Crypto System SCAM – Review Shares TRUTH About Liberty BTC!

Crypto System Scam Review

Is Crypto System aka Liberty BTC a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Crypto System also known as the Liberty BTC System by Kyle Stanford pitches an interesting proposition of earning $5,000 daily. It takes only as little as $250 to earn that daily income whereby Kyle demonstrates in his presentation. Or at least that’s what he wants us to believe! I received an email asking about the legitimacy of this trading solutions recently and I have many concerns about this trading solution. Before you trade with the Crypto System or Liberty BTC, please read and understand our review before investing.

Especially if you are new to online trading, you probably are really psyched up in earning some extra cash online. Look, who doesn’t want to do it since it can work as a side or main source of income. However, it is not as easy as it looks to make $5,000 from $250 all within a day. Even professional traders wouldn’t dare say such a claim because it is a very unlikely outcome. More importantly, I’ve seen this outrageous claims and you probably have seen such over promising statement before.

Where else would you see such a scandalous claims? In a typical “Get Rich Quick Scheme” or ponzi scams! Although I will recommend trading online for some cash, it seems to me Crypto System aka Liberty BTC system is acting very much like a scam! Furthermore, our investigative team found several scam elements within the presentation that confirms our suspicion too!

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Why is Crypto System or Liberty BTC System a SCAM?

You might be wondering why the heading of the presentation isn’t Liberty BTC system but instead, CryptoSystem. Pretty much the entire webpage mentions the word Liberty BTC System without using Crypto System as the name. The reason for this is because Crypto System is basically a rebirth of Liberty BTC System that appeared in September 2017. For some reason, I have missed out on writing on Liberty BTC several months ago due to a busy schedule.

But apparently, Liberty BTC System has already generated so many complaints which cause many traders to write negative reviews on it. This can easily confirm within trading communities and also the internet. Hence, this shows that Crypto System that goes under another domain, is simply a comeback scam. Which explains why the scam artist didn’t bother changing the Liberty BTC into another name. But rather only had the effort to change the domain name. LOL

Let’s get to why Crypto System or Liberty BTC system can’t make you $5,000 daily. Look, such monstrous return of investment, 20 times of $250 within one day is a pure lie. Anything that sounds too good to be true is often a scam. In reality, they are just a poor trading system written on a lousy algorithm that can’t produce results. This scam system often uses unrealistic profit potential and unbelievable win rates to lure newbies to invest.

In this case, Kyle claims that this software has a 99.9% accuracy rate which is another strong sign of scams in the trading world. In options trading, a typical GOOD trading day ranges from 70% to 85% win rate with a daily gain of 10% – 30% of account growth. Meaning that, as an actual trader, we can achieve that level of win rate with say a $100 to $300 profit from a $1,000 investment on good days.

You can check out one of my demonstration videos at my Trading Software Page where I show you actual trades and gains!

So back to our point, Crypto System and Liberty BTC System is nothing but a sham that sells lies on a poor trading system.

Fake Results &Testimonials

Aside from Crypto System and Liberty BTC System fails to explain their trading methodology, they create more lies to support their fake claims. Not that I’m interested in learning how Crypto System works since their result is clearly very bad based on feedback. But it is worth knowing the reliable trading system would at least share their trading software functions such as running on what strategy in technical analysis.

This action of not sharing sensible explanation on their trading system reflects their poor results. Additionally, Kyle Stanford is very likely to be a voice narrator that hides behind a fake character. The picture depicting Kyle looks like a model just like the testimonials which are pictures stolen from other sites. Take the character Meneo Olvera for instance. He actually goes by the name of Ivo Georgiev in a crowdfunding website where it is more likely to be true.

So it is rather clear that the results claims by CryptoSystem and Liberty BTC System are fake. No one actually made $5,000 within 24 hours from this fake system. We also can see that the results in the members’ area are very suspicious. The trade history shows a series of trades dated on April 4th of 2017. But the funny thing is neither Crypto System or Liberty BTC existed prior to this date. Also, isn’t it weird to see that it is last updated on 31st August 2017 but there is no trade from April till August?

Definitely a fake trade history that doesn’t have anything to do with Liberty BTC Scam or Crypto System Scam. The trade history itself is definitely fake as there are some entries where it should be a TIE but indicated as WON or LOST. Since there is no difference between entry rate and expiry rate, it MUST be a TIE! Unfortunately, the scammer didn’t bother and just indicate false results to its viewers.

Liberty BTC System Result

Crypto System Review Conclusion

With reference to the explanation above, we strongly believe that Crypto System or Liberty BTC System is a SCAM! You will be better off trading alone rather than trusting this poor performing trading system to trade for you. Past users have had their account drained entirely due to their lies and worst of all, unreliable trading system.

If you are seeking a reliable trading solution, check out the reviews below. I shared my demonstration video on some of this review where I test it with my own money as well. 🙂

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