Delta Tech SCAM Review – Revival of Money Stealing Fraud!

Delta Tech by Jake Jake Hammel is an automated trading software that claims to bring in large daily profits! As large as $20,005 per day and everyday from the time you sign up. Jake also continues to boast about making his members over $600,000 per month! Does that sound too good to be true when the joining investment is just $250? It certainly does to me! The reason for this warning is to expose this cunning scam. I have been receiving complaints and upon a short investigation, I realize I need to get the word out quick.

If you have been following this blog last year, you may notice countless warning from my reviews about Get Rich Quick trading apps. Delta Tech Scam is one of the many which resides within my blacklist. Interested traders should very well stay away from trading with any of the trading apps in it to avoid unnecessary losses. Although losses are part and parcel of online trading, the Delta Tech app is just going to be a waste of your money.

Not just because of its’ poor performance as mentioned by many complaints. But also the cunning nature that Delta Tech wishes to imply you could be $600,000 richer this month. I have been trading within the cryptocurrency and forex space for quite a while. However, I can assure you that such profits of $20,000 going into your checking account tomorrow is not going to happen.

Hence, make sure that you read this review to find out my investigation findings before investing! You may also be interested in how I trade forex & crypto daily as a potential income stream.

Delta Tech: A Comeback SCAM!

One main reason why I believe Delta Tech Software is going to be a waste of money is not just because of its poor performance. But also, it is a revival of an old scam previously known as Delta App! I have indeed exposed this trading scam April last year! In fact, the 30 minutes video presentation is exactly the same as the previous year with similar character name. Even though the old website is currently not available, it’s undoubtedly the same.

Jake Hammel is back the second time to convince us traders to use his unrealistic and over promising trading software, the Delta Tech App. In reality, if anything sounds like a Get rich Quick scam, it is very likely to be one. How can we actually trust their video presentation that earns a person $20,000 one day from a $250 investment? We definitely can’t and many Delta App users has already found out the hard way.

My experience in trading taught me that online trading can give us a percentage growth from our investment. Somewhere around 10% to 30% account growth is definitely possible with our current market situation. However, both Delta App in the past and Delta Tech Scam promises an unreal profit potential that comes with poor performance.

Jake Hammel Bogus Founder

Delta Tech Jake Hammel

Similar to my previous evidence on why I believe Delta Tech is a fraud is because of Jake Hammel himself. He has appeared in numerous poor quality trading software such as the Nesdek Scam. Both of which scammers paid this particular actor to portray a rich lifestyle with sports car and huge houses. Unfortunately Jake Hammel is not an actual person that appeared in Forbes magazine. Delta Investment is also a fake company that doesn’t even exist.

He actually goes by the name of Mike McDonald in an old scam. So how can we actually trust this actor or Delta Tech that promises such lie but don’t deliver? It’s rather apparent that only scam trading software uses this approach to sell their crappy software. No genuine trading services would ever use such a method that tries to fool viewers with false promises.

Even Jake’s Rapid Counter Trade that claims to be able to protect us from loses is not mathematically possible. But rather it is impossible when there are spreads in our buy/sell price that doesn’t allow guarantees us to break-even if we place a opposite trade of our previous direction. It simply won’t work!

This explains why Jake’s ill informed trading technology consistently loses money for Delta Tech users.

Delta Tech Review – Bad investment Choice

The falsity around their presentation video showing massive profits which turns out to be fake is a huge red flag. As a trader or potential investors, you would not want a trading tool that employs such dishonest tactic just to source for traders. Your investment is better off with a trading service that doesn’t employ such a misleading tactic.

Delta Tech Result which is not more than 40% winning accuracy is not enough for you to earn a profit in the long run. (Based on complaints and feedback) If you’re looking to trade cryptocurrency or forex online, check out my video demonstration where I show genuine trade history and trade demonstration. @Trading Signal Page

Currently, I haven’t seen a single positive feedback or review supporting Delta Tech which is not a surprise. Simply because Delta Tech Scam is an old scam that returns to scam more investors!

Conclusion: Delta Tech is a SCAM that first appeared in April 2017! It is back to scam more investors into their poor performing app. No genuine proof of success or demonstration available. Bogus founder plus over promising profit potential lies are another signs to stay away!

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