Click Money System Review! LOSE Entire Funds SCAM Exposed!

Click Money System Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Click Money System a SCAM?

Click Money System by Harold and Julia promotes an offer to make you $16 million in a year and extends their invitation. As much as it seems like a good offer, our investigation reveals highly concerning details about this ‘secret invitation’. One thing is for sure, the Click Money System is definitely not a secret invitation! Anybody could have access to at any time. Besides that, we found evidence of deliberate manipulation on trades to fabricate false success for Click Money! Hence, do read our research on Click Money System Scam before investing!

Investigated SCAM Website:

The Click Money System 30 minutes presentation attempts to assure a rather unrealistic profit potential. Any experienced binary trader would instantly be turned off by a declaration of earning millions, especially with a minimum deposit. All we notice from the presentation video are luxurious cars, homes and also profits of over 10 times the initial deposit. Despite focusing on profits as traders, we can’t shake off the notion of this typical “be a millionaire” fraud behavior. Worst, we already receive concerned traders about the actual poor performance by Click Money System. Read below for investigative evidence!

Earn Millions from Click Money System Scam?

Quite frankly, after sparing a long time watching their presentation, we do not see/hear anything about Click Money System’s trading method or company. According to the brother-sister duo, Harold, and Julia, they have been operating secretly for a few years now. Also taking credit for making millions of dollars for their members and clients. As mentioned above, it’s very strange for a genuine trading service provider to not explain their trading method or provide good evidence.

That’s exactly what we are here to examine, the proof of success for Click Money Scam! A little spoiler, though, this scam provides fake proof of success with scam tactics and lies! Additionally, the claim of spending $900,000 on the development of Click Money doesn’t quite make sense. Firstly, it’s rather expensive when Harold himself is a software developer. Also, neither is Julia nor Harold holds a legitimate trading experience. So, it’s quite skeptical to where the true trading expertise comes from.

So, by just explaining that Click Money System works by “predicting which stocks will go up or down” is very poor description! All our Recommended Trading Software would have shared their trading methods or concept at least. Also providing consistent results. Thus, on a nutshell, Click Money System doesn’t show any of these qualities.

Falsely Claimed Profits!

The most dangerous aspect in the presentation is the utilization of false demonstration! On the subject of Click Money System claiming on average $10,000 per day profits, it’s untrustworthy. Simply because the demonstration from success stories are clearly fabricated and also we have heard complaints from scam victims. We noticed a very clear pattern on all the demonstration provided in this scam! Which is the repetition of won/loss trades in the screen, 54373 wins and 9874 losses?

Click Money System Fake Demo

This clearly shows the manipulation of the account balance and dishonest trading results. We observe the exact same number of wins and losses in ALL accounts within the presentation. This includes Harold, Julia, and all the other “success stories”. Also, notice the newly made account by James, one of their testimonial givers. He has supposedly deposited $500 into the new account. But it also clearly shows the 54373 wins and 9874 losses! Also, there is a screen showing 285 wins and 9874 losses, but still with $6387 balance. This account seems to have lost 35 times more than it wins.

We can safely say that Click Money System’s demonstration is highly suspicious and misleading! The declaration of earning millions is also just a fantasy sold by scammers!

Click Money Bonus Invitation?

What about the deal when James was offered 100% extra money to trade with? Beware, traders, it’s a bonus trap that is not suited for beginner traders! It’s so evil that Julia could recommend taking up the bonus when James says he do not have much cash with him! Cash bonuses will impose additional terms and condition to traders account. Whereby traders is required to reach an extremely high trading volume (normally it’s 30 times of deposit) before able to withdraw. So James wouldn’t have been able to withdraw at any time he wants as stated by Julia. Which is a huge LIE!

Hence, please do consider carefully about accepting broker’s deposit bonuses. It’s scam system like the Click Money would mislead traders into an uneasy situation such as withdrawal problems!

Click Money System Conclusion!

With all the negative complaints and feedback, following by deceiving trading demonstration, we only have one choice! That is to conclude Click Money System is a SCAM! Both Harold and Julia are bogus characters with a non-existing company (Not a real company, Click Money) lied about making millions. The fake demonstrations attempting to support their unrealistic profits should not be taken seriously! Click Money Scam portrays a typical get rich quick fraud with poor performing trading results! Stay Away!

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  1. Desmond H.

    Almost deposited into this Click Money Scam! Figured these two people are honest but can’t believe their trade demonstration are lies! Thanks for warning Sentinel

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