Copy The Pro is a Scam Review!

Copy The Pro is a SCAM!

Please read our review on Copy The Pro before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Copy The Pro’s Scam Background! is a scam binary options auto trader that was scheduled to be released on 27th July 2015 with its primary concept of members will be able to execute trades by following their “professional traders” through Copy The Pro software. However, we have found several factors that is very suspicious especially in their presentation on their landing page. First of all, they have a banner on their landing page which shows a few of their “top professional traders” and already claim to have 600 to 2000 followers in their services. This is very odd and can be seen as a great attempt to scam new users into buying into their services, and the reason is because the number of followers are as such even prior to their release date. The marketing effort applied in hopes to scam new users into buying into their services also include a professional looking presentation which over promises users that there are potential of turning your initial deposit into millions in just a couple of weeks. Should you do a simple search on the internet, many would associate this auto trader as a scam in the binary options industry. Our team has also found out that the “professional traders” represented on the banner can be found in various website in the internet. That means the “professional traders” are not even with Copy The Pro.

Copy The Pro Fake Trader

Fake Traders!!!

Copy The Pro’s Conclusion

Ultimately, our verdict on Copy The Pro is that this binary options auto trader is a SCAM! Because you will not be following real traders under their services and their over promises may just end up burning a deep hole in your pocket with very minimal chances of winning.

Our advice to new binary options traders would be to follow real professional traders while most of the automated binary options traders are fake in the net. A simple guide to leading a profitable binary options trading would be to sign up with a regulated broker and select a reliable signal service which uses real traders. You may refer to Binary Options Sentinel’s Trusted Brokers and Signals for reliable services. Lastly, always look for a Demo account while trying out the Signal services you have signed up for before applying those binary option signals to your real trading account.

Verdict: Copy the Pro is a SCAM! 

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System! Safer than Copy The Pro!

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We would recommend new traders to check out other information available in Binary Options Sentinel in order to gain additional knowledge on trusted binary options brokers and signal services before investing your money! New traders may also choose to try out the free Demo Account to gain some trading experience. Keep in mind that trading with real money can earn you A LOT of money, but do keep in mind to minimize your potential loss! Please feel free to leave your comments below and share the love throughout the community!

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