Cloud Trader Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT? Cloud-Based??

Cloud Trader Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Cloud Trader is a SCAM Review!

Cloud Trader is a scam binary options auto trading system that was launched in March 2016 along with it’s website creation too. This scam system aims to sell it’s viewers with it’s “Cloud based” servers which is said to be able to perform faster. The high speed performance is also said to be able to guarantee profits of $1250 per day, FOR  LIFE. Such a claim definitely is too good to be true and we guarantee that it will not be able to deliver. The reason is simple, because there is no such thing as guaranteed profits in binary options tradings or in any other form of trading! The scammer is bold enough to exaggerate the claim to an amount of over $1,000 a day which is of course an absolutely lie. We strongly advise our readers to always keep in check whenever an offer sounds too good to be true, proceed with a small research on what binary option trading is.

Apart from that unrealistic and over promising claim of profits, we also identified a few more scam-like aspects in the website which serves as a red flag to stay away. Let us examine the story real quick, this system is founded by the alleged CEO, Matthew Shepherd, in 2012. He claims that since the Cloud Trader went live, it has never lost a SINGLE trade on auto pilot mode. He also further claims that it is mathematically impossible for Cloud Trader to lose a trade. Additionally, Cloud Trader is said to already have 840 active users that are making at least $1,250 daily ever since. On a nutshell, we certainly find the story a fantasy that will never ever come true. We rather say that it is mathematically impossible to get a 100% accuracy on the auto trader!

What is wrong with Cloud Trader’s SCAM Concept?

First and foremost, the concept of Cloud Trader’s selling point, the super high speed is definitely flawed. Let’s put it this way, in order to have a faster trade execution speed, logically, we should have a server closer to the place where the market is. For example, should we want the fastest trade execution speed say for the NASDAQ/NYSE, we need to place a server in the premises itself! Cloud based server has little or almost no direct relation to trade execution speed. The speed of execution is highly dependent on how quick the trade order can be sent/receive from say in terms of Wall Street, the brokers server to the exchange. Hence, in binary options trading terms, it will depend on our own personal computer and our internet speed sending data to the binary options broker server.

What is Cloud based computing? It is a type of Internet based computing that provides on-demand access to shared pool of configurable computing resources. Naturally, as a cloud based system, it would be better to have servers around the world to provide quicker access for users to whatever the system provides. The number of servers is not a representation of how quick the system can run, but rather how quick you as a user can reach the required system. So on a nutshell, we fail to see how Cloud based computing will actually help in terms of trade execution. Matthew claims that cloud based system works with their supercomputer which is said to have 7 millionth of a second advantage than it’s closest rival. Hence, for our own amusement, we attempted to do a website speed test on Please be informed that their auto trader is also web-based, hence, the speed of website can be correlated to their actual speed.

Cloud Trader Scam Review Fake Cloud Concept

Cloud Trader Scam Review: Website Speed Test, looking for imaginary server farms~

Cloud Trader Scam Review Fake Cloud Concept

Cloud Trader Scam Review: Website Speed Test, looking for imaginary server farms~

We found that a speed test at that pings from various locations to and what we found is absolutely hilarious. While Matthew claims to have servers all around the world, we can see that the response time very different from each location.  Obviously from a simple search, we can find that the hosting for is by which is based on the US. Naturally the ping from US will get a faster respond time. But response time from India, China and even Brisbane is more than two times slower as compared to US. This just proves that Cloud Trader does not actually have these servers placed all around the globe as how Matthew claims to be.NO SUPER SPEED Trade Executions and clear NO server farms in Australia!

Other Scam-like Elements in Cloud Trader’s Offer

Apart from that hilarious claims of having a lighting speed trade executions, the claimed 840 existing users is just a fake story fabricated to support this scam auto trader. results also reveals that has only recently been created in March 2016! How could it possible have so many users and already profited over $100 million! Apart from that, the supposedly “live” Facebook and Twitter feeds are fake as well. It is a programmed script that repeats itself every time a viewer visits the webpage. So, nothing on this webpage actually gives reliable or verifiable information and it definitely comes across as very unsafe to actually invest to. We also failed to verify the claim that Cloud Trader has debuted in 2012 and has never once lost a trade! Should such an auto trader truly exist and has 840 active users, there is no way that word does not spread out about Cloud Trader. The only information about Cloud Trader we can find on the net now is this SCAM auto trading system! Cloud Trader did not exist prior to March 2016!

Cloud Trader’s Conclusion

We conclude that Cloud Trader is a scam binary options auto trading system due to it’s unrealistic 100% accuracy claim, guaranteed profit of $1,250 daily, nonsensical “Cloud based” concept used in binary options, and unverifiable fabricated story of it’s debut in 2012. Please stay away from Cloud Trader, there is no way it can actually deliver what it previously claimed because it is completely illogical and impossible! Please refer below to our trusted binary options auto trading system below for safer alternative.

Verdict: Cloud Trader is a SCAM!

Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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  1. mark Manino

    Please tall me
    who is ?
    What is?
    The BesT Auto trading signal software that Can Literrally Really Run on AUTO PiLoT –
    which is fully Automatic….!
    And what WiN Ratio does it supply on FuLL Automatic example 85%, 73% etc
    Kind regards

    1. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

      Hi Mark,
      I hope this review is helpful for you. You can try checking out Copy Buffett Software that has an average of 80% ITM on Auto-Pilot. Of course to be profitable in binary options trading we should be looking for software that is above 70%.

  2. mark Manino

    Is copy Buffet software really ReaL is this Automatic Or ScaM.
    Kind regards

  3. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

    Hi Mark,
    As mentioned above, Copy Buffett Software has a very positive outlook within the industry. Please check out my review on Copy Buffett Software Performance on more detail on how to use it effectively! Click here:

    Feel free to ask if you have any question. 🙂

  4. mark manino

    When are we going to have internet Regulations to stop scam Artists from making millions of dollars when is someone or Government going to interact and start catching these people.
    From Interpol – federal police Levels
    Governments should introduce the
    Internet Law
    Phishing, Scamming , stealing, Fraud, decieve on the Internet should have incorporated all these charges against people who collaborate, associate, participate, amalgamate, knowingly implement Strategies digitally , electronically to Decieve The internet Globally Should carry the mandatory sentence for ALL offences mentioned And for each country destination That the offences occurred.
    Its TimE for — “The Internet Law”
    to commence and the United Nations can Head The regulations following the internet pact country agreements worldwide will follow.
    The internet Criminals cannot Hide in any country they will be caught on case by case identity reference case files where by there is No Statute of Limitation of Expiry on Internet CriminaL activity.
    This Must Be Done NoW. !

  5. mark manino

    I was just on the phone with OptionBit

    1. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

      Hi Mark,
      We try our best to expose as many scams around and of course if there is the Law it will be great. OptionBit has pretty good reputation within the industry. Do be careful of Bonuses~ Try to not take it, if not it will impose additional withdrawal terms.


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