Disrupt Trading Scam Review! Wall Street Thieve: Greg Hardman!

Disrupt Trading Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Disrupt Trading by Greg Hardman a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

WARNING: Disrupt Trading Scam is getting viral and possibly have already reached you! We strongly encourage you to understand our Disrupt Trading Scam Review before you make any investment decision! There is no doubt that traders will be able to take advantage of binary options industry and profit from it. Yet, it’s only attainable with the right trading tools! Our in-depth investigation shall reveal facts of Disrupt Trading’s offer (website: disrupttrading.com) and our conclusion on whether this is a fraud.

The Disrupt Trading Software by Greg Hardman, the founder of this auto trading system, offers an opportunity for regular people to make a lot of money. Sums as much as $10,000/day and $100,000 in 10 days! The lengthy 50 minutes video on it’s website emphasizes on background stories and “happy users” that supports Greg’s claims. The “secret to success” for this trading app is that it creates a “fake delay” on Wall Street’s trading platform. Which ultimately enables users to steal from the Wall Street traders. Now, is this system truly worth your investment? We’ve discovered several suspicious details about Disrupt Trading Software which are similar to scam software we’ve Blacklisted. Read below for more information!

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Disrupt Trading, Yay or Nay?

As fantastic the notion sounds, we believe that it has no truth in it. Almost like a sci-fi movies based on nonsensical theories. Despite there was no mentioning of trading app’s true function, Greg keeps emphasizing the ability to embezzle from Wall Street’s traders. The truth is that we’re dealing with binary options trading instead! Which means, the trades executed by this auto trader has no relation to Wall Street or the actual trading markets. A simple industry research will explain that trading in binary options has no influence/relation with the stock/commodities markets. Hence, Greg’s burglarized these traders and Disrupt Trading Software causing the crash in Wall Street market are completely absurd and flawed.

The false perception used in the presentation is supported with staggering allegations of making $100,000 in 10 days plus it’s 99.67% winning accuracy. We observed that Disrupt Trading’s presentation attempts to instill idea of “getting a piece of the pie” out trillion dollars traded in stock markets. It also fills us with the sense of righteousness to actually claim those pieces from them! Leading to some innocent traders invested in them and realized that this software does not work. We received complaints from our subscribers stating that they lost $250 in 2 days too. As we have shared in the previous paragraph, the concept of this auto trader has zero truth in it! So, it is not surprising to learn that Disrupt Trading does not actually perform at 99% accuracy!

Apart from the misleading theory stated above, we have identified several fabricated testimony employed at the webpage. The webpage adapts a geo-location based approach where testimonials and language of the viewer’s country are adapted. However, if you were to google image search the pictures used on the “make $10,000 a day stories”, they are commonly used pictures taken from the internet. Additionally, there are paid actors from Fiverr spotted in the video as well. They are paid a minimum of $5 to read lying scripts made by scam-artist in hopes to convince you that they are legit. More often than not, fraudulent systems LOVES to get these paid actors to lie on their behalf!

Disrupt Trading Fake Testimonials

Don’t Deposit to Disrupt Trading Scam! Find better Alternative!

Sly tactics used above are fitting to our typically identified hoax auto trading systems! These strategies are designed to lure inexperienced traders into depositing immediately. Unfortunately such scam trading app has no intentions to profit for it’s users while tarnishing the industry with their fraud-artwork. Henceforth, please do refer to our Blacklist before investing into any trading app! We can also be reached at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com should you have any queries.

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Disrupt Trading Conclusion!

Based on our discouraging findings revealed at Disrupt Trading Scam Review, we can conclude that this is an obvious SCAM! The falsely created conceit of this auto trader is completely wacky! Plus, the used of forged endorsements and negative feedback we received simply adds onto the true intention of this fraud. Which is to ransack your money! Research before you invest, do not DONATE to scammers!

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Can’t believe such an illogical concept is used to trick people! Lol! I’m actually embarassed that I was a little excited coming across Disrupt Trading. But thankfully I’ve read this before depositing. Cheers Sentinel!



Ray Tan

Thanks for the review, Sentinel! Keep up the good work!


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