Coffeeshop Hackdroid is a SCAM Review!

Coffeeshop Hackdroid is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Coffeeshop Hackdroid before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

CoffeeShop Hackdroid is another binary options scam that is getting some attention from binary options traders in the industry. Nevertheless, this scam binary options auto trading system attempts to draw public’s attention by the “Robin Hood” inspired style of story which goes like this: The presenter (whom did not introduce himself or any group representing CoffeeShop Hackdroid) started off with a short news of mobile hackers that hacked the Starbucks app which benefited the consumer and resulted into loss of money for Starbucks. After which the presenter proceed with recruiting two stellar hackers to gather thousands of binary options signals algorithm and combine all of them into this CoffeeShop Hackdroid. He then claims that this software is capable of generating profits as high as $100,000 (the video in the members area claims that the software can make $5,000 in the first hour of operation with a $250 deposit, and about $125,000 in the first month). That figure is clearly an exaggeration. He also continue to motivate the listeners that the CoffeeShop Hackdroid is designed to get back at the large corporations by redistributing the wealth and it is time for people like us to stand up and take a piece of the pie where larger corporations take from us. This really doesn’t make sense, because the larger corporations has nothing to do with the binary options trades that the droid user were about to ‘profit’ from. Trading binary options on revolves between the trader and the binary options brokers, it most certainly has nothing to do with getting back at the large corporations. The pitch would probably work only on desperate users that were motivated by the Robin Hood story and not thinking things through.

We note that throughout the whole presentation, there was no introduction made on who the presenter is, apart from the person that recruiter the hackers (which are to remain anonymous)  to program this autotrader. Unknown character like this gives us the impression that this software is not trustworthy and lacks credibility. CoffeeShop Hackdroid also employs the meaningless “countdown timer to secure your spot” and “number of people queued for this offer”. These tactics is often being implemented by scam sites and usually the binary options auto traders that come along with it are not reliable. The presenter also end the presentation by stating that it is FREE, and there is no need to take your credit card out from the wallet. We all know that this is untrue, especially for the binary options auto trader to work, traders will need to deposit a minimum of $250 to activate the account. It is a very misleading quote indeed.

As we proceed to the “member’s area”, we are able to find a few video testimonials that speaks for this app, however, we will have to distrust those testimonial especially when CoffeeShop Hackdroid uses Fiverr actors for their testimonials. Meet Jessica Mueller from Fiverr, one of the fake “trader” that CoffeeShop Hackdroid employed to give a testimonial on their performance. The act of having paid actors to do a fake testimonial is indeed a SCAM-like behavior that is designed to draw customers to get their product indeed.

CoffeeShop Hackdroid is a SCAM - Fiverr Actor SCAM

Fiverr Actor paid to fabricate fake testimonials! – CoffeeShop Hackdroid is a SCAM

Moving on the, the binary options broker that is synced with CoffeeShop Hackdroid is OptionsMaker, which has a pretty bad reputation in the industry as we can find negative reviews all around the internet for bad withdrawals experiences. Nevertheless, we also find out that currently in January 2016, this scam software is also synced with Inside Options, another binary options broker that has received quite a lot negative feedback in the aspects of withdrawals problems and additional charges on credit card to be used to add funds into the account without the consent of the trader. Another interesting fact is that Inside Options is open to a minimum deposit of $250 however based on their terms and condition (clause 4.8 c,d,e) the minimum amount to withdraw through wire transfer and credit card/debit card transfer is $500. Traders will need to take not as this restriction in their consideration especially withdrawing their funds is very crucial! According to Inside Options website, there are only three mode of withdrawals available which are wire transfer, credit card/debit card transfer, and through Moneybookers. This small terms is very inconvenient as compared to the other binary brokers that will provide withdrawals with a small fee of surcharge depending on your account type, and most good/regulated brokers do allow credit card/debit card transfer with no minimum withdrawal amount. Hence, please be aware that traders that decided to give this software a try and deposit a minimum fund of $250, you will probably only able to withdraw through Moneybookers however, we are not sure how that is going to work out though. May be risky and quite unpredictable because it is uncommon to have a minimum withdrawals amount even for a credit card transfer.

We encourage traders to avoid trading with CoffeeShop Hackdroid due to its fraudulent testimonials, compromising claims of earning large amount of profit just by using this app (“even his 7 year old daughter can do it” quoted by the presenter), meaningless countdown timer/spots to pressure buying attitude and partnering with binary options broker with bad reputation (OptionsMakers and Inside Options). We recommend new traders that is looking for reliable binary options auto trading software to visit our binary options signals page for some reliable software and it is safer to deposit funds to reputable binary options brokers as well! Good luck and all the best in your trades!!!

Verdict: CoffeeShop Hackdroid is a SCAM!

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