Copy Buffett Software Performance & Guide Review!

Copy Buffett Software Guide & Performance Review! (Average of 80% ITM and How to use Copy Buffett Software)

Copy Buffett Software Performance Review Auto Binary Signal

Copy Buffett Software Performance Review is here! Just a recap, this software was released in mid February 2016 and it has been gaining so much popularity in the binary options industry since then! We have indeed seen many positive reviews around the internet on it’s profitability and many people have already withdrew their profits! So we have been following up with Copy Buffett Software’s performance since it’s release until early March and of course it is time to share our findings.

Copy Buffett Software Performance Review!

What would be the most sought after information about Copy Buffett Software? Naturally, it would be how much money did this auto trading system generate for traders! We have looked through many reliable sources and verified their evidence to make sure its legit. Among all the positive comments and review, we came across a genuine review from Binary Options Spot that has shared his journey with Copy Buffett Software! He tested Copy Buffett Software from 15th February 2016 until 26th February 2016 where he managed to grow his account from $500 to over $1,700! He basically tripled his account balance bringing him a return of 3 times his investment.

Below are his update videos which he shared online, however we are only going to provide the first video and his last update video to make a concise article! We also have provided a summary of his video below!

Copy Buffett Software Performance and Settings (15th February 2016)

Copy Buffett Software Performance after 2 weeks(26th February 2016)!

Summary of Journey:

Basically, Copy Buffett Software has grown his account from $500 to $1,700 in about 11 days on Auto-Trading mode with the following settings: 80%-90% strength level, trade size starting from $50 which he then increased to $100 later on, trading hours from 9am to 7pm GMT+0, and also avoid times where important announcement with reference economic calendar(30 minutes before and after the respective event). Thus, because of the success that Copy Buffett Software provided, we can therefore declare our confidence in Copy Buffett Performance and definitely listing this software as one of our trusted binary options auto trading system!

Copy Buffett Software Basic Guide:

  • The minimum deposit required for the broker registration is $250 and the software can only execute trades after verification process (most brokers require this). Verification process is where traders are required to submit scanned copy of personal documents and submit to the binary options brokers. Do not worry, it is a standard procedure by most reputable brokers in order to verify your account.
  • We have also received feedback that should traders put the signal strength to 90% or more, you would only be able to expect maybe 2 – 3 trades per day only. Assuming that we follow the suggested timing of 9am to 7pm GMT+0. Should you like more trades to be executed, try 80% signal strength but of course this would come as more risky. Try not to go below 80%!
  • How much should your trade volume be? Well, to be safe and conservative, we would suggest 5% of your total deposit. But of course with an initial deposit of $250 and the minimum trade volume of $25 means that it is 10% of your total fund. For a start, it would definitely be wiser to play it safe and grow your account with minimum risk.
  • Is Copy Buffett Software open for US traders? – Yes, there are several binary options brokers that accepts US citizen.
  • Would it be good to try the manual signals? – We advise traders to only use the manual signals if you have basic knowledge on reading charts. It would definitely be better to confirm the manual signals provided with reading the trends from a candlestick chart rather than following it blinding. Because we notice that the manual signals are indeed pretty decent, however the entry point is always the tricky part. The manual signal will still be available for you to click even if the ideal entry has already passed. Hence, do not try it if you do not know what you’re doing!
  • Always research on which binary options broker you are syncing with! If you do not like your broker, please feel free to email me at and I shall be happy to advise you on that!

We highly recommend Copy Buffett Software as it has already received many positive reviews and feedback from traders/reviewers in the industry! It is definitely a breath of fresh air that in the midst of many binary options scam system that was recently released, there is one that emerges as a reliable and profitable auto trading system! Copy Buffett Software Performance is hands down the best auto trading system in 2016 to date with it’s high performing results and reputation!

Verdict: Copy Buffett Software Performance is AWESOME! It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

How to Sign-up for Copy Buffett Software?

  1. Clear your Cookies (press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and click “Clear Browsing Data”) to avoid syncing errors!
  2. Click the Copy Buffett Software Link HERE!
  3. Complete the registration form and you shall be redirected to a binary options broker’s page.
  4. Make a minimum deposit of $250 and verify your account. Should you are interested in changing broker, email me at!
  5. Upon account verification, Log into your Copy Buffett Software platform and ENJOY trading!
Copy Buffett Software Auto Binary Signal

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