Delta App Review – Investment SCAM Members Warning!

Delta App Scam Review

Is Delta App a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Delta App Software offers Investments that can grow $300 to $22,005 every single day? I will be talking about Jake Hammel, the alleged CEO and founder of the Delta Trading Software‘s TRUTH right here! Obviously, everyone would love to make an extra income online! But before you invest, please read and understand the Delta App Review! Delta App Website:

Jake Delta App claims to be able to turn $300 into over $20,000 every single day for the rest of our life. He also says in this 30-minute presentation that the money is guaranteed to reach your bank account as he withdrew profits every day. Leaving on $300 in the trading account, the Delta App will grow it over 70 times larger in 24 hours! Of course, it sounds really awesome but please keep it mind, trading online doesn’t work like this! In fact, any professional or real traders will quickly call this a SCAM! Simply because it is impossible to expect such a return in any form of online trading.

In reality, none of the actual Delta App members actually make any money or actual profits. Hence, this offer resembles a lot like the typical “Get Rich Quick” Scam I list inside my Blacklist too. I’ve gotten many complaints about the Delta App since appearing in the industry early April 2017. If you truly believe you can earn $670,000 per month or be a millionaire like Jake’s Delta App members in 46 days, check out my reasons below!

Review Note

I have over 2 years of experience trading binary options and the irony is that there are many scams software out there. Turning a small investment into over $22,000 is already a staggering achievement for anyone. But the problem is the impractical, unrealistic profits for one day’s work. What’s achievable you may ask? In my early newbie days after understanding basic trading and using the right tools, I can earn $100 per day. With a larger account, we can certainly do 10% – 30% gain per day with genuine trading methods/software.

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Delta App Scam Elements!

The major reason why I believe Delta App is a SCAM is because of the “be a millionaire” fraud characteristic. However, Jake Hammel is also another reason to be suspicious of as well. In my two years of experience trading and reviewing trading applications, I actually saw Jake the scam actor more than one occasion! He has been representing past poor performing trading application including the Nesdek Scam!

So, there’s certainly no reason for us to trust Jake’s declaration about him appearing in Forbes magazine or whatsoever. There is no real article or coverage of Jake Hammel in the financial world because he is completely fictional. Similarly to his background as an ex-NASA technical architect on global satellite communication. There is simply no actual evidence available to support these scam lies anywhere. If he is a real trader, he wouldn’t be promising Delta App Scam promises of making us a millionaire. Don’t we see any legit financial institute or trading firm offering 7,000% profit in one day right?

Obviously not, because Delta Investment is not a legit trading partner we should trust. The company itself is also a non-existing company that has no infrastructure to it. It is a bogus company like Jake the scam actor that tricks viewers about having high-speed global communications to execute trades faster. So being a Delta App member is not exactly a good position to be with investing even a small $250!

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Results & Performance?

Notice that Jake didn’t show Delta App’s trading platform and trade history in his lengthy presentation? That’s because he simply can’t do that if he does it will reveal the poor trading performance I have been hearing about! It appears that Delta App traders lose their investment with a below 40% accuracy! Unlike Reliable Trading Software that I use, it is definitely not a good choice of trading tool to use!

Funny thing that Jake speaks as if he is showing us the Delta App trading platform but there it is nowhere in the video. It is as if the scammer decide not to show because I would have exposed more unreal trade executions! Lol! Please stay away from the Delta App Scam because it will be an unsafe choice to be investing even your small $250. If you are seeking a reliable tool (which is very rare because scammers are very hardworking in producing fake software), only use tested & proven one! Check out Below!

How to Earn Extra Money through online trading?

There are only two ways of trading, you either trade manually or you can opt for auto trading! Both are viable methods which any experienced trader can use to make additional income online. It depends on how much time you have to manage your investments and also interest to pick up a new skill!

Auto Trading

Many prefer to choose an auto trading software because of their busy schedule and other commitments. An auto trader uses a trading algorithm to execute trades on behalf of the user. This includes analysis of prices to choose the best entry price for an asset. However, you would want to avoid trading with frauds that are in my Blacklist that is low quality. Alternatively, you should choose proven & tested trading software that provides an actual demonstration as shown in my Recommended Software Page. Refer BELOW!

Manual Trading

This is suitable for traders that prefer to take matters into their own hands. Hence, you will be learning basic trading methods and strategies to trade in the markets. Regardless of conventional Forex/Stocks trading or Binary Trading, there are tools to help you with it. In my opinion, most newbie traders start with Binary Options because it is simple due to the Up or Down decision making. Forex/Stocks trading requires a trader to decide a Stop Loss and Take Profit price. Binary trading only requires a price to be higher or lower in relative to the entry price. Hence you will earn a fixed payout even if it is a 1 micro pip win! You can also refer to Trade Recommendation and Signals in the Manual trading Software BELOW!

Free Demo Account – You can test new trading strategies or trading method in a Demo account first before committing real money! I encourage you to try trading binary via the free account first to get a taste of what binary trading is if you are completely new. Most of the demo account in the industry requires a deposit aside from the two listed BELOW! I share links for brokers that accepts US/Canada traders and another country respectively. Check them out!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Crypto Advantage Software & Free E-Book! (VIDEO Review HERE)

  2. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Check Review HERE)

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