Dream Catcher Software Scam! Trading Money Losses Review!

Dream Catcher Software Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Dream Catcher Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Have interest to trade with Dream Catcher Software by Matthew Warner at dream-catcher.co? Beware of this new Dream Catcher Scam tempting viewers with a guarantee of $4,250 daily profits for life! These 15 limited spots offer seeking new users to earn $250,000 within 60 days. However, our experience and research prove that the allegations are nothing but empty promises. This so called “Never Lose a Trade” Dream Catcher Software provides nothing genuine but rather deceit and lies! Read Below for more information!

Traders Warning: Binary trading can, in fact, make fantastic profits for traders! However, a number of profits are heavily dependent on your investment size and percentage growth relative to it can be achieved. In the case of earning $4,250 from a $250 in the first 24 hours is a 1700% account growth. Such profit claims are the untruth and completely fake! Any experienced trader can stand by to the reality! A realistic profit percentage that is realistically workable are between 10% to 30% of your total funds or about $100 or at best $200 from a $250 deposit. (Based on Min. Trade Size $25).

Dream Catcher Software Sneaky Lies!

Many frauds or phony software never fails to present their offer with crazy, unrealistic profit potential such as Dream Catcher Scam. The mere guarantee of receiving $4,250 from Matthew Warner daily from his 27 million net worth is simply absurd. There is no such thing as guaranteed profits in any form of trading! Such statements are commonly seen in countless “Be a Millionaire” Or “Get Rich Quick Schemes” preying on innocent people. Once we dig deeper into Matthew’s declaration, the falseness reveals itself through careful consideration.

Upon investigating Matthew Warner, it is concerning that there is no actual records or professional profiles of himself as a Wall Street trader. More specifically, Goldman Sach investment bank. This bogus CEO/founder gave an inspiring story of his journey to riches when he meets Alexandro Mendez, a legendary trader. Or so it seems! Alexandro seems to be as suspicious as Matthew himself, especially when we identified the origin of the picture. A quick search debunks the picture of Mr. Mendez who is actually stolen from an article of Eike Batista, a Brazilian Billionaire! Thus, revealing the highly questionable founders and people from Dream Catcher!

Fake alexandro mendez Dream Catcher Scam

Furthermore, the lying Matthew Warner’s $4,250 daily profits are just another propaganda! The screenshot showing daily withdrawals on the Excel sheet snapshots are fabricated with illogical claims. For instance, withdrawals from trading accounts require a few business days for processing. So, there is no way that users will be receiving their money in the next 24 hours. Secondly, the guarantee of $4,250 out from Matt’s pocket is just empty promises common to Getting Rich Quick frauds. Not a single report or feedback that indicates the truth in this misleading promises.More importantly, we shall reveal below why Dream Catcher by Matthew Warner’s trading demonstration is risky and improbable.

Risky Trading Algorithm & Deceiving Results!

One major red flag that we usually look out for is a declaration of “No Loss Trading” software! It’s, in fact, a favorite lie that scammers employ to mislead readers. The reality of trading is that losses are inevitable, that’s true to any form of trading. True success in trading comes with the proper trading strategy behind a particular trader or software. With a proper trading method and risk management, consistent profits come naturally. Please mind that it is not without any losses even for the best trader in the world!

Considering that Dream Catcher Scam Software conjures upon a fantasy of Not Losing a Single trade, this offer is highly frowned upon. Obviously, there is no such trading method or software that never loses a trade in existence. Furthermore, the explanation provided by Matthew is completely illogical. Not only that the infrastructure of Dream Catcher is pure imagination, the Rapid Counter Measure (RCM) trading function is not practical in binary trading. Due to the nature of binary trading, placing an opposite trade at a different time would affect the expiry time. Thus, drastically reduce the chances of success. Also, the change of risk of 0.001% that triggers the RCM is utter bullshit because a probability that tiny would have triggered the RCM every second.

What about the live trade results and written testimonials for Dream Catcher App? Our research shows that the testimonials are fake as random pictures on the internet attach itself with a randomly generated testimonial. Also the “Live Trade History” is definitely invented since it indicates trade executions for major assets during weekends. Which makes no sense since the market closes during the weekend!

Dream Catcher Trading Fake Result

Dream Catcher Software Conclusion

While we take the attribute of our findings above, we can conclude that Dream Catcher Software is a SCAM Auto Trading App. Empty promises of receiving $4,250 minimum profits daily are nothing but false claims used to lure newbie traders. Also, we received feedback and emails about this software stating the poor performance that confirms Matthew’s nonsense. Beware of this offer! There’s no original or trustworthy details in this offer that deserve your money. Stay Away from this No Losing Trade Software!

Safer Solution?

Thanks a million for sharing a few moments of your time on our Dream Catcher Scam Review! The important take down in this case study would be the typical false promises and get rich quick lies. As we all know, some offers that sound too good to be true, are unrealistic especially those guaranteeing profits! Despite having fraudulent software tricking newbies, we do come across well-performing systems. Be sure to reference to our list of scams before investing into any auto trading software. If there is a software that is not covered by us, please leave us a comment and we shall investigate it in due time.

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