Crack Brokers Scam – Review Explains TRUTH!

Is Crack Brokers Software a SCAM or LEGIT Trading App?

Crack Brokers presented by Thomas Mallon attempts to entice day traders with their all new autopilot trading software lately! Naturally, it should be an area of interest when we’re seeking profits be it, newbies or experienced traders. Especially when we’re facing with a 99.8% win rate auto trader which promises $2,500 a day profits. That is to say, even non-traders would be interested in using such a tool. BUT! That’s right, a huge but! We have reason to believe that Crack Brokers Scam is not the software to invest in. Even though we identified good trading software, Crack Brokers Software inhibits scam elements within the offer. Please read our Crack Brokers Review before putting your money in this deal!

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The worst part is that we have received negative complaints regarding this system specifically on it’s low performing algorithm. We heard that it performs at best a 50% accuracy level and obvious losing setups. This comes as unsurprising because we notice this truth about auto trading software that claims a near 100% accuracy. In reality, a winning accuracy that of 99.8% (as stated by Thomas) is impossible and unrealistic! Even their demonstration shows a zero loss and crazy profits gained. Guys, please don’t misunderstand, we earned nice profits from trading and the use of the trading software. Yet our experience shows at best an 80% accuracy and that is definitely an honest achievement! Moreover, Crack Brokers actually utilize false proof to lure newbies into signing up with them (evidence below).

Who is Thomas Mallon and Mr. C?

Thomas Mallon and Mr. C from the story of Crack Brokers Software are a very suspicious character, to begin with. Unlike genuine trading software, this deal doesn’t quite explain their trading methods/strategy. Neither a legitimate background on their services is present. On a nutshell, Crack Brokers Software is an autopilot trading robot that asserts a $2,500 a day, $17,500 per week and $840,000 a year profits. Well, it might be a marketing gimmick but the demonstration done by Thomas clearly wants viewers to believe it. When in fact, the demonstration is untrustworthy while the 10 trades shown as trade history is obviously not trade history!

How do we know this? Well, the snapshot is actually just traded signals taken from the platform without proper details. Details like trade entry/expiry rates and times are absent from it. It is definitely a sneaky approach that Thomas Mallon attempts to fool viewers in that manner. It is only fair for viewers or traders to at least see proof of success with real trade history like what Binary Options Sentinel does.

On top of that, both Thomas and Mr. C are bogus characters, truthfully! Our research shows that there is no true connection between JP Morgan Chase and Crack Brokers in earning 100 million dollars. Plus, Thomas is actually a scam actor who appears in other trading scams previously too. Above all, Thomas Mallon is an actor hired from, a famous marketplace for cheap actors! Many blacklisted frauds get their phony actors from that place, unfortunately. Up to a point that it’s a major red-flag to see them in an offer! Hence, prompting us of a scam alert too!

Thomas Mallon Crack Brokers

Crack Brokers Scam Testimonies?

Another common fraud element we pinpoint in frauds is dishonest testimonials! Typically when we spot a fake trade history, it usually comes with vague and false testimonials to support unrealistic claims. Crack Brokers Software uses stolen pictures and scam actors from to endorse their unbelievable profits! So, we have no choice but to discard Crack Brokers success proof as they are misleading aspects!

Crack Brokers Fake Testimonial

Crack Brokers Conclusion

In reference to the above discoveries, we conclude that Crack Brokers is a SCAM! This software is not worth investing in or even tested due to the negative complaint trading community regarding Crack Brokers Scam. There is literally nothing genuine in the offer with a highly vague description of the trading methodology and deceiving information! Not to mention the bogus Thomas Mallon and testimonies too. Authentic trading applications are nothing like Crack Brokers Scam and our testing session does prove some to be reliable! Please do not invest into Crack Brokers Fraud!

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Is Binary Trading for Newbies?

Honestly, everybody has to start somewhere even in binary trading. Fortunately, we are here to steer you away from typical frauds which promise the world but delivers nothing. There are actually good auto traders that newbies can capitalize on to earn extra money online. Learning additional trading knowledge will also increase the maximum trading profits for each individual traders! So, our Recommended Trading Software are perfect examples of the system tested with proven track record of profits!

Remember guys, offers that claims to turn $250 into thousands of dollars are just fantasy and lies!Or even 100% Win Rate or guarantees! Nevertheless, it is possible to earn 10% to 30% profits from your total deposit per day with reliable trading tools!

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