Crypto Advantage Review – SCAM Trading Software Testing Report!

Is Crypto Advantage a SCAM or LEGIT Cryptocurrency Trading Signal Provider?

Crypto Advantage is one trading platform that could solve a common problem for cryptocurrency traders. Perhaps even people that are interested in riding the cryptocurrency wave by trading the crypto market. Honestly, if you have yet to look into trading cryptocurrency although you’ve been hearing a lot of hype on it, you’ll be missing out. There is few good reason to why it is digital currencies are being mentioned countless times within mainstream media.

Within 2017 alone, cryptocurrency’s growth in terms of market value is so amazing. Take Ethereum and Bitcoin for example as their market value soared up more than double their value. In addition to that, Crypto Market is worth more than $100 billion dollars and it is still growing. Since digital currencies are a revolution in us humans, few countries like Japan, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and South Africa acknowledges Bitcoin and another main stream cryptocurrency to be a legit digital currency. Hence, people will be able to use them freely as cash for a purchase.

So, it is undeniable that cryptocurrency will continue to grow and spread their influences. And as far as us traders are concerned, we seek any good opportunity for profit to ride any assets that have huge growth potential. Honestly, cryptocurrency’s growth surpasses any other asset class this year and the potential to continue growing is definitely there.

But here comes the question, is there a tool and platform to trade cryptocurrency with some guidance from experienced traders? Thus, we found Crypto Advantage trading software which is rather interesting.

What is Crypto Advantage?
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Our Experience with Crypto Advantage Trading Signal
Secured Registration & Regulation

If you are a follower of this blog, we have been testing many trading solutions in the Forex market and some in the crypto market. Also, we blacklist fraudulent trading solutions that are out there to exploit traders. But as we have mentioned, Crypto is too huge for us to miss out on and there’s isn’t any trading tool that truly helped in our trading. Aside from trading manually using our own chart analysis, we didn’t have any software that helps ease our task.

But, Crypto Advantage proves that it is up to the task of trading cryptocurrency through our experience with it.

What is CryptoAdvantage Software?

It is essentially a live trading platform that offers trading signals for cryptocurrencies by professional traders. Several traders have uploaded their profile on CryptoAdvantage which allows users to choose which one to interact with. It is almost like a hybrid of social trading and a typical trading signal provider. Being able to review a traders’ statistic like Trades execution, Return of Investment, Win Percentage and number of weeks trading is really good.

Apparently, there is a chat function where users can interact with the Crypto Advantage traders. These professional traders had answered some of our questions related to crypto trading while we test it. We definitely like this feature because it is unique to have these features available in our typical Forex Trading Software.

Hence, we’ll be getting trading signals by analyst and pro traders focusing on the cryptocurrencies market 24/7. The signals in Crypto Advantage Trading section when the trade setups are viable for trading. All the users have to do is enter your trade investment and click Trade Now button. The technical analysis and fundamental analysis process get itself sorted by the help of the professional traders behind the scene.

Free Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy Ebook!

Frankly, Crypto Advantage seems to provide a really good gesture in educating its users about cryptocurrencies by providing a FREE E-book. The Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy E-Book was sent to our email after Crypto Advantage Registration. This is yet another feature that is not in other trading software! Crypto Advantage does provide really good value for Beginners to gain basic knowledge before trading the Crypto Markets.

It is approximately 100 pages that cover the history of cryptocurrency, How to own a cryptocurrency, different styles of investing, Trading Strategies including Charting tips and explanation of different types of cryptocurrencies!

If you have no idea what cryptocurrency is before this, this e-book is pretty much all you need to know and it also covers extra in-depth information too. Upon reading this, you’ll probably know cryptocurrency more than an average person.

CryptoAdvantage Ebook

Trading with Crypto Advantage Experience

Well, we definitely had seen unrealistic profit claims like when many scam software sells us lies. In the case of Crypto Advantage, we don’t see too outrageous claims. For example, becoming a millionaire or earning $800 per hour every day for life. Keep in mind that Crypto Advantage is NOT an auto trading system that claims such. It requires the user to trade on its signal to make that happen.

So far, based on our experience using it, $100 per hour may be a little tough for a small account of $250. It is possible if you have a $1,000 deposit in your account though. In reality, $100 per day is possible with that small account. This is because return in trading is based on your initial investment. Very often profits from trading are percentage growth of your account. Also, with improvement in your risk management, you could very well achieve that goal in the long term.

We certainly have made $100 per day with $500 account and it is really good in a sense it is a 25% growth in a day. Nevertheless, trading comes with some ups and downs as there are no guaranteed profits in trading. As long as we keep our winning percentage up in the long term, growth is surely possible.

The quality of Crypto Advantage Trading Signal surely helped us in making a trading decision. We typically trade daily and aim for 10% to 20% account growth whereby Crypto Advantage’s signals was accurate enough to achieve it.

Beginners can benefit by starting out with $250 and check out the signals. Slowly growing the account by referring to Crypto Advantage to get comfortable in trading. Remember, the signals will be on the Crypto Advantage Trading Platform. But the choice to trade is entirely up to you, hence you can manage you account depending on your account size. For examples, a number of trades per day, how much to risk per trade.

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Secure Registration Form & Login Page

Crypto Advantage Registration secure process which requires a pin submission to your mobile phone during registration shows good security feature. One good reason to have this is to properly verify traders’ profile for authentication on the brokers’ side.

Trading with a legit CFD brokers always requires a certain level of identification details in registration due to regulation. This is necessary for all brokers under a regulation that traders work with. Although it may seem troublesome to you, it is a good sign where established brokers are simply complying with the regulation. In addition to that, it seems that Crypto Advantage will require a pin to be sent to your mobile phone in order to unlock the trading platform.

Hence giving the access to Crypto Advantage Trading platform strictly for the registered users only. This approach is a positive sign of serious business practices.

So to receive your Free E-book on CryptoCurrency Trading, please make sure you REGISTER with accurate information to enjoy all the benefits available to you.

Crypto Advantage Registration

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