Coin Bot Lab Review: Another SCAM $500/Day B.S!

Coin Bot Lab Scam Review

Coin Bot Lab also is known as CoinBotLab Software is another dangerous scam cryptocurrency trading software you should avoid! Most importantly, it has caused massive losses among day traders. This review serves as a report on Coin Bot Lab Scam due to their poor quality trading signal. Not only that, users found themselves in a situation where their account is depleting and worst lost their investment.

Thus, this prompts us to investigate and write about the in order to verify their legitimacy. However, our research reveals that this crypto auto trading software is yet another fraudulent auto trader.

Aside from interested traders, we have already received several complaints subject to poor performance that joined CoinBotLab. This furthers affirms our findings on its’ faulty and inaccurate trading signals. Similar to many other scams we have exposed in the trading world recently.

Upon learning everything we know about Coin Bot Lab, we find it necessary to warn our readers about this bad investment. Read our CoinBotLab Review and find out what the scam artist wish to hide from you.

Coin Bot Lab Review – A ComeBack Duplicate Scam!

Trade Center Pro Scam Review

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you probably would realize that Coin Bot Lab is not a reputable money making a trading app.

A quick look at their website,, you’ll quickly realize that it has the same outlook with Trade Center Pro Scam. In fact, the arrangement and endorsement are exactly the same. Both which has no credible information about their reliability. Zero proof of actual success and genuine trade history.

There is absolutely no reason to trust their claims of earning $200 to $500 per day from an initial investment of $1,000. The sneaky scammer simply hides behind this lie and hope that you blindly place your trust with them. How could we ever trust this trading software?

Aside from their similar look, we notice that their intention of providing misleading details and false profits. Very much like other scams, we exposed such as the Bitcoin Bonanza and Crypto Virtnext SCAM.

Losing your funds with CoinBotLab

Nevertheless, the main reason why we are writing a negative review is that of traders feedback. As mentioned previously, we received complaints from angry users that joined Coin Bot Lab and reports poor quality signals.

Unfortunately for these traders, they have suffered unnecessary losses to this trading system. The winning rate is reported to be around 30% winning accuracy at best and provides illogical trading signals.

This reason alone is sufficient to triggers this warning about this poor quality trading system. In addition to that, there are scam factors we usually see from typical “Get Rich Quick” and unrealistic scam that pretends to be a good trading software here! Check it out below!

Annonymous Scammer & Fake Review

Coin Bot Lab Results

One element that we didn’t like about Coin Bot Lab is the fact that there is no legitimate company name or owner stated on their website. Honestly, we see this tactic in all the scams we talked about. Whereby they make bold profits potential claims but fails to actually provide good Coin Bot Lab Results to their users.

Another fact is that Coin Bot Lab has exactly the same structure as Trade Center Pro scam where both don’t have a legit company name. We also do not have an owner or anyone to blame for their poor quality signals.

Hence, it is rather obvious this scam developer hides behind a fake name or ghost developer. So in a way, no actual presentation about who is the creator of the software or company name lacks transparency.

Plus, we keep seeing fake reviews in both these scams, the exact same format. Remember, we can’t find a single positive feedback anywhere online or any legit success of Coin Bot Lab. The only positive review you will find is on their website itself.

Profiles that lists thousands of dollars in profits, unfortunately, aren’t real. The pictures in the profiles are merely stolen by other random websites. Moreover, Coin Bot Lab did not share a single trade execution for us to check out. So why would a person resort to showing fake profiles to their viewers? Well, simply because they are not able to actually provide any positive results.

We certainly can’t trust Coin Bot Lab claims of gaining $500 daily profits or their 91% win rate in 2017! They simply do not have substantial evidence or legit success proof!

Join Coin Bot Lab Scam?

Similar to the previous scam, Coin Bot Lab only positive aspect is the ability to choose your broker. However, what is the use of having a decent broker but the trading software is going to screw you over. Coin Bot Lab Scam poor trading accuracy is only going to deplete your account with no actual success.

In reality, users will not be able to at least break even but worst, lose their entire investment overtime.

Final Conclusion: Stay away from Coin Bot Lab! It doesn’t provide good quality trading signals! It employs false testimonials with unrealistic profit claims that will never come true.

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