Daily Trader Club SCAM Review! SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Daily Trader Club is a SCAM Review!

The Daily Trader Club is an automated binary options trading system that claims to be a “secret private” group that possess a system that gives them endless supply of money. Obviously from the sound of it, it definitely sounds like a scam and in fact many binary options auto trader related scams choose to appear in such an “exclusive” manner. If this is the first time you have encounter such a situation related to binary options, then you have just stumbled upon an article that will shed some truth about the Daily Trader Club! We have investigated their offer and would share our findings in this article in hopes to stop their scam operation.

The voice narrator in Daily Trader Club’s presentation claims to be a character named Stephen Gilbert. The video presentation pretty much tells the story about how his life has changed after he had found the opportunity to join Daily Trader Club. While we feel sorry about his deteriorating health and his work related stress story prior to joining this club, we can’t help but feel skeptical. The reason is because the emphasis on getting so rich to actually buy 11 houses and luxuries cars just comes across as a “Get Rich” exclusive club invitation. And yes, you are right, Get Rich Quick Scheme or offers are typically scams in the world we live in. Please continue reading to find our specific details on why we think Daily Trader Club is a FRAUD offer!

Daily Trader Club SCAM or FRAUD tactics!

First things first, we investigated the narrator, Stephen Gilbert, whom turned out to be a fabricated character and a fake person. This is simply proven by searching the picture that is representing as Stephen himself, plus he has also revealed a family picture which also turned out to be fake! The picture of himself and his family are simply pictures which can be found over the internet that was stolen to represent this scam. The picture of Stephen and his wife is taken from another site that is rightfully Mike & Amanda! On the other hand, the picture of his sons are simply stock pictures which can be purchased online for rights to be used in your own site. So Daily Trader Club’s presenter and alleged representative of this secret club is a FAKE and fabricated character. We guess that whatever stories that he tells us regarding his family situation can also be deemed as fake.

Fake Characters Daily Trader Club Scam
Random and Stock Pictures used to depict Stephen Gilbert and his Family! Fake Characters!

Besides a bogus representative from Daily Trader Club, we have been told that this offer only stands for a maximum of 55 users and thus he prompts us to register before the countdown timer runs out. This is yet another scam behaviour which we commonly identify in various automated binary options trading systems where they would like to create a false sense of urgency. The reality is that Daily Trader Club will still be around to offer their scam software even after the countdown timer runs out or even months down the road. The only reason why Daily Trader Club would actually shut down is because of lack of victims which they hope to prey from. Hence, please do not pay any attention to the countdown timer when it is clearly meaningless and it will actually reset the next time you visit the page.

The next scam tactic that Daily Trader Club employs are the fake news that the scammer had attached as “proof” of success. The news article is definitely self fabricated as the original article is nowhere to be found in their own respective website. It is simply a fake article where they attached stock photos which is definitely not trustworthy. What’s more despicable is that the scammer claims that these “young millionaires” had indeed use Daily Trader Club before August 2015 (the date on article). dailytraderclub.co has not been created yet in 2015 and how can these people possibly be using something that hasn’t exist. This can be proven by a simple who.is search to determine the age of the domain.

Trust us, the scam tactics that Daily Trader Club does not stop here! Besides the above mentioned scam tactics, Daily Trader Club also uses a fake trade history which supposedly be a “Live Account” to demonstrate the effectiveness of the automated trading software. The reason why we claim that it is a fake is simply because the trade history includes “weekend tradings” activities even for currencies pair! While in the presentation video they are smart enough to claim that it is 24 hours 5 days a week, but their fake trade histories actually works 7 days a week! Binary options trading a basically not open for business during the weekend!

Fake Trade History Daily Trader Club Scam
Fake Trade History! There are trading activities during the WEEKEND!

Avoid Automated Binary Options Trading Scams like Daily Trader Club!

For those that encountered binary options related scams such as Daily Trader Club, this may be a shocking truth which you will learn from this review. Although we review and blacklist 90% of the automated binary options trading systems which are scams, there are actually profitable and reliable systems out there! Systems like the Copy Buffett Software, Binadroid and Safe Income Inc are the current top systems in the industry at the moment! Please read their reviews for more details on their performance and their best settings!

Daily Trader Club’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Daily Trader Club is a scam binary options auto trading system! It is rather obvious to us and easy to blacklist this system as they employ almost all the scam tactics known in the binary options scam world! Almost everything that they presented on their webpage are FAKE and definitely untrustworthy! Please check out our trusted automated binary options trading system below for SAFER and PROFITABLE choice!

Verdict: Daily Trader Club is a SCAM!

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