Crunch Tech Trading Software Review! UPDATED Scam Test Report!

Is Crunch Tech a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

The latest Crunch Tech or Crunch Technology Trading Software is taking the industry by storm with yet another unique algorithm. Binary Options Sentinel have been around to expose and bust scam automated trading software preying on inexperienced trader. Hence it’s in our best interest to investigate this too! We can never be too careful with this issue since we’ve already bust at least 100 scam software! Let’s get down to business, Is Crunch Tech yet another scam system? Our analysis revealed a rather positive outlook and massive differences between our typical phony trading software.

Honestly, it’s very rare for our Review team to come across reliable trading system as we often place frauds into our Blacklist almost every other day. Thus, due to the positive outlook which Crunch Tech Trading Software has, we’ve decided to test this ourselves. Do read our Crunch Tech Review before you decide to sign-up to understand the benefits of this auto trader.

Crunch Tech App’s Background Story

Rick Paulson, Co-Founder of Crunch Technology has a neck for weather forecasting which creates a fusion with Daniel Avery’s economic and computing skills. Together they have created a an algorithmic trading app that recognizes the importance of real-time weather data vs price in future derivatives. The Crunch Tech Algorithm enables prediction of prices while examining climate controlling factors that affects economic’s financial market behaviors. Truth be told, the Captain Crunch theory is basically one of many theories studied that attempts to bridge weather prediction and the financial world. Study as early as 1980, “Stock Returns and The Weather Effect”, by Journal of Financial Economics was one of the pioneering studies which leads to futures research.

However, Capt’n Crunch Theory specifically speculates traded goods and applied in binary options trading. Crunch Tech will only need to predict the general direction of any price action thus gaining profits from it. Which is why binary options is chosen as an instrument for most efficient return in profits! Daniel Avery’s expertise in Algo-Trading has also enable this trading app to be able to execute trades in currencies pairs as well!

The underlying concept is undoubtedly studied and applied in our present world, unlike many scam systems that uses concepts that’s not applicable in the financial markets yet. Crunch Tech’s ideology is not a fantasy! Aside from that, there are no typical scam tactics that we usually observe in our Blacklist occupants as well. It’s definitely assuring to find an offer that is presenting itself with common trickery and appear genuine.

Crunch Tech Auto Trading & Manual Trading Platform

Crunch Tech Auto Binary Signal Review Scam

Crunch Tech Trading Interface

For the benefit of inexperienced traders, Crunch Tech is a trading software that has the ability to execute trades on your behalf plus provide you with manual signals too. The user-friendly interface allows the users to adjust the trade settings such as investment size per trade, signal strength and also risk level. Each parameters has the following definitions:

  • Trade Volume: Investment Size per Trade (For example: $25 = $25 in each trade executions)
  • Strength: Signal Strength that prompts the auto trader to perform trades (The higher the strength, the higher the probability of better quality trades. However, this reduces the amount of trades taken per day). We should always aim for quality rather than quantity of trades!
  • Risk: Maximum number of trades execute at a given time. (E.g: 3 = maximum of 3 Open Trades at a time)

The user friendly platform allows traders to activate/deactivate the auto trader function at any time. In contrast to automated trades, users can also use manual trading signals too. Users will need to login into their broker account to monitor trades executions as well as executing manual trades. Nevertheless, users may want to monitor real time price charts accurately on the broker’s platform.

Recommended Settings!

Now that we have understood it’s practical concept behind Crunch Tech, it’s time to answer the most important question. Is Crunch Tech able to profit for it’s users? We’ve tested the Crunch Tech Trading Software and glad to share our great results here! As we’re a huge fan of conservative trading when it comes to trading. We’ve approach our test with a non-default setting which are strength 85% and risk level of 3. Also, we’d like to avoid market conditions that has relatively high volatility which affects the accuracy of an auto trader. Users are advised to visit for volatility level major economic announcements. These precautionary steps ensure minimal exposure to unnecessary losses and also to ensure consistent growth of our account.

Performance & Testing!

Crunch Tech has so far achieved an 82% Win/ITM (In the Money) based on a 3 weeks testing. Having said that, our bad experiences with scam systems are usually pretty obvious especially when it keeps losing almost immediately. This is clearly not the case for Crunch Tech Trading Software as it does not take trades blindly plus it’s accuracy is very good so far.

Profits solely depends on your initial investment. Thus, it is better to focus on winning percentage instead of the exact profits! Surely, we are happy with it’s performance so far.

With regards to the manual trading test, it proves to be reliable as well! We have traded over 90% signal strengths to the closest expiry (usually 10 minutes or longer) depending on your broker account. Presently, we have achieved 85% Win/ITM rate for Crunch Tech’s Manual Signals (while applying basic support/resistance chart reading + looking at trends). This is without a doubt one of the MOST IMPRESSIVE first day test we have seen.

As we are compiling for more trades and avoiding the recent Major news announcements, we’ll be sharing a trading video in the future. In the mean time, we’ll share a Live Trading Session for Manual Signals from Binary Options Elite Club as a video demonstration on Crunch Tech’s performance below:

Join Crunch Tech Trading Software

Crunch Tech Registration, Login Page and Broker Change

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  1. Visit by clicking the link.
  2. Fill the Registration Form
  3. In order to login to Crunch Technology Trading App the next time, access

****Not impressed with your assigned broker? Please email us at for Crunch Tech broker change procedures. We understand that brokers syncing may varies for different location, we’d prefer to offer advise based on your situation****

Crunch Tech Conclusion!

We’re happy about how our progress with Crunch Tech Trading Software and it is NOT A SCAM! Presently, it shall be in on recommended auto trader and you should totally give it a try as well. This offer is said to be free for 90 days before it charges a monthly subscription of a $790. As a consumer, it’s definitely worth a try during the trial period to rip as much profits as you can even though you aren’t planning to commit to the monthly subscription. Please feel free to contact us a should there be any queries!

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