Crypto Shield System Review – Scam Trading App EXPOSED!

Crypto Shield Trading System is a Scam or Good App?

Crypto Shield by Anthony Hopkins (no not the legendary actor from 2017 Transformer), is a new trading system related to cryptocurrency. Surely Bitcoin is one of the first and most hyped cryptocurrencies that soared to a new value over $6,000 per bitcoin recently. Hence, providing opportunities for many traders and investor to make extra cash. To good thing about investing in BTC or any other cryptocurrency can be done via exchanges.

Plus, the rate of bitcoin booming is too hard to ignore because many are profiting either by holding and owning some bitcoin. Or maybe riding the value of cryptocurrency via CFD brokers and leveraging it to earn big money. When good opportunities like this arise, there are equally bad vultures scams occurring to take advantage as well. Especially in a form of auto trading system that exists in options trading and Forex trading prior to Crypto Shield Scam.

To be specific, Crypto Shield that claims to have a 99% accuracy trading system is actually not a good auto trading app. Their guaranteed $1,500 income by tomorrow after signup is also pure lies. How do we know? Our investigative team already received complaints about it and also found scam elements within!

Why is Crypto Shield Trading System a SCAM?

If this is your first time coming across the auto trading system like the Crypto Shield, you’ve got to understand one thing. The trading system exists to help execute trades on behalf of its users. But scam artist has jumped on board to take advantage to sell their poor quality system to beginners. There is, in fact, a huge number of the poor quality system where their interface looks the same as Crypto Shield System. To date, we already exposed over 270 poor quality trading software that tricks beginners in our Blacklist.

One characteristic we often see among these fraudulent systems where Crypto Shield has is the unrealistic trading performance. Any claims above 85% is already an unrealistic accuracy level even for professional traders (options trading). What’s more to say to Crypto Shield 99% accuracy where it also claims to make $1,500 guaranteed income for new signups. These things clearly don’t and will not happen!

Judging by Crypto Shield Trading System scam victims, their trading performance range from 30% to 50% accuracy where it is not enough to profit. Worst still, it drains users’ trading account until it went dry. Thus, it became apparent that Crypto Shield’s impossible trading performance is merely a phony claim to trick viewers.

Apart from over promising profit potentials, Anthony Hopkins is conveniently a voice narrator that hides behind a name of a famous actor. A very much respected actor that won countless awards is unfortunate to have his name stolen for this scam. The picture depicting Anthony is an obvious proof that he is a bogus character. We identified that picture to be a stock picture from a male model available for commercial use.

Anthony Hopkins Crypto Shield

Fake Creator & Testimonials

Besides a phony character trying to pitch us impossible trading standards and representation of “Get Rich Quick Scam”, there’s more. The so-called Crypto Shield System users or Results shared on the website is as fake as Anthony himself. There are more random pictures supporting Crypto-Shield Trading System lies while they are not a real person that uses the system. You can find these pictures from other random websites specifically in their advert as well.

Hence, there is no reason to believe that Crypto Shield Scam system can make you a guaranteed $1500 if you sign up now.

Crypto Shield Result Testimonial

Crypto Shield Review Verdict!

Referring to our concerns above, we can conclude that Crypto-Shield is a SCAM. You probably have a better chance of success simply by making your own judgment while trading crypto. Alternatively, reliable trading system is rare to surface. But if you so desire in seeking an auto trading software, you can explore your options with the ones we tested. We have made money with the trading software shown in our demonstration video @ Trading Software Page.

Check it out and judge for yourself to see whether it is viable for your trading journey.

How to Trade the Market Effectively?

First off, thanks for taking the time to read our Crypto Shield Review!

Well, you can either trade the trade markets yourself or with an aid of a trading signal software (auto and manual). Nevertheless, both are reliable as long as you take the time to learn how to use them. We have success in both methods which keeps us in the day trading industry all these years.

Auto Trading Software runs on an algorithm which will execute trades based on the price chart. However, you may be aware after reading this article, mostly are a fraudulent trading system with no quality algorithm. So it is best by reffering to our Blacklist to avoid trading with scam systems. Only uses the ones which a proven to be successful.

There is also a Manual Version of the trading system which provides trading signals on a daily basis. This way, you can participate the market based on trading signals which provide trade direction and expiry time. Hence, it is up to you to pull the trigger on whether you want to trade that signal or not.

In order to move into a more advanced level, all traders can benefit by understanding price patterns on the chart. It can actually further enhance your chances of success and better manage your risk. Check out the Trading Education Page to read price chart patterns when you are ready to bring your game to another level. Beginners can also read them to better manage when you trade and increase chances of gaining profit!

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