CogniTrade Review – SCAM using Cognitive Computing Trading EXPOSED!

CogniTrade Scam Review

Is CogniTrade a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

CogniTrade represented by Cameron Doyle greets viewers with the theory of Cognitive Computing Trading to help with financial investment decisions. Can this truly be a new legit way for us to make extra profits from our homes? Cameron declares an instant $1,500 profit in the first 24 hours ending up into your checking account! To be honest, this is one of the most extensive researched trading software we’d review in a long time, simply to give our readers the most accurate verdict on this deal! Can you actually make money from this opportunity?

CogniTrade Software Official Webpage:

First off, CogniTrade Software adapts the newly researched and booming application of cognitive computing technology which is a completely legit thing. The first two figure Dharmendra Modha and Eric Brown are two important individuals in this area of interest. But to be clear, these two people have NO RELATION to CogniTrade App at all despite the two speech actually happen. Long story short, our investigation lead us to believe that CogniTrade had hijacked their videos and borrowed it to sell their SCAM! Cognitive Computing is pretty much an AI-like concept used to process a large amount of data, machine learning and make decisions. On the other hand, COGNITRADE seems to cloak their money stealing agenda with this concept! Please find our evidence in our Cognitrade Review!

Can Cognitive Computing Technology use in Investment?

The short answer is that it is still in a phase of testing and improvement. Therefore it’s not really a conclusive statement where we can be sure 100% that cognitive computing is being used in trading. Although it is applied in other industry as a tool to learn and make decisions, we doubt that Cognitrade is the first of its kind to apply it in trading. More importantly, Cognitrade Software’s assertion of having 95.2% accuracy/win rate and $1,500 profit guarantee seems to be very suspicious claims!

The reason is simple because in all of our trading experience, 100% of the fraud we exposed claims to have over 90% accuracy and guarantees a certain profit! Regardless of the initial deposit, we as traders know such level of success is unrealistic! Unsurprisingly, we debunked other CogniTrade details which turn out to be highly misleading and FAKE!

Note: We typically aim for about $100 per day with a minimum $25 investment per trade, or 10% – 20% account growth per day with a Profitable Trading System.

Falsity CogniTrade Trading Software!

Truth is, we already hear negative review and complaints about this trading software! CogniTrade Scam actual trading performance is actually far from 95% win rate while losing more than half the trade executions. Thus it is not surprising to learn that Cameron Doyle himself is a fake founder. He attempts to fool viewers with this cognitive trading. Even his professional expertise as an Ex-IBM engineer turns out to be bogus when he claims such impractical profit potential and accuracy. For this reason, Cameron is highly like a paid actor selling lies!

That includes the fake endorsements we see on about daily guaranteed profits and contradicting deal. For one, he mentioned that the app will charge 2% of the profits earn. But in the member’s area, it states zero fees/commission. Not that we’re expecting to see any profits since Cameron goes all the way to lie. Another fundamental mistake or misleading information he shares is the “24-hour profit into your checking account”! Typically withdrawal process from your trading account requires 3-5 business days!

So, we investigated and found out the 20 happy users receiving their money in their bank account are pure SHAM! Furthermore, the testimonials we see in the presentation are typical actors reading scripted lines! Rest assured we’ve seen this two individual in other scams previously where they charged $5 for rendering their acting services!

Fake Testimonial CogniTrade Software

Suspicious Trade History!

Aside from the above, to further veil their trickery, CogniTrade Scam creates fake trade history to cover up their dishonesty! If we look closely, the trades executions only include USD/CHF and GBP/CHF trades instead of the major currencies. Which is rather weird because one of is a rare currency pair that is only available to trade at certain timing.

On top of that, we noticed the trade history includes trading activity during a holiday season when banks/exchange are close! Meaning, there shouldn’t be any trade orders or executions on that day! Binary brokers would not have these two currency pairs available for a trade anyway! Under those circumstances, CogniTrade definitely provides us with a fake track record!

Unsurprisingly, we also do not get the luxury to see any trading platform demonstration by CogniTrade Software since they have been lying to us. We definitely take pride in our own Testing sessions where be invested in judging & compiling the best performing trading software. Including real trade histories!

Fake Cognitrade Trade History

CogniTrade Review Conclusion!

As a result of our in-depth study, we can conclude that CogniTrade is a SCAM! This fraud plainly does not provide us with any genuine details and the gesture of tricking us with cognitive computing theory is pure evil! Instead of providing a reliable trading solution, we’re dealing with a typical untrustworthy app! Please do not invest into CogniTrade Scam!

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