Copy Buffett Software Performance vs (Citidel Ltd and Centument)

Copy Buffett Software Vs Citidel Ltd vs Centument!

Trending Binary Auto Trading Signals System (February 2016 Edition)!

Which Auto Trading System is the Best to date? Shocking Results by Copy Buffett Software!

Copy Buffett Software vs Citidel vs Centument Review Auto Binary Signal
Which Auto Trader Triumphs Over the other in February 2016? Copy Buffett vs Citidel Investment App vs Centument

Copy Buffett Software vs Citidel vs Centument!

How good is Copy Buffett Software Performance? Which will arise as the victor in the match up among Copy Buffett Software vs Citidel vs Centument?  2016 kicked off with many different brands of binary options auto trading system where most of them are identified as SCAM programs. But among these massive influx of auto trading systems, there are reliable and profitable auto trader where traders can choose from! Such as the Copy Buffett Software, Citidel Ltd and Centument! These 3 binary options auto trading system is indeed profitable and able to generate income for it’s users. However, you may be wondering which among this 3 systems are the best performing system to-date! Well, we have gathered results from user feedback and reviews! Please read our findings below which we hope would help shed some light on which system you may be interested in.

Centument Ltd Performance Review

Centument Ltd which was introduced by Gerald Ross, a system that was released in January 2016 had attracted many traders around the world. Despite having mixed feelings about the originality of Centument Ltd itself, we have judge and reviewed Centument Ltd purely based on it’s ability on generating profits. The early phases in the first 5 days of testing, this auto trading system was performing at a high 70% to 80% ITM everyday. Mostly near 80%. It is definitely a profitable level of success rate where you may be able to find other success stories online as well. Unfortunately, Centument lost it’s edge a little and it’s average ITM% has dropped in the following weeks. This system is still holding a profitable level of ITM% of 71%! Yes, it is still profitable but not the best performing one this year.

Citidel Investment App Performance Review

This product by Dr. Kent Grifly had also gained popularity upon it’s launched a few weeks after Centument Ltd. Citidel Investment App claimed to have a 84% which attracted many traders to give this system a try as well. Based on a two weeks test, we find that the algorithm for Citidel Investment App is performing slightly better than Centument. During the early phase of testing, Citidel is able to perform at an ITM% of over 80%. There are some days of trading where it could hit it’s claimed 84% but it’s not frequent. We have also received feedback from traders in the industry that quite a significant portion of traders still using Citidel Investment App and they are reporting that this system is still holding strong above 70% ITM. Hence, after comparing feedback from various sources, this system is averaging at about 73%. Similar to Centument Ltd, it is still a profitable system! But how about Copy Buffett?

Copy Buffett Software Performance Review

Copy Buffett Software performance, is by far the most impressive binary options auto trading system in 2016 to date! It’s algorithm is clearly performing better than both Centument and Citidel Ltd! Test had been carried out for a week so far and the ITM% is reported to be over 80%! There are significant feedback from traders and testers in the binary options community where they are very happy with Copy Buffett Software performance. Traders whom have invested in this software had managed to double up their investment in a week time! Hence, it is the most impressive algorithm to date, and also consistent in the market as well! At this present moment, February 2016, Copy Buffett Software performance is hands-down the best binary options auto trading system, and with it’s consistency, probably going to be the best in 2016! Well, time can only tell, we shall hope for the best in Copy Buffett Software to perform better. So far we have not come across any negative feedback on this system yet, happy days!

Verdict: Copy Buffett is the best performing binary options auto trading system to date! (80% ITM Results!) Thank you for reading our Copy Buffett Software vs Citidel vs Centument Review!

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6 comments on “Copy Buffett Software Performance vs (Citidel Ltd and Centument)


Awesome! Just got my paycheck so i’ll be looking to tryout one of the 3 as soon as I get back from work. Thanks for the review!

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Andrew! Thank you for reading this review, I hope it helps you in determining the best performing system right now. Good luck!


Wow! Kind of a tough one this but i must agree that Copy Buffett is indeed the clear winner here. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!! 🙂

Binary Options Sentinel

Yes, Gareth! It is indeed a tough comparison, but Copy Buffett is hands down the performing one. Thank you for reading the review!


Thank you for posting this review. I do like the professionalism of the Centument video and the Citidel Video. But I think out of all them I prefer the Copy Buffett app because it gives us a very nice indicator of how strong a signal is and tends to be more consistent in finding more accurate trades. I have used it for a week now and doubled my investment

Binary Options Sentinel

Thank you Miral, it was my pleasure. That’s great news! Doubling up on your investment in a week is definitely great news. Good luck and I hope Copy Buffett brings you consistent profits! 🙂


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