Cryptosoft Review – Is the Crypto Soft a SCAM?

Cryptosoft Scam Review

CryptoSoft Dangerous Crypto Software Trading Application Review!

CryptoSoft, an automated trading Crypto Software developed by Thomas Green and his team gains attention within our trading circle. They promote a heavy $1,760 to $5,489 profit return in the next 24 hours. And how much is the minimum requirement to take part in this cryptocurrency investment? $250 is the minimum deposit in order to gain access to CryptoSoft. Obviously, we’ve literally seen bitcoin and another major coin like Ethereum blow up in value recently.

Even more, those that trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency finds themselves in a window of opportunity to make profits online. A various channel such as ICO, through exchanges, CFD trading with leverage to are valid channels to do that. However, there are also many scammers out there that try to sell low quality trading software to traders. As such, we have strong reason to believe that Cryptosoft is one of this scam trading crypto software.

More importantly, Thomas Green’s Cryptosoft is nowhere near the 87% success rate in cryptocurrency trading and it will not make you $5,000 in 24 hours! Crypto Software pretends to be a revolutionary trading technology that automatically trades and makes us super-rich. But in fact, it is just another scam software tested by one of our unlucky subscribers.

Why is CryptoSoft a SCAM?

If this is your first time reading about trading software or online trading for that matter, then there’s one thing you should understand. Growing $250 to a miraculous $5,489 or even $1,760 overnight in 24 hours is impossible. Almost 90% of the scams we exposed in our Blacklist typically claims exaggerated profits that any real traders know are a hoax. It is a gimmick that scammers often use to entice inexperienced traders invest with them.

In reality, Cryptosoft does crypto software trading with at best 50% accuracy, which is not enough in options trading. There are already a few of my readers sent in their complaints where we advise them to close their account immediately. Of course, this shouldn’t deter you from online trading completely, because there are tools that are genuine. It is just rather rare compare to scam software like Cryptosoft.

Aside from that, a quick research on Cryptosoft’s founder and CEO, Thomas Green, shows another warning sign. According to Thomas, the company was formed 7 years ago. Plus, he also claims that the software made insane profits for them in the past 5 years. Hence, he is planning to release a public version of this auto trading software for $3,999 per month. But at the same time giving 77 people free access to it as beta testers.

This clearly doesn’t make any sense! Firstly, Thomas Green is a fake character who hides behind an anonymous identity. We found Cryptosoft Inc ( to be a technology company that does encryption under Device Authority. Guess what, they aren’t an investment or trading company and there is no Thomas Green in their board of director. He is neither the founder of that company.

It is apparent to us that the whole identity behind CryptoSoft or Crypto Software operates under a hidden face and false story. This explains why the trading software which is promoted by voice narrators with fake stories often fails traders and lose money. It is not a genuine company nor a genuine person that actually trades the market.

False Results & Testimonials

We already explained why unrealistic profits of making thousands in 24 hours are unreal. In actual scenario, percentage growth such as 10% to 20% gain per day is possible for our trading team. Definitely not $250 to $5,000 which is 20 times return on investment.

Our investigation on the people that are referred as beta testers that earn at least 4 figures turns out to be untrue too. We recognize them as actors that read scripted lies to their viewers. Although they are doing their job, unfortunately, they may not be aware that CryptoSoft is planning to steal peoples money too. They are in fact actors from where they offer this gig for a minimum of $5 to read a short script.

Very often we see this attributes in other scams we revealed in the past also. They are products by the same group of scam artist that often designing new scams.

Cryptosoft Result Scam Crypto Software

CryptoSoft Review Conclusion

Crypto Software is not a safe trading solution to be investing in. You would be better off trading on your own even as a beginner and get better results. Alternatively, there is some trading software that we tested in the past which are successful. We made some money out of it that proves it to be reliable in trading. You can check our reviews on Reliable & Tested Trading Software below or at our page itself.

There is also a video demonstration of the auto trading software we tested recently which may interest you at our Trading Software Page! 🙂

How to Trade the Market Effectively??

Thanks for reading our review on Cryptosoft and we hope it provides you with some warning to make a better decision.

In order to participate in the market, you can either trade yourself or use an automated trading solution. Both are actually viable and if you can actually perform both, you are maximizing your potential profits as well.

There is auto trading software that operates on a trading algorithm which trades on your behalf. The only thing you need to be careful is to avoid poor quality trading software like CryptoSoft and only use those that are proven to be effective!

On the other hand, there are Manual Trading Signals that provides trading signals on a daily basis. This is accompanied by details such as the trend of the asset price, together with an expiry time. Hence, you will be the one making the final decision whether to take on the trade while referring to a trading signal.

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Crypto Advantage Software & Free E-Book! (VIDEO Review HERE)

  2. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Check Review HERE)

It depends on you and you alone! You are the key to your own success in trading online. Also, there is some educational article that helps our readers to improve their decision making in the Trading Education Segment! The more you know, the better you profits are!

Crypto Advantage Testing Results!

Hope this helps, Trade SAFE!

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