Drexel Code Scam Review! People Lose Money in 100% Win System?

Drexel Code is a SCAM Review! Is this a Fraud Binary Options Auto Trader?

Binary Options Sentinel has decided to do an immediate review on Drexel Code binary options auto trading system due to many request and negative feedback! This auto trading system seems to have a very active email marketing forces that backs up it’s scam efforts. Therefore, it did not take long before disappointed users to share their feedback. It’s indeed an irony to have a product that is so heavily marketed but actually does not deliver and also causing users to lose money in such a short time since it’s launch. We can clearly conclude from the situation that is happening right now that Drexel Code is just another scam system that aims to hit and run! It is not a sincere and honest auto trading system that intended to profit for its users.

Drexel Code is launched in end of March 2016 and was allegedly founded by Cory Drexel the CEO of the company. He has personally claimed that Drexel Code has been making him tons of money with 100% winning trades for 3 straight years! Due to this claim, we can instantly understand why there is so many disappointed Drexel Code users! Simply because there is no such system in this world that can realistically perform at such a level, a 100% win rate! Even the best traders in the world is unable to achieve that for a 3 years duration! Thus, we have absolutely no faith in Drexel Code because of this ambitious claims and also the number of disappointed users it has created so far. Hence, we choose to write about this dangerous fraudulent system in hopes to prevent further disappointment to the world! Apart from that claim, we are also able to pin point other scam-like aspects in the webpage that can further prove that Drexel Code is here to steal money not to make money!

Drexel Code Dangerous Scam Tactics!

Drexel Code is a perfect example of a well-produced binary options scam system that probably spent some money to produce good quality scam video presentation. Upon reaching drexelcode.com, we will be seeing Cory with his Mercedes talking about the trading world and this system. But, should we look for more information about Cory Drexel, it is not suprising that we are unable to source for any information about him. If Drexel Code is indeed a 100% accurate trading system, there should be at least some news or gossips that we can find about him. Clearly, this is not the case and we highly suspect that Cory Drexel is just a paid actor to represent this scam system. There is also no verifiable information about this company that he claims to have generated $50 million dollars in revenue last year. Clearly we are dealing with a bogus founder and company!

Apart from that, Cory Drexel claims that this system is able to make over $300,000 monthly income for it’s users. Similar to the expectation of having 100% win rate, this is another unrealistic expectation that is going to contribute to more disappointment! A realistic returns in binary options trading is dependent on your investment size. While knowing that the minimum deposit is $250, it is obvious that Drexel Code only aims to lure victims in with such an unrealistic claim and they clearly know that $300,000 a month is just impossible. Be careful of such a hit and run scam tactics especially when such a system sounds too good to be true.

We have also identify that the “proof” that Cory shared with his audience about his scam system are also fake! We noticed that the account screenshots which he had shared are simply photo shopped with different name, time and account balance. However, should we notice the minor details, we can tell that it is simply an edited image.

Drexel Code Fake Account Balance Scam

Edited Account Balance used in Drexel Code SCAM!

Other Fake and Fabricated Tactics That Drexel Code Uses!

The ghost founder, Cory Drexel claims that this his beta testers have been making money and have provided video testimonials from them. The four video testimonials are highly suspicious where all four have been given cheque in hundreds of thousands claiming that it is February’s profits. However, that can’t be true because based on the who.is research, we can see that drexelcode.com has only been created in 4th of March 2016 and only recently updated on end of March. How can the users profit from a system has not even come online? Same can be said about his older beta testers which he claims to already become millionaires! It is simply another scam tactic and claim to lure victims to trust their lies!

Notice the badges of trust below the webpage, badges like McAfee Secure, VeriSign, GeoTrust, SSL and Symantec. These badges are purely just for show and serves no purpose. Obviously drexelcode.com is not SSL protected, if it is, the website address would be https://drexelcode.com instead of http://drexelcode.com. Apart from that, usually badges of trust are clickable so that the these trust certification can be verified at the respective authority. Obviously Drexel Code is not trustworthy since it has already scammed innocent traders and these unverifiable badges are also an act of FRAUD!

Lastly, like many other binary options scam system, Drexel Code employs a typical scam tactic where it attempts to create a false sense of urgency by claiming that there are “limited spots left”. Obviously the “limited spots left” can never be trusted and should not even be taken seriously upon. The spots counter will simply be refreshed back to it’s original value the next time you come back to the webpage. This type of scams are generally here to stay just to scam more innocent people and they are not going to feel guilty about it!

Stay Away from Binary Options Scams like Drexel Code!

In a realistic point of view, there is no system in this world that can achieve what Drexel Code claimed! Only scam systems would claim that it is able to have a 100% wining rate and generate you hundreds of thousands every month or even tens of thousands everyday from a $250! Binary Options Sentinel strives to share scam systems to the world and also identify reliable binary options auto trading systems! There are indeed only a handful of genuinely profitable and sincere auto trader that we can trust in the world where scams is being produced every week! Check out our list of trusted binary options auto trading systems for legit profitable systems! You may also have a look at our current trusted binary options auto trader BELOW!

Drexel Code’s Conclusion!

We conclude that Drexel Code is a dangerous and fraudulent scam binary options auto trading system! Drexel Code has not only employed fake account statements, fake testimonials and fake actors as a founder, it also promises unrealistic promises about it’s system. It is because of such over-promising statements that lures innocent traders to be Drexel Code’s scam victim. We hope to put a stop to Drexel Code’s scam promises and educate people about such a scam! Please do not invest into Drexel Code and contribute money into this scam system!

Verdict: Drexel Code is a SCAM!

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