Currencies Club Scam Review! 94% Win Trading Signal Service HOAX

Is Currencies Club a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Signal Services?

Had a glimpse of Currencies Club at and wonder whether it’ll make you money? Our Currencies Club Scam Review unfold concerning details that you as a potential investor should take note of. As this interesting web page offers Currencies Trading Signals, this is probably not a binary option related. Due to the reason we failed to confirm the offer is that there is no response upon signing up for their services. However, it could possibly a place where scammer collects email addresses to send out spams. OR this site could actually be leading towards a shady binary options broker. This is because Currencies Club’s web page has many similarities in aspects of those phony trading services or scams. Regardless, we definitely feel highly skeptical of its authenticity. Will you truly make $5,000 per day by enlisting for Currencies Club? Find out below!

The Currencies Club’s presentation video consists of a male voice narrator, named Robert Kevin, spoke about currencies trading. To be honest, it’s a rather short introductory of what forex trading is while they assert a few expectations that seem rather suspicious. It is said that the Currencies Club has already 15,000 members that have profited $5,000 per day by following their trading experts! Based on its narrative, the signal service claims to have a 94% success rate and it’s only accessible by invitation only basis. Subsequently, Robert ends his presentation by calling his invitation to become a millionaire by trading with Currencies Club! Nevertheless, many other SCAMS/Fraud commonly employs these type of claims/allegations are in which we will share below!

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Who is Currencies Club & Robert Kevin?

For a good reason, we are extremely skeptical about voice narrators trading offers as very often they are a rip-off. This is based on our experiences in reviewing binary options/forex trading services. Perhaps there could be a genuine service provider that uses voice narrators but Currencies Club is certainly not one that’s original. Robert Kevin is basically a constructed character to represent this incredulous trading signal service. The image attached to Robert Kevin’s character is actually obtained from common stock photo provider! That’s where people purchase rights to use model photos for whatever purposes on their web page. Hence, this Robert Kevin guy can’t possibly be the person making the huge amount of money when he’s completely bogus.

Apart from that, Currencies Club seems to be relatively unknown and shady for a community that has 15,000 members! Also, there are no sources of citation of this club anywhere on the internet aside from negative reviews conveying concerns and suspicion on it. Besides that, the creations of were very recent, which is 1st June 2016! Considering this, it definitely doesn’t make sense for a trading group that large to remain low profile should they really be this good!

Currencies Club Robert Kevin Binary Trading Signal Scam

Fake Testimonials!

Another element that doesn’t seem right is that should Currencies Club be that successful at providing an unrealistic 94% and profiting $5,000/day, authentic testimony should be provided! However, we found that none of the “positive comments” listed on the web page aren’t original! Similar to the bogus Robert Kevin, random pictures with good remarks which aren’t real at all. Plus, the video presentation includes a fake spoken testimonial by actors as well! We’ve managed to identify the actor coming from where many fraudulent auto trading software uses to lure inexperienced traders!

Fake Testimonials Currencies Club Scam

Earning $5,000/day with 94% Accuracy?

An important thing to understand from forex trading or binary options trading is that your profits are highly dependent on your initial investment. On the other hand, a 94% win rate is highly unrealistic even for the best traders or algorithm in the world! Scam-artist commonly applies such fantasies to over-promise traders to invest! Very often disappointment comes after realizing it’s poor performance. A more realistic expectation to have from a good trading signals provider is about 80% – 85% which is achievable by our Trusted Binary Options Signals Software!

Anything above a realistic accuracy win rate is often lies and tricks that lead to disaster! Why would Currencies Club state such an impractical expectation? Well, because they do not have anything authentic to promise plus no actual intention to profit for you!

Currencies Club Conclusion!

Based on the unforgivable trickery exposed above, we conclude that Currencies Club is a SCAM trading signal services! Particularly, there is no authentic proof of success but instead lies! This 15,000 members trading community does not exist and is not trustworthy! Strong red-flags and indication of fraud like fake testimonials, bogus Robert Kevin plus delusional profits/accuracy floods it’s web page. Certainly, such phenomenon has tarnished the binary options industry with their lies. Binary Options Sentinel’s Blacklist have pinpointed over 100 different scams and we’re constantly in search for profitable tools for traders!

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