Crypto Money Maker Review – SCAM Cryptocurrency Trading Alert!

Is Crypto Money Maker a SCAM or Legit Cryptocurrency Trading System?

Crypto Money Maker by Jordan Wood proposes a $1,350 per day profit trading system to traders with a low investment of $250 recently! In his presentation, he goes on preaching about changing our lives with trading cryptocurrency which earns him over $1,000 per day. Although online trading has been around for a very long time, is it possible to earn that much every single day?

We will be attending to that question in this Crypto Money Maker Review through our research findings and experience in trading! Hence, please take some time to read this review before investing in this scam.

First off, trading cryptocurrency can indeed make you some money, especially those are riding the bullish market for major cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, Crypto Money Maker seems to mislead viewers with their unrealistic profits potential. Very much like a typical Get Rich Quick Scam, Crypto Money Maker scam misleads viewers with false information.

Particularly with an attraction like doubling your account within 1 hour in their presentation is too good to be true. Below we shall share some details where we believe to be false!

Why is Crypto Money Maker a SCAM?

Now if you are wondering can you really double your account within an hour or quadruple your account in one day consistently? The answer is very unlikely. Online trading can realistically grow your account on a percentage based like 10% to 20% in good trading days. These returns are more realistic with a good trading system that can reliably perform analysis on the market. Thus, respond accordingly to the market situation.

However, in the case of Crypto Money Maker that banks on people believing they can be rich just by using their software is pure lies! We have received complaints and negative feedback on their poor trading performance which consistently loses money.

This is not surprising as I look into the details along with Crypto Money Maker scam. Whereby, typical scam systems tend to use false details to sell their system. Let’s look into the presenter, Jordan Wood, the voice narrator for the video. He claims to have found Crypto Money Maker which is developed by stealth hacker that can predict cryptocurrency prices.

Doesn’t it sound strange that Jordan is the one promoting Crypto Money Maker Scam when it is developed by someone else? Also, why is Jordan hiding behind some voice presentation if he is trying to represent Crypto Money Maker?

The answer is logical because neither Jordan Wood or the stealth hacker actually existed! We are unable to find any evidence or social profile that could support this magical “$1,000 per day” income software. Hence, it is very likely to be a fake backstory that tries to sell an unrealistic trading system. Any legitimate trading system will not be applying such a cheap strategy to actually sell their services correct?

The lying didn’t stop here! Crypto Money Maker didn’t only use phony characters in their scam, but also false testimonials and results! Check them out below!

Dishonest Crypto Money Maker Result!

Another issue with scam trading systems are the results are very often fake which supports their lies. Crypto Money Maker uses reviews that aren’t real with random pictures on the internet and false identity. None of these Crypto Money Maker accounts are actually real as scams rely on these fake reviews to sell their lies.

Not to mention the trade history where a legit trading system will always include real trade history. Crypto Money Maker scam’s trade history seems to include Forex pairs only with weird entry & expiry time. This is really weird. Because it didn’t have any cryptocurrency in their trade history plus the entry date and end date are exactly the same.

How is this possible? It’s impossible because the rate/price at entry and end date/time should be the same. But Crypto Money Maker claims to have a different rate at the same time, while actually winning the trade. Plus, how can the status of the trade be open when the end date/time has already passed. This means the trading history is completely fake and not trustworthy!

Crypto Money Maker Result

Crypto Money Maker Review Verdict

So far, we have revealed that Crypto Money Maker relies on promising profits potential and false evidence to support their claims. It is consistent with many other scams I have exposed in the past up until now. Hence, trading with this scam trading system will risk your investment in bad trading decisions.

Of course, online trading can work for you as long as you have a reliable trading system that’s suitable for you. Our video demonstration in some of my testing videos can be a testament to how online trading earns profits for myself.

Just make sure to avoid scam trading systems that are listed on my Blacklist as they have strong signs of poor trading performances. Worst, they have scam elements within their offer that are fraudulent.

Alternatively, check out the Reliable Trading System Page for systems that I have tested and profited with. I have been running tests on cryptocurrency and forex trading system that can benefit in your trading as well! Good luck & Trade Safe! 🙂

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