Cobalt Code Software Scam Review! Grant Stone BS Exposed!

Is Cobalt Code Software a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Got an invitation to invest in Cobalt Code Software by Grant Stone at Wondering whether this cobalt trading system will make you a lot of money? Obviously, Grant’s eye opening MILLIONS caught the attention of its viewers for sure! Yet, as an experienced binary options traders, we’ve seen many trading software that promises massive profit potential but with zero results. Hence, we’ve proceeded with an in-depth investigation on Grant Stone and is proclaimed Cobalt specific auto trader. Our discovery is rather alarming that there are many misleading aspects found in their 50 minutes presentation video. In fact, there is a sneaky “money trap” offer at the end that could cause inconvenience to traders too. Read below for more information!

The Cobalt Code Software is said to be an automated trading system that specialized in Cobalt metal trades! Grant mentioned that his 23 years work experience in the cobalt mining industry enables him to gain “legal insider information” on how the billionaires earn money. Although he admits that he is not a trader, his bogus friend, Steve, is responsible for the Cobalt Code software development. Grant boast about the trading software’s ability to achieve 98.79% winning rate and his “special insider information“. He also mentioned that users can earn a minimum of $12,000 a single day which is demonstrated in the video too. Nevertheless, the demonstrations and proofs he shared are very suspicious and falsified based on our observation!

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Grant Stone, An Actor with Phony Background!

To be honest, we strongly doubt that a miner that works for 23 years will even get access to the “insider information”. Besides that, there’s no legal insider information trading anyway! Grant’s story of suddenly earning close to a Billion dollars in 2 years through this crazy miracle doesn’t seem to make any sense. If he is “not a trader” and “not a whiz” as he said about himself in the video, there should be no way that he can gain access to “insider information” working as a ‘hands-on’ personal at the mine. Even if he does gain access, it’s illogical that he is able to gain “insider information” for 2 years continuously!

The suspicion does not stop there! Grant actually exclaimed that the Cobalt Code is NOT A BINARY OPTIONS Software! It’s definitely a fact that Cobalt Code is a binary options auto trader, but a dishonest one! Surely, it’s dumb to contradict himself in such a manner which affects how the viewers suppose to believe everything he said! We simply can’t! On the other hand, trading cobalt in binary options is extremely rare! Actually, we’ve never come across the opportunity to trade Cobalt in 90% of the brokers. The only metal that is commonly available for trade is actually Copper!

Use of FAKE Testimonials & Demonstration!

We’ve discovered fabricated testimonials all over the web page and video! This is done by using paid actors from and random pictures taken from other websites which are commons strategies scam artist employs. The demonstration itself is modified to show the “Cobalt” trading as assets and the Profits shown are misleading. After attempting to register for Cobalt Code software, we were directed to Option Bit which obviously does not have Cobalt as their asset!

Fake Testimonials Cobalt Code Scam

The profit column quotes inaccurate profits too. The typical payout for binary options trading is about 70% to 80% of your invested amount. Take a $350 trade as depicted in the trade history. You should be getting about $595 to $630 payout! Please note that Payout is not equated to Profits as mentioned by the lying Grant Stone. Information given by Grant himself is quite contradicting and illogical which puts Cobalt Code Software as a highly suspicious trading app.

Fake Demonstration Cobalt Code Software Trading

Bonus Trap and Unreal PROFITS expectation!

Let’s get real guys, we’re most certainly not be going to be a millionaire in such a short time! A realistic goal to make in binary options trading is a consistent 10% to 20% gain every day! Not a guaranteed $12,000 profits daily. Besides, a 98% accuracy is unreachable and impossible winning rate even for the best traders in the world. Our recommended auto trader are performing at an impressive 80% ITM (In the Money)/Win average which is a realistic goal.

All scams that promote itself with nonsensical accuracy/winning rates does not perform in reality. We’ve received word that Cobalt Code Software performs only at a 40% win accuracy and it does not execute cobalt trades too! Hence, Cobalt Code’s provided information are by far, not trustworthy and misleading.

The most deceitful facet noticeable in Cobalt Code is the $100 bonus. It’s disguised as another demonstration whereby Grant gives away $60 for free and execute one 60 seconds trade. Thereafter, it will be a ‘winning trade’ and ends up with a $100 fund which you can ask for. The truth is that it’s not a REAL demonstration to mislead viewers. We’ve attempted the registration on a Sunday when major currencies pair market is supposedly closed. Plainly, this demonstration indicates an ‘open trade’ which trades on currencies which not supposed to be trade-able that day. Obviously, this is not a real trade and traders should refrain from accepting bonuses. As it imposes additional terms and condition to your withdrawals that refrain you from taking out your money.

Bonus Trap Cobalt Code Scam Review

Stay Away from Cobalt Code Software!

With reference to all the tricks and lies exposed above, we can safely conclude that Cobalt Code Software is a SCAM software! It’s apparent that this software represents itself as a type of “be a millionaire” software with impractical winning rate ($12,000/day and 98% win). The assertion that this is a cobalt focused trading application is also a lie as cobalt is not available in almost every single binary options broker. Bonuses disguised as free money won during a demonstration is also another cunning scam tactics! Binary Options Sentinel have reviewed over 100 automated trading system and majority end ups in our list of Fraudulent Software.

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