Crypto Genius Review – SCAM $5,900 Daily Trading Software!

Crypto Genius Scam Review

Is The Crypto Genius Software a SCAM or Legit Trading System?

The Crypto Genius by Chris Peterson that claims to be an international sensation earning users $5,900 daily caught your attention? I’m sure anyone would be interested in earning $5,900 everyday online with a minimum $250 investment. In fact, we’ve seen many offers that proclaim such attractive proposition but the truth is, many are simply lies. If you have been following this blog, you’ll realize that scam artist have been busy aiming the online trading industry.

Particularly the cryptocurrency wave and bitcoin that have recently broken the $10,000 mark, our review team investigates countless trading systems. Furthermore, we have reason to believe that The Crypto Genius is another scam trading software aiming to steal money. It inherits several Get Rich Quick Scams factors that we commonly see in other scams we exposed. Simply speaking, the daily $5,900 daily profits are nothing but false promises misguiding viewers to invest.

Although we can testify to online trading as a legit method to explore in earning some extra income, The Crypto Genius is not a trustworthy method to do it. Why?

We will be looking into the scam factors we found in The Crypto Genius Scam below and why we believe it is a fraud.

Why is The Crypto Genius a Scam?

Referring to Chris’s description of The Crypto Genius Software, it trades cryptocurrency capable of executing trades 0.39 seconds faster than others. Thus giving an advantage in executing early trades or so that’s what he wants us to believe. We seriously doubt the that is true since we already receive many complaints from Crypto Genius Software users about their poor accuracy. Furthermore, the story about 10383 users earning $5,900 is pure lies.

If you are new to trading, one way to know whether a trading system is out to scam is the promise to earn insane profits. To earn $5,900 from a $250 in 24 hours would be the best profit in the world if it is true. But sadly there is no such thing that can consistently make that profit even for professional traders. Think about it, growing your account 20 times in 24 hours is simply impossible. Scams like be a millionaire quick fraud or get rich quick scams always employ such promises.

It is this representation of getting rich quick that makes online trading look bad. The truth is that it isn’t, but scammers lure inexperienced traders into their low-quality trading software to steal money. Trading Forex or Cryptocurrency can be a viable option for people to earn some extra income from home. However, traders stand a better chance of doing that with a reliable system rather than relying on scam products.

Also, a realistic trading system would include the steady growth of relatively small percentage growth. Rather than multiplying your investment by 2 times in a day or more.

Not convinced? We’ll be sharing some proof that Chris Peterson is a lying individual along with Crypto Genius false details below!

Fake Details within The Crypto Genius Scam!

Firstly, we investigated Chris Peterson’s background since he claims to be a big shot well known to the world of finance. Especially since he says he made over 13 million in a year with this system and also a venture capitalist, we expect to find some information. Additionally, his scandal with Viktoria Slanko should make it easier to source for some scandal. However, to our dismay, there is not a single legit article about it on the internet.

This lying gesture is yet another red flag where a trading system resorts to lying tactic to gain trust from viewers. Truth is, a legitimate trading system does not need to use such a fraudulent tactic at all. Instead, they can simply proof their performance from legit trading history which we don’t see from Crypto Genius Scam. I believe that they can’t afford to show any demo because of their actual poor performance we hear from victims.

Not only that, Chris Peterson blatantly boast about him potentially getting a 60-minute show on Netflix. This can’t be true because we found out that he is also a fabricated voice actor and nothing more. The picture used to depict Chris himself is actually a stock photo from the internet. Hence, all these fake endorsements aim to trick viewers on their false success.

The Crypto Genius Chris Peterson

Any Real Story of Success?

We also know that there is no actual trade history or live trading demo to prove their unrealistic success. But what about the video stories from 3 different individuals?

Unfortunately, these are actually paid actor from where we saw them before from other scams. In fact, their faces have supported numerous scams that provides no actual success.

We understand that marketing material may resort to such actions. But the fact that the same actors have been associated with poor quality trading system happens so often. That we have simply had to put this information here in our Crypto Genius Scam report.

Crypto Genius Results

The Crypto Genius Review Verdict

At this stage, we have no choice but to Blacklist this trading system and not risk our money in testing it. The Crypto Genius is a SCAM! We have seen these fraudulent elements in many other scams we Blacklisted in the past. The Crypto Genius Members will not make $5,900 within 24 hours or daily. It is a lie that scammers use to attract users to invest but with no actual trading capability.

Online trading can be better off without Crypto Genius and if you trade using a reliable trading system or method.

We do test trading system whereby only a few made a reputation for themselves as truly reliable. You can look at some of our Live Trading Video in our Review BELOW or our Recommended Trading Software Page.

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