Click Trade App Scam Review! Legitimacy Exposed! Fake or LEGIT?

Is Click Trade App a SCAM or LEGIT Binary Option Auto Trading System?

Been invited or redirected to Click Trade App auto trader offer at Find John Cross‘s presentation enticing and contemplating in investing? Read our Click Trade App Scam Review before you make a decision! This aggressive deal have been inviting both experienced and inexperienced traders to put their money with Click Trade App. Upon investigating this specific auto trading system, we found disturbing factors that would label this as a typical SCAM. Ultimately, leading traders into a bad investment decision with poor performing software similar to trading apps which we Blacklisted!

The Click Trade App aka CTradeApp by John Cross is a trading system that earns it’s users $1,500 profits every day. It’s also said to have a 90% winning accuracy along with trading algorithm that guarantees it’s performance. The algorithm is able to detect 0.0000001% risk and places a counter trade in the opposite direction before “your auto trade expires”. Apart from that, the trial version of the software is also shared in the second registration page which executes 10 trades and leaves a profit of $1,120! Obviously you will need to register to claimed your “profits” from the trial version! Fundamentally, Click Trade App may appear to be a profitable deal, BUT in depth investigation affirms fraudulent aspects! Please read our findings below!

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Reasons Why Click Trade App is Not GENUINE!

We can’t help but ignore that John Cross, the alleged CEO of Click Trade App, seems very familiar! Thereafter, we found the true identity of John Cross and he’s far from an actual CEO or even trader! In reality, this phony system fabricates John to represent their evil ploy! This is easily proven when we pin point an actor that provides video testimonials services from Fiverr! Apparently, John will read any script for $5 as he is an actor from Australian with a username Activerog! This is actually a common indication that an automated trading system is a scam.

Additionally, John’s claim of Click Trade App’s successes of producing profits of $1,500 everyday and gaining 1,000 members are a myth. Our fact-finding efforts to further verify these facts ends up a failure as there literally NO verifiable proof. Obviously, John the fabricated character is a CEO of a fictional Click Trade App company. It’s no surprise that a highly likely hoax would spare little effort in producing a legit looking webpage.’s appearance is definitely unprofessional with spelling errors and poorly constructed website!

We honestly believe that Click Trade App’s assertion of making a guaranteed $1,500 every day a little far-fetched. Whilst reviewing various auto-trading system and having experience in binary trading, there is no such thing as guaranteed profits in trading. That includes all form of trading including conventional stock/currencies trading. In fact,it’s typical of a scam trading system to make over-promising allegations to lure immediate sign-ups. Sadly without any true intention of profiting for it’s users as we received negative feedback about Click Trade App.

John Cross Actor Click Trade App Binary Trading

No such thing as Guaranteed $1,500 per day profits?

Aside from John not being an actual CEO, we believe that the entire script is completely misleading. Take the Algobitex Algorithm for instance. The algorithm is said to be able to access risk level and perform a counter trade should it calculates a tiny fraction of risk in the other direction! While we may be able to apply such concept in conventional trading, it’s not exactly applicable in binary options trading due to the different expiry time. The tiny change of risk of 0.0000001% definitely happens every milliseconds and it is not logical to place a counter trade too. Definitely a recipe to bust your account if the auto trader truly operates in this manner.

Plus, John mentioned that this algorithm will close trades at least a 100% to 250% profit which is absolutely nonsense! Typical binary options payout are actually 70% – 80% of your investment in each trade! Clearly that is rather a huge disparity between the said and the truth there! Furthermore, the 90% winning accuracy is a complete fantasy. Our experiences with countless auto trading system provides at best 80% accuracy. Anything higher than that are commonly fraud systems that shares unrealistic numbers to support their delusional profit making capabilities. Due to such a misinformed information and script from John, we have no choice but to expose all this misleading profits!

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Dangerous Click Trade App’s Trial Version! A Bonus Trap?

Click Trade App’s second registration page offers a “Trial Version” that enables users to execute 10 trades with an initial balance of $250! Regrettably, this is merely a decoy used to lure newbie traders as well! Obviously the webpage is designed to perform a seemingly legit trade executions until the $250 grows into a $1,120. It then prompts you to complete the registration page to “withdraw” the profits! However, this free $1,120 is not actually available for you to withdraw immediately. It’s actually a form of bonuses which will impose additional terms and condition to a trader’s withdrawal.

You will not be able to withdraw your funds when you accept any form of bonuses until you reached an extremely high trading volume! Typically it is (deposit + bonus) x 30! Hence, we strongly advise trading not to take up any bonuses unless they are comfortable with their trading system/method. Definitely an unpleasant feeling to find out that you are unable to withdraw your funds anytime you want!

Click Trade App Conclusion!

Based on the dishonesty associated with this trading system, we can safely conclude Click Trade App is a SCAM! It’s almost universal that ALL auto trader scams employs similar strategies above to lure newbie traders to invest with them. More often than not, these innocent victims found out the truth to their bad investments with their poor performances. Over-promising and misleading information shared in phony presentations are illusions that you should not trust! Do check in with our Blacklist regularly to stay tuned with our investigative reports as we expose these lies!

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Binary Options Trading can indeed generate good profits for traders however only with the right tools! Yet, fraud trading apps which damages the industry reputation while stealing money from traders clearly benefits the scam-artist only. Thereupon, it’s always essential for traders to do sufficient research before making an investment decision! Fortunately, we do find GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trader that emerges every once in a while! Do check out our Recommended Auto Trader BELOW!

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