CryptoTrader Review – SCAM Promising $5,000 Daily Discovered?

CryptoTrader Scam Review

Is CryptoTrader a SCAM or Good Trading System?

CryptoTrader by David Richmond got your attention with his offer at Want to earn some extra cash online and interested in generating $5,000 daily income with CryptoTrader Software? WARNING! As much as hearing about $5,000 daily income gets me excited, truth can be very different. In reality, this trading system is nothing but a huge SCAM that has no real ability in making good calls. If you’d like to truly go into trading to expand your income source, read our Crypto Trader Review before investing!

The main reason that triggers our investigative team to look into this offer is that we’d hear about it from our readers. Plus, with much, seemingly ‘luxurious’ offers that claim to make people thousands of dollars in one day comes very often. On top of that, our first impression about CryptoTrader alerts us with few scam aspects we normally see in other frauds.

Why is CryptoTrader a SCAM?

Although CryptoTrader is rather a new offer, a website created to end June 2017, we already start to listen to complaints. Mainly about its’ poor trading decisions and accuracy across all trading times. Their reputation is definitely going down the drain as we speak and it’s definitely not going to last long in the industry. So what is CryptoTrader?

It is essentially a trading system that analyses the market and executes trading decisions for day traders. According to David, it a risk-free trading software that never losses plus gaining $5,000 every day. Or at least that’s what he wants a newbie to believe! The truth is, there’s no such thing as a trading system that never loses! Even with our best performing trading software, losses come once in a while.

But what we’re sure of is the tendency of scams to love to claim unrealistic profits. ALSO, say stuff like never losses in their trading system. This itself is a huge red flag that indicates their identity as a true fraudulent trading system. Our trading demonstrations definitely show a realistic situation we typically encounter with occasional losses. Even when we use a good trading system, that’s just the way it is!

False Testimonies and Fake David Richmond!

Only scammers will go around representing an over-promising idea like CryptoTrader does. But any experienced trader can stand by the fact that it is definitely unrealistic. Another scamming details we can find is that David’s company, Richmond Venture doesn’t actually exist. Any research to find the authenticity of this company shows that it is a fake company.

In fact, David Richmond is not a real CEO but rather a fake actor. What legit entity will represent a poor performing trading system with sham ideas of Getting Rich Quick Scam. There is no real millionaire nor a multi-million dollar company backing up CryptoTrader system. Additionally, I can help but notice that the video presentation is very similar to an old scam I exposed previously.

The pictures of the rich jet plane and rich individuals appear exactly in the same manner as the Multiplexer SCAM. Although I can be entirely sure about the real connection between this two scam, I can be sure that they both suck as a trading system.

CryptoTrader Software Fake Testimonial

CryptoTrader Review Verdict

CryptoTrader and David Richmond is a viral Get Rich Quick Scam everyone should avoid. Its’ trading performance is not even close to providing a ‘break-even’ performance. But rather slowly draining users account because of its poor decision-making algorithm that works with it. Then again, scam products are expected to perform this way.

So choose a better solution that provides realistic returns and proven accuracy. You can register for some of the tested & proven software our team used during our testing sessions. Check them out at Trading Software Page.

How to Trade the Market Properly with Binary Options?

You can either choose to do Manual Trading or Auto Trading Software much like what we write about most of the time. It depends on how much time you have to manage your trading account, more importantly, study price chart. Because manual trading requires you to analyze the charts and make your own decisions. So manually trade can be your thing if you have the interest to pick up a new skill.

(Note: basic chart reading is recommended to make sense of price to increase your winning chance. Can be used even if you are Trading automatically)

Auto Trading – You can use an automated trading software that executes trades based on their on formula. However, as you probably notice, many scams are around trying to steal your money. Our Blacklist is filled with over 200 scams we reveal to our readers in the past year. Do avoid them and only check out the one that we tested and proven to earn you some money. Example of such system is at the Best Software Page

Manual Trading – Instead of doing everything manually, you can also gain access to trading signals by using Manual Trading Signal Software. It provides the direction of trade (Call or Put Trade) with expiry that is likely to be profitable for a trade. This approach is useful for newbie traders that would like to save time to fully analyze the chart and have a reference point to trade with. Register for a Free Account at the link below!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Crypto Advantage Software & Free E-Book! (VIDEO Review HERE)

  2. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Check Review HERE)

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