Charity Profits App SCAM WARNING! Trading Software Review!

Is Charity Profits App a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Fascinated by Charity Profit App by Megan Sanders at binary trading software? Is this a genuine charitable cause with a good performing auto trading capabilities? Megan professes that the Charity Profits App works 24/7 generating guaranteed minimum profits of $4,000 daily FOR LIFE. Also, the Q&A section also asserts a $10,000 a day average profits! Thus, the dream is to make plenty of money for a charitable cause while channeling 5% of profits to needy charities. To be honest, we have come across a genuine group of traders that decides to donate to charity! However, our inspection discloses fraudulent aspects! Read BELOW!

Traders’ Warning: Like much phony software produced by scammers, Charity Profit Scam inherits wild promises that are not practical to actual binary trading. With the vague description of the reality of profits, Megan Sanders promises a $5,000 cash when the software fails to meet the expectation. Not surprisingly, a minimum deposit will never be able to meet the $4,000 especially on a minimum $250. Thus, creating a false expectation of multiplying the $250 16 times larger in 24 hours. Find out what other spurious ideas Charity Profits App offers!

Sneakiest Scam Online?

The act of using a genuine intention of charity to invest with this scam auto trader is pure evil! Scam victims did not and interested users will not be able to earn the said $4,000 per day profits. And there are a few reasons that could expose their falsity within the offer too. First, the concept of ‘guaranteed profits’ is never an honest remark in this world, be it trading or business! Megan’s confidence to this fraudulent Charity Profits App is simply a strong statement without valid points! But worst, misleading points or information about trading is all you can find in the presentation!

Take Megan’s explanation of the Charity Profits App for example. She proudly indicates that Charity Profit Software makes $4,000 guaranteed, all day every day, 24 hours 7 days a week. That alone causes us to be extremely skeptical about Megan’s background as a financial analyst from Deutsche Bank. The reason for that is because financial markets close during the weekends, thus disabling any trading activities! While there shouldn’t be any profits/loss coming in weekends, Megan should have known better if she’s really a trader. Guess she’s nothing but an actor reading scripts similar to typical Be a Millionaire Fraud.

Next, let’s examine the charity that supposedly is the noble cause of this entire offer. We have joined a trading community which was active in donations to countries that experienced a natural disaster. Believe us, it is indeed a noble intention to donate to those in need. However, all our experiences in donations and charities provide the exact name of non-profit bodies or parties that’s receiving the donation. Thus, Megan’s donation to the various types of charitable bodies goes unproven especially when she didn’t give who she’s donating to. As a result, users will not actually donate to charity but rather donate your money to Charity Profits App SCAM.

Hoax Charity Profit Software Other Fake Details!

Aside from the above, there are several more details that further shows the dishonesty in Charity Profits Scam. Megan Sanders is just a bogus and self-proclaimed Wall Street trader from Deutsche Bank. There is no verifiable social media, article or any source to confirm her experience in trading. Moreover, the major mistake in the trading information above does somewhat reveal her fake knowledge in trading. Additionally, look at Q/A section that answers What is the Charity Profits App? Answer: “state of the art cash generating system that legally taps into a 50 Billion dollar global market and leverages it”. Obviously, this is untrue for binary options trading since binary traders do not leverage any money! The amount invested per trade is all traders utilize! False detail alert!!!

One commonly used scam tactics we observe is the use of actors to testify of this scam! We noticed that many of the actors are from a cheap marketplace call These guys are apparently vouching for a poor performing Charity Profits App. Moreover, quite a few of them appeared in other scams which we blacklisted previously too. So, seeing these familiar faces in this scam is no surprise and also helps to identify these frauds.! E.g. we saw the bald guy in Binary Trust Method Scam before!

Charity Profit App Fake Testimonial

Charity Profits App Scam Conclusion

As a conclusion, we can say that Charity Profits App is a SCAM Auto Trading Software! Megan Sanders’s trading expertise is unproven but worst, threaten when she provides inaccurate and misleading details! How can an ex-Wall Street Financial Analyst be a wrong about the basic expects of trading during weekends and leveraging? The charitable aspects are also untrustworthy since there are no details about which charitable organization the 5% goes to. Worst of all, we received negative feedback about the poor trading performance that not only missed the $4,000 promise but loses entire investment! Do Not Donate into Charity Profits SCAM!

Trade Safer With Better Alternative!

Million thanks for sparing some time supporting our Charity Profits App Scam Review. We hope that this article provides you with important warning and information about binary trading. Our experience reviewing scam software has allowed us to compile a large list of scams throughout. Thus, please feel free to refer to that list before you invest into any auto trader. Also, if there is any trading system that is not covered by us, feel free to leave us a comment! We shall investigate it as it may be possible that we do not get to catch all trading software.

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