Crisis Trader Review – Cognitive Computing SCAM Returns!

Crisis Trader Scam Review

Is Crisis Trader a SCAM or Good Trading System?

Crisis Trader by Cameron Doyle tells us about how cognitive computing system earns users $1,500 in 24 hours and every other day. But can this be a way where you can earn extra income online? Is this trading software a legit solution for both experienced and rookie traders? Well, the first time I studied and perform research on Crisis Trader it was a long and lengthy process. Simply because it claims relationship with a rather complex subject, cognitive computing! And I’ve found compelling evidence that Crisis Trader is a SCAM due to fraudulent and misleading information! Crisis Trader Website:

Undoubtedly cognitive computing is emerging as a new technology in our modern world. It is essential in various industries like generating artificial intelligence, computing, or anything that needs data processing. As for Dharmendra Modha and Eric Brown, famous figures in large companies IBM and Watson Technologies put it, it’s revolutionary. However, I seriously doubt that Crisis Trader actually has any real infrastructure to support it. Neither do the poor trading results of Crisis Trader reported by many victims before! Many of which didn’t make $1,000 per day but instead have at best 40% winning accuracy that drains the account.

Another important thing to realize is that it is not realistic to expect to earn $1,000 from a $250 investment the first day! Many scams like Crisis Trader tend to sell unrealistic and over promising profit potential to lure newbie traders’ investment. As I will be sharing the scam evidence below, do remember to check out the lowest segment with a tested & proven solution to trade properly!

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Why is Crisis Trader a SCAM?

The moment I lay my eyes on the Crisis Trader, I immediately put it on my Blacklist due to one main reason! Which is the association with CogniTrader SCAM that I reviewed early 2017! If you check out my old review, you will notice similar content since the scam-artist decides to reuse everything! Hence, the details will be similar to this post and the older post. The only difference is that Crisis Trader is actually a comeback attempt for CogniTrade to re-brand its old scam!

Since many traders found out about their negative reputation, it seems only logical they relaunch their fraudulent offer with another name. But as you know, relaunching the fraud with the same presentation video and misleading lies is silly. Knowing that everything is going to be the same, we can expect Crisis Trader to be as poor quality as the CogniTrade Software. Besides that, Crisis Trader’s 95.2% accuracy and guaranteed $1,000 daily profits are far fetched in terms of what is possible! There are many details Cameron shares are highly misleading and different to what is real!

For instance, he says that you will be seeing $1,000 in your checking account the very next day! Firstly, it will take 3-5 business days to withdraw your winnings from your trading account into your checking account! On top of that, any win rate that is near 100% and guaranteed profits every single day is impossible! Any real traders can testify to this statement, with that, I highly doubt Cameron actually ever traded before. What is do-able in the industry is 10% – 30% account growth per day as a goal (achievable with Tested Trading Software). Not $250 to $1,000 in 24 hours!

Crisis Trader Cheating Evidence!

As I pointed out earlier, Cameron’s exaggerated claims of profits surely put him as an inexperienced trader. Also, he is most likely an actor taking a fictional position of CEO/Founder of Crisis Trader aka Cognitrade. There is no such company in the world that does trading and profits like he says! In addition to him, I also found actors that help support Crisis Trader Scam giving out testimonials. The thing is that I’ve seen them in other scams claiming to make them tons of money. But the truth is they are offering their acting services for a minimum of $5 from!

Crisis Trader Review

Additionally, the same discrepancies in the old scam show up in Crisis Trader Result in the member’s area. When we look at the trade history, it’s weird in terms of the currency pair traded. That is mostly USD/CHF and GBP/CHF Forex pairs. But the more alarming fact is the trades win by 200 pips which are very unusual and too big of a movement for 30-minute trade! That’s like an economy crisis type of movement! Also, notice that the expiry rate has 9 decimal points compared to 5 decimal points at entry price. That’s a huge sign of fake trade history!

Crisis Trader Results

Crisis Trader Review Conclusion!

The fact that Crisis Trader is actually an old scam making a comeback, we can safely conclude that it is a SCAM! Moreover, the same evidence that exposes this old fraud appears once again as Crisis Trader clearly affirm our suspicion. We’re definitely dealing with a dishonest trading solution that has no intention of earning profits whatsoever. Please stay away from Crisis Trader Scam and only invest into proven trading solutions.

How to Earn Extra Money via Trading?

You may approach trading via automatic trading or manually trade by yourself! Both methods are applicable in generating winning trades even for experienced traders. It depends entirely on your schedule and how much time you have in managing trades in your account.

Auto Trading – It is a software that executes trades based on a mathematical algorithm. Hence, users will only need to turn it on during a specific time to trade. However, as you probably notice, 90% of the solutions are scams that end up in my Blacklist. So, it will be wise to only invest in systems that are tested & proven with REAL Demonstration! Check out some examples BELOW!

Manual Trading – You may learn some trading strategies and learn to execute good trades on your own as well! However, if you are not confident, you can opt for a Manual Trading Software to gain access to trade signals/recommendations. Hence, you can choose which signals to follow and which you rather not take! This gives more control towards the users as compared to an auto trading software. For example of good Trading Signal Software Check out the Link BELOW!

Free Demo Account – Need a practice account to test out a trading theory or method? Every trader can use a Free demo account and most of them require initial deposit! Except for the ones BELOW though! They do not require a deposit and I have 2 options based on your current country!

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