Does Binbot Pro Work?

Many beginner traders asked the above question about Binbot Pro in the year 2020. Does Binbot Pro Work? Can it Make me money? These two questions might be one of your main concerns as well.

As I have tested Binbot Pro Since June 2018, you may watch my very first episode on Youtube Here, I find that the Top 10 Robot listed within the trading robot unprofitable. So, I did what i can as a trader to minimize my lost and try to increase some consistency within my results. And i was thinking to myself back then, if i even apply some sort of precautionary steps and ended up losing, I would definitely label Binbot Pro as a Scam Software.

However, after applying some common sense, I try to test hundreds of trades with the software. My plan was to use all my funds while trying to improve the results. Long story short, the lesson was this. I can’t use Binbot Pro trading software blindly or randomly. Many newbies succumb into such action when they just sign up for Binbot Pro and ended up losing a lot.

I have made many trade recordings and shared my trading method using Binbot Pro since 2018. You guys can check out the latest videos in this playlist!

In summary, there are several things you need to know before using Binbot Pro Robot.

  • Binbot Pro executes a trade within 1 or 2 minutes the moment you click the Run Button. This is why newbies that turn the robot on randomly during the day get more random results. Hence, slowly draining their account dry.
  • Binbot Pro executes a 7 minutes expiry trade. The robot may execute a CALL or PUT Trade that expires after 7 minutes. This means that the robot is designed to do short term option trades. The timing to turn on this trading robot needs to take this into account.
  • Binbot pro users need to avoid unfavorable market conditions, Due to the reason above, the robot itself doesn’t know how to avoid bad market conditions. If we activate the robot during extremely volatile situation or when the market is moving too quietly, chances of winning decreases significantly. So NOT turning Binbot Pro robot on during this timing is best!
  • The solutions to the above problem is by setting up an alarm via other charting platform to let me know when to turn it on. I have tested this robot with hundred of trades (proof is within my videos on Youtube dated since 2018). Thankfully, the trading method I used seems to be working really well and manage to grow my trading account significantly. Several MAJOR WITHDRAWALS larger than $10,000 was made too!

Does Binbot Pro in 2020?

Does Binbot Pro Work? The answer is a short YES! But we have to be extra careful and have at least a plan on how to use this Binbot Pro just like any other trading strategy! In order to have something work for us, we have to use it efficiently. Ultimately chances of growing a trading account will be there!

My method of using Binbot Pro is to use my own Settings and NOT USE THE TOP 10 Trading Robot. This enables me to find patterns and points where binbot pro settings can be most effective. Since I have tested this trading Robot before Covid-19 or corona virus breakout, I know market has definitely changed. This cause me to released new methods to trade with Binbot Pro again! By the way, changes in trading method via Binbot Pro Trading PDF GUIDE has changed at least 6 times since 2018. This is to cater to new market movement or easier executions.

As an initiative to help out beginner traders using Binbot Pro, I have released my Binbot Pro Sentinel Trading Channel PDF Guide that shares my exact Binbot Pro Settings, How i Setup my alert on when to turn on the robot and also what to avoid during trading session.

This includes TWO Telegram Group Access, one for Binbot Pro Related Matters (including setting changes, bad trading day alert daily) and also a Free Telegram Manual Trading Signal Group!

In order to get the Binbot Pro Guide, Settings as well as Telegram Group Access for FREE, do email me at before you register with the link BELOW! This will ensure that you get the above benefits before you start your journey with Binbot Pro!

Just Remember to under this Does Binbot Pro Work article fully before you start trading!

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