CryptoAutoTrade Review – SCAM Trading System Alert!

CryptoAutoTrade Scam Review

Is CryptoAutoTrade a SCAM or Legit Trading System?

CryptoAutoTrade at is an auto trading system that is rather new, operating since August 2017. According to the website, it is a trading service that provides free trading signals on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other digital assets. However, it has come to our attention that majority of its users has trouble getting consistent results in trading performance. More importantly, the free trading signals Crypto Auto Trade provides poor results causing huge losses without any legitimate trading signals. Although this is not the typical scam we expose through our Blacklist, it is equally unhelpful for any traders.

This review aims to share our findings on CryptoAutoTrade software that requires a minimum $250 (pretty normal within the industry). However, since its’ release in the industry, many regretted their decision to trade with this software. Because most have lost their $250 investment to a countless bad trading decision which causes complains to our review team. Additionally, we found information on the site that misleads viewers into trusting their system.

Read our CrytoAutoTrade Review and find out the scamming attributes within this lousy performing auto trader.

Why is Crypto Auto Trade a SCAM?

For one obvious reason, we’re always looking for trading solutions to help us in expanding our profitability in our day trading. Naturally, the complaints from CryptoAutoTrade software about poor performance is not a good sign. To be honest, the website doesn’t look very professional with no details about their trading methodology or principles. Whereas most legitimate services would at least have a good looking website and some description of their trading processes. Such as specific technical analysis which triggers a trade etc.

The only details we get is from their site is that the so-called pro traders, Sam, Jenny and Will shall provide the signals. But, the problem is that these traders are unknown and completely bogus. AND is this actually an auto trader or a social trading platform? Well, the answer is that it is just a scam trading software that tries to represent itself as a social trading platform. A social trading platform is a place where people can invest and follow a professional traders’ trade execution. A good example of a social trading network is eToro.

The difference between a legit trading platform like eToro and this cunning CryptoAutoTrade is the ‘pro traders’ identity and details. We are allowed to browse through professional traders profile on their trading performance and balance history via eToro. Unlike CryptoAutoTrade scam that simply indicates it as a common name with no further details on their performance. Hence, judging by this crafty trick, we believe that CryptoAutoTrade Professional traders are simply poor performing algorithm. Which is why many victims see their trading account depleting.

So, it is very obvious to us that Crypto Auto Trade is definitely not a good representation of a social trading network. AND also surely not a good auto trader due to their bad reputation. The attempt to portray as a social trading platform failed terribly and only scam artist will be able to think of such move.

More False Details!

CryptoAutoTrade Result

Aside from pretending to be a good social trading network while being a lousy auto trader, there is another sign of scam where we always notice among other frauds. Which is false success stories! Naturally, CryptoAutoTrade true results of consistent losing will chase traders away. Hence, the CryptoAutoTrade scam decides to use fake testimonials and trade history to fool viewers. You should also know that we always see this in a trading solution that ends up being a fraud on our blacklist!

The ‘successful trader’ has merely fabricated success stories using random stock photos from the internet! We see the very same images in countless other websites that are using it as marketing testimonials. Look, we’re not against using like actors in marketing since it is what big companies do on television. However, in this case, where trading performance is an important concern, we definitely have to highlight this.

Also, the trade history doesn’t make sense where it shows a total winning trade of 519 (which will never change during the entire month). Pairing with random names and country flags with Call/Put decision. A legitimate trade history should include asset price and trade execution date at least. You can check them out on a GENUINE Social Trading platform like the one we mentioned above. Or in a REAL demonstration video like the ones we show our readers on some of our testing session!

CryptoAutoTrade Review Conclusion

We will not recommend anyone to invest in this CryptoAutoTrade Scam because your chances of succeeding are low. The cunning trick of confusing viewers of getting free signals from pro traders that never exist with false success stories is a bad sign. Trading systems like this only tarnish the trading industry. In reality it can actually be exciting for people that are keen to learn. Fortunately for some of our readers, our reviews have successfully stopped them from bad investment through our reviews.

Trading online is truly not an evil place where thief lies, REALLY! It is just that whenever there is good platform for people to genuine trade the market, scammers will try to mislead beginners. Especially with a poor quality trading solution to steal their money such as the Crypto Auto Trade System.

By the way, there is only a handful of genuine Auto Trading System that gained our trust through our actual testing session. You can check out our demonstration video at the review link BELOW! It may also help you on your trading journey!

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