in a DEMO account first. Binary Options Sentinel is preparing to provide educational materials to our Readers very soon! Hence do SUBSCRIBE to our Blog to receive latest updates on trading news and tips!

In all honesty, we are unable to capture every scams available online and we can use your help! Should you come across any auto trading system or binary options products which are not covered by us, please feel free to email us at! We’re happy to help answer your queries related to binary options too!

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