Crypto Revolution System Review : SCAM $10 Investing 101 Coaching?

Is Crypto Revolution System a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Crypto Revolution System invites us to join them for only $10 Fee and turn that into $10,000, in short, to get rich! Jack Harper, the presenter for Crypto Revolution System said to provide walk-through on how to earn money from cryptocurrency that includes coaching. Although this service would only cost us $10 but is this trading system or coaching worth it?

It is a rather new trading system that surface recently and several blogs even classified it as a trading software or system. While I’m not sure these blogs actually examined Crypto Revolution System’s content, but it is not a trading software. But rather, it is seemingly providing some sort of educational material or a trading system. Which Jack Harper claims to have made him $1.8 million dollars from his investment in cryptocurrency.

But my research on Crypto Revolution System reveals shocking truth that would cause me to believe it’s not worth even $10!

Jack’s Get Rich Quick Opportunity, or so he describes the Crypto Revolution System is a cheap scam material! I will be sharing some of their misleading details within the Crypto Revolution System Scam below too.

So before you spend $10, be sure to read this article before buying into their coaching session.

Why is Crypto Revolution System a SCAM?

Let’s first talk about the presentation video that asserts Jack’s $1.8 million profit from $1,000 investment. He claims to have a 3 step guide that is clearly seen in all ‘booming’ including the old tulip boom, tech boom, etc. Although a clear ‘pattern’ of something is booming is rather clear. Anyone that would have invested earlier in the boom, would have profited massively. There’s no doubt about it!

Hence, Crypto Revolution System Jack Harper says that by investing in Altcoin, a variation of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that are much cheaper has a potential to earn a lot. But can you actually turn $100 into a retirement fund with Jack’s system? Unfortunately, Jack’s educational material is not worth $10 to get the coaching and early guide to investing in Altcoin.

One reason why I lack the confidence to listen to Jack’s recommendation on investing is that he is a bogus character. Worst, he needs to use the same presentation video as a scam call the Bitcoin Trader!

Crypto Revolution System Scam

To be honest, I believe you can find FREE details on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investment that holds longer terms which potentially holds high upside. But remember that not all Altcoins have the potential to grow. Nevertheless, this information is available on Google For Free.

There are quite a few Facebook Groups that offers opinions from other members on ICO which you can gain good insights as well. Hence, you don’t need to spend $10 on this low-level guide that you can get for free.

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SCAM Elements in Crypto Revolution Trading System!

Secondly, if you have entered your personal information into the form, there are more fake details in it. You will be greeted by an invitation to earn $5,000 per day with 3 easy steps! As I have mentioned above, investing in Altcoin for longer term or pump and dump is not a guarantee you can earn $5,000 per day. In reality, it is very unlikely that would actually happen too.

I have seen this common misleading lie in many “Get Rich Quick” scams that are very unrealistic! If you are not a trader, you have to understand trading income depends on your investment size. Also, Crypto Revolution System didn’t include any legitimate trading decisions or trade history for us viewers.

Instead, what we can see are fake testimonials and banners that use fake profile claiming to make hundreds of dollars. These cheap scam elements are there to mislead you into purchasing a lousy trading guide. I have also identified the person claiming he made over $90,000 from Crypto Revolution System to be an actor too.

If he truly made that much money, he wouldn’t offer his testimonial services for $5 at wouldn’t he?

The main issue here is the lack of proof of success along with crazy income potential. We’ll commonly see this tricks in many typical “earn money quick” scams I exposed in my Blacklist. Hence, it’s an apparent pattern we should be aware of.

Crypto Revolution System Review

Crypto Revolution Review Conclusion.

Look, if $10 is not too much for you to spend to gain some basic knowledge, it’s fine to buy them. I’m just saying you can actually gain this knowledge for free from various sites and E-book available. For example, there is a 90 Page E-book you can get from Crypto Advantage Registration. It covers all the details on cryptocurrency basic and exchanges as well as how to store them.

As for the successes from following a bogus Jack Harper which sounds more like a hoax doesn’t seem to be good.

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Hope this article helps, feel free to comment below and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! 🙂

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