Compound Trader Software Scam or Legit Review! MUST READ Warning!

Is Compound Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Thinking of investing into Compound Trader Software at after listening to Dr. Albert Henderson? Please be sure to read and understand our Compound Trader Scam Review before investing into this auto trading system. It essential to know that this is a binary options trading software which supposedly trades and gives trading signals. Though such a software can indeed help traders to gain profits on autopilot, many auto traders in the industry are scams! Hence, knowing whether does the Compound Trader App belong with these sly group of trading systems will be your best interest!

Dr. Albert Henderson’s Compound Trader Software runs on a ‘compounding concept’ where profits are reinvested/traded in order to gain a larger profit margin. Although it sounds risky, Dr. Albert mentioned that this trading software has an accuracy of 98% win rate. Developed for 7 years, the aforementioned accuracy allows this auto trader to grow your funds exponentially. In the words of Dr. Albert himself, he described it as being able to grow a $300 fund into hundreds of thousands in the next 30 days, GUARANTEED. There’s also banners stating that you will be able to make $770 per hour and a staggering $12,000 per day!

As attractive as the Compound Trader Software sounds, we can’t ignore the fact it sounds too good to be true. While being a hands-on binary options trader, the profit growth shared by Dr. Albert is definitely deemed as unworkable by our standards. As such, our suspicion of this “get rich within 30 days” has to lead us into an investigation! Read below for more information!

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Who is Dr. Albert Henderson? Compounding Method in Binary Options?

Honestly, there is very little information provided by Dr. Albert himself aside from the ‘illusive’ development team which so-called invented this trading app. There is no verifiable literature or sources that could confirm any trading related article which is really odd. As such, we can only intensify our suspicion on this trading app. Purely because there is no proper introduction about himself or his team.

Either way, the ‘compounding effect’ proposed by Dr. Albert is, in fact, a very risky money management method! He has correctly defined compounding as ‘reinvesting’ your profits in order to gain exponential growth of account. Similar to the 401k or any saving plans which incurred annual interest, it is mathematically possible! In theory, if you have a 100% win rate, you will definitely grow your funds at an exponential rate! BUT, it is not an ideal money management practice in binary trading or any form of trading! That’s because we will need to take losses into account as only one loss would result in losing of previous profits!

REMEMBER, Do not manage your account by always reinvesting your profits immediately after every win! Such a trading method is very similar to Martingale method which is not recommend new traders to use. We strongly advise traders to consistently grow their account one trade at a time!

Earning $12,000 a day, Limited Spots Remaining?

With regards to the above, we certainly do not understand why Compound Trader Software actually calls themselves that! In fact, there is no compounding functionality on their software platform at all! Instead, it has the typical settings required such as trade size, risk level, and strength level. In short, this means that ‘Compounding’ is actually a way traders manage their trade sizes. The software will not compound trader’s profits by itself, that’s entirely up to the trader! Under this circumstances, we can safely say that this app has zero capability in ‘increasing your profit margin’ by itself!

Compounding Function Compound Trader Scam Review

Also, it is a very unlikely scenario where a trader is capable of earning a “Guaranteed” $12,000 per day from a small $300 deposit within 30 days. Similarly, 98% accuracy is also a highly unrealistic accuracy rate! These impractical claims are usually made in phony trading software that ends up disappointing traders with its poor performance. Why the blatant lie, you may ask? Well, these scam artist focuses on a fantasy to entice inexperienced traders to invest.

The Lack of testimonials or actual trade histories doesn’t help with the illogical Compound Trader offer which pairs with an unreal profit claim. Aside from that, Dr. Albert’s “limited spots left” should not be taken seriously too. The clock counter does not prevent viewers to further register and it simply refreshes upon your next visit. Do not rashly sign up with this scam/fraud! It’s just a meaningless tactic trying to create a false sense of urgency!

Compound Trader’s Conclusion!

With all the above points, we can safely conclude that Compound Trader is a SCAM! It is an illogical trading app that misinterpreted the word ‘compounding’ with profits potential that could only come true in our dreams. Losing a trade is inevitable and losing a trade while reinvesting your previous profits is not exactly a good trading system! It’s only a recipe to dry up trading accounts! We have also received dissatisfied feedback from traders invested into this system too. Let’s get real guys, $12,000 a day is definitely not going to happen with Compound Trader!

P/S: We’ve identified over hundred phony trading systems and compiled them into our Blacklist! Do refer to them should you come across any other trading app before you invest! Also, feel free to comment if there is an auto trader which you’d like us to investigate!


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