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CryptoCode Scam Review

Is CryptoCode a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

CryptoCode by William Gardner is yet another crypto trading auto trading software that claims to make 7 lucky people millionaires! Or will you? This so-called 97.7% win rate asserts that you will be getting your dream house, luxurious cars and dream holidays all within 30 days. Also, William says that this is a tool for people searching for passive income online that works by compounding profits to make you millions.

Now, before you deposit any funds into your CryptoCode Account, our trading team spotted alarming factors you should know. We uncovered evidence that this auto trading system is not the one to be relied on. Although online trading is and has always been an option for people to make money online, CryptoCode is guaranteed recipe for failure. In fact, trading doesn’t work quite like what William says it would. (More details below)

So if you believe that you will become a millionaire or even make money with CryptoCode, be sure to understand our article before deciding!

Why is CryptoCode a SCAM?

CryptoCode is one of several trading offers like Crypto Shield System and Cryptosoft that rides the cryptocurrencies hype. But unfortunately not with a good intention! Don’t get me wrong, trading cryptocurrency can be good for you if you know how to trade it. Or maybe if you have a reliable tool to help you with your trading journey. The problem here with CryptoCode is that it is just going to waste your minimum $250 deposit.

Why? Firstly, it is because the CryptoCode Trading system is a low-quality trading software that uses Cryptocurrency to attract the viewer. We have already begun uncovering complaint emails about poor performance in the trading result. Apparently, William’s 97.7% accuracy trading accuracy is nothing but just a phony lie. In fact, any experienced trader can testify that such unrealistic winning accuracy is impossible even for the best trader in the world.

So it became obvious to us that CryptoCode Scam is behaving similarly to a “Get Rich Quick” or Ponzi type of scheme. Having an unrealistic winning accuracy over 85% is a typical scammer lie that we’ve seen countless times. If you check out our Blacklist, most of the trading system either say that it is 100% win or over 90% accuracy with unreal ability to lose. Hence, this is a huge red flag whenever we encounter a sham system.

Misleading Details & Results

If you still have some hope left while ignoring the unreal winning percentage, there are more lies coming up! Typically scam artist backs up a huge unbelievable lie with more lies! And this is very true for CryptoCode. First of all, let study William Gardner, the alleged creator of the CryptoCode software. Our review team pinpointed that William Gardner is a bogus character with a false background. The picture depicting William is clearly not William as he is a stock model that provides his picture for marketing purposes. Other websites are using the same picture as the CryptoCode scam as well.

Also, we do not see a face to the voice narrator that is hiding behind a fake picture. It is very likely that the scam artist decides to hide his identity so that he can escape from all the complaints. Especially on how CryptoCode is losing its users money!

Same thing for the CryptoCode Early bird users that claims to have made fortunes by using this trading software. They aren’t real person especially those that say they have been users since 2016 and 2015. This is very odd because our research shows that is very new that came up in October 2017. So how is it possible to have users when they haven’t existed before that?

William Gardner CryptoCode User

Lastly, and perhaps the biggest lie CryptoCode can ever come up with is the compounding technology it uses. It says that it can make a single profitable profit and compound it to 10,000 times larger! LOL! If it is that easy, every trader in the world would be trillionaires and start a new world order! :p

Please allow me to explain. Compounding effect is legit, and it is used in almost all investor to grow their account. BUT! The wrong or perhaps bullshit aspect about what William said is, how CryptoCode trades. According to him, he says the software identifies a trend by confirmed profits on the first trades. Which later on, the software will compound and reinvest their profit by following the trend.

That is what is wrong! By re-entering another trade whereby the first trade was a profit hoping that the trend will follow. Worst, you have to reinvest all your winnings by increasing your risk hoping the trend continues. This is a fundamental mistake because, by the time your first trade is already in profit after a trend moved, it has a chance to end! Just because you win your first trade, doesn’t mean that the trend is going to continue in your favor when it slows down after a while.

Essentially, William, the liar uses his CryptoCode Trading software to increase your risk and exposure by using a bad method to confirm a trend. It is very very dangerous, and I can’t help but emphasize this! Trend trading doesn’t work like how William lies about.

CryptoCode Review Conclusion

Considering the low-quality results and ridiculous trend trading confirmation method by CryptoCode Software, we can conclude it is a SCAM! A number of complaints about CryptoCode Scam is increasing by the day and it’s best for you to stay away.

It is yet another Be a Millionaire fraud that tries to attract innocent beginner traders to earn a quick buck. Although trading online can, in fact, be a hobby or channel for many to make an extra buck. However, you are better off trading on your own without CryptoCode Software.

If you are looking for a trading software that actually works, you can check out our Trading Software Page (Tested & Proven with our own Money). We include some tips on how to use it for gradual account growth which is realistic in the trading world.

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