DeepNet Trading Scam Review! Scanning Deep Web for Trades?

DeepNet Trading is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on DeepNet Trading before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

DeepNet Trading is a new scam binary options auto trading system that became active in January 2016! It introduces itself as a special program that is equipped with an algorithm that will scan through the deep web for with ultra fast speed to gain access to trading signals. Based on the whole presentation, the word that the narrator used to describe their system is “Deep Web” however, there are news snippets in the beginning of the presentation that mentioned “Dark Web” as well. Let’s clarify the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web first. Deep Web is unlike Surface Web, where Surface Web is the web content that is indexed by search engines and it accounts for most of the information available to the public. Simply because usually people use search engine to find what they want and Deep Web is content that are not indexed by search engines (usually due to the crawling nature of search engine robots where it require links from pages to refer to). Hence, the common source of Deep Web contents are by searching through the website itself, government database or libraries that has huge amount of data!

As for Dark Web, it is classified as a small portion of the Deep Web that has been intentionally hidden or inaccessible through standard web browser. Hence, scanning through Dark Web itself is almost impossible to be applied in auto trading software because it requires authentication for each network that it tries to reach. Hence, using Dark Web in this scenario is basically impossible.

In general sense, Deep Web may or may not provide useful information about trading signals, however, it most certainly have no difference to the speed which we can gain access to it. That is just dependent on your internet speed and it is not even a guarantee that Deep Web content are useful in providing trading signals. The claim about DeepNet Trading’s capability is not exactly logical to be applied in providing good trading signals to it’s users. It is probably just a fabricated selling point to sell their standard scam algorithm.

DeepNet Trading’s Bogus Creator and His Purpose

This scam system is introduced by a voice narrator that calls himself John A Palmer along with a picture of him in the video. We have identified that the picture used to depict John is from a stock photo provider! It is yet another typical scam-like aspects which we usually see in many scam sites. Apart from that, there is no other verifiable source to support his existence as well.

Fake John Palmer DeepNet Trading Scam Review

John A Palmer is a Fabricated Character! Stock Photos used to depict himself!

John also mentioned that the reason why he is offering DeepNet Trading for free is to get back at the large financial institution in Wall Streets! Joining the Financial Revolution so he says! As noble as it sounds, the fact is that trading binary options has no correlation with what happens in the market. Binary Options traders are not purchasing actual assets but rather betting against the binary options broker on the possible direction of a certain asset. The only relationship between binary options trading and possible Wall Street or other markets is that binary options uses real time asset price feeds! That is all, nothing more! So his robin hood attempt of convincing users that DeepNet is actually for a greater cause is nothing but a nonsensical lie!

DeepNet Trading Fake Testimonials

The written testimonials that is provided on the webpage are simply fabricated by attaching more stock photos with fake profiles. Apart from that, the video testimonials are pretty much made by paying Fiverr actors to read a certain script as genuinely as they can. It’s unfortunately for DeepNet because we have reviewed a significant amount of scam systems and we certainly recognize some of these actors! This just further enforce the probability that this system is just another scam system aiming to take your money!

DeepNet Trading’s Conclusion

DeepNet Trading is just another scam binary options auto trading system that traders should stay away from! The fabricated founder, fake testimonials and nonsensical trading algorithm concept just proves that this system is not sincere in making any of it’s users profit. We highly doubt that the algorithm has anything to do with searching the Deep Web for trading signals, and even it’s true, we’re not convinced that it will be beneficial for that purpose.

Verdict: DeepNet Trading is a SCAM!


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